Memory Games for Kids

Little kids live playing games and playing is an important part of a child’s life. Along with being great fun, playing games for kids is also a great way to help children learn key skills. For example, games like memory games for kids help improve their observational skills and also sharpen their memory. A young child’s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs all the information it’s fed. But you also need to ensure that they remember this information. This is where memory games for kids come in.

Fun Memory Games for Kids

Looking for good memory games to sharpen your child’s memory? Then your search ends here! We’ve put together a list of some of the most amazing and fun memory games for kids. This list includes both offline and online memory games for kids that your child will surely enjoy playing.

List of Memory Games for Kids

  1. Detective Co.: Osmo’s Detective Co. is one of the best memory games for kids. This game helps your little detective learn about geography and different cultures as they travel around the world solving mysteries. Kids get to play at being a detective and find clues using a magnifying glass in this digital physical game. This is a great game to sharpen your child’s thinking skills, observation skills and memory. Check out these geography games for kids to help your little one learn geography in a fun way.
  2. Card Matching Game: This classic game is a great way to test your child’s memory and observation skills. Use a deck of cards and spread out 10 cards on the table with two cards that are matching. Ask your child to have a look at the cards. Now flip them over and shuffle them, leaving one card out of the matching pair in front of the child. Now ask the child to find the matching card out of the rest of the cards. You can also try this game with letters of the alphabet to test your child’s letter recognition skills. Write the letters of the alphabet in uppercase on one set of flashcards and in lowercase in another set. Shuffle the cards with the lowercase letters and ask your child to match the uppercase letter to the lower case letter. Check out more fun alphabet games for kids to make learning their ABC’s fun.
  3. Tangram: Osmo’s Tangram is a great game to test your child’s memory. Additionally, it also introduces them to shapes and colors. In this fun digital-physical game, kids get to arrange colorful, tangible tiles on a playmat to match the shapes on screen. The shapes get more complex with each level. So, the kids will have to remember every facet of the shape while they recreate them on the mat. Check out more fun shape games for kids to improve their shape recognition skills.
  4. What’s Missing?: This is one of the most fun memory games for kids and it’s super easy and inexpensive too. Place a bunch of household objects on a tray and ask your child to look at the things on the tray. Remove one of the objects and place the tray back in front of the child. It’s best to do this when your child isn’t watching. Now, ask them to look at the tray and find what’s missing. The game becomes more fun when you set a time within which they have to name the missing object. 
  5. Pizza Co.: Pizza Co. by Osmo is a wonderful game that not only tests your child’s memory, but also improves their math skills. In this interactive game, kids get to run their own pizza shop. They take orders from customers, make and serve the pizza according to the customer’s specifications. The game helps them learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide and also practice fractions. All this while they take orders and remember the orders and make them according to specific instructions.
  6. Find it Fast: Find it fast is one of the most fun memory games for children. Additionally, the game also serves as brain breaks for kids when they feel very restless in the middle of lessons. Ask your child to have a look around the room while you count to 10. Then ask them to find certain objects in the room and bring them to you before you finish counting to 15. Kids will have to remember where everything is in the room to find that particular object. This sharpens their thinking and memory skills.
  7. Word on Your Back: This is one of the most fun games, which will have your kids giggling from the tickles. All you need to do is ask your child to turn around and trace a word on their back using your fingers. Then ask them to guess the word out loud. The child who gets the most correct number of words wins the game. This fun game is also a great way to boost your child’s vocabulary. 
  8. Addition String: This memory game is a great tool to enhance your child’s addition skills too. This game is best played with a bunch of kids. Ask the kids to sit in a circle and ask one child to say a number out loud. Then the next child repeats this number, adds another number to it and says the sum out loud. The third child repeats the 2 numbers and adds another number to the sum and says it out loud. Each child in the circle will have to repeat the numbers said by the other kids before they add a number. Check out these addition games for kids to improve their adding skills.
  9. Skip Count Backwards by 5: This fun game sharpens your child’s memory and also improves their counting skills. Ask your child to skip count by 5. But here’s the catch-they’ll have to skip count by 5 backwards from 100 to 1. Check out this counting by 10s worksheet to help your child practice skip counting.
  10. Genius Words: Osmo’s Genius Words is an ingenious game that helps children learn new words and improve their vocabulary. In this digital-physical game, kids arrange tangible letter tiles to make a word to match the image on screen. Kids will have to think about what the image represents before they make the word. This tests the child’s brain bank of words and improves their memory. Check out words for kids to improve your child’s vocabulary.

We hope you found this list of memory games for kids useful. For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Memory Games for Kids

What are the Best Memory Games for Kids Online?

The Best Memory Games for Kids Online are forward and backward counting, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, reading games, crossword puzzles, solving word problems, identifying the letters, etc.

Why should you introduce Best Memory Games for Kids Online?

You should introduce Best Memory Games for Kids Online because they are helpful in improving their communication skills, vocabulary, learning games, etc. Also, they it experimentation and science related activities will boost their memory power.