7 Times Table

5 steps to learn the 7 times table easily.

The 7s are the hardest of the multiplication tables. 7 being a prime number makes it very difficult for kids to find a pattern and learn the 7 times tables easily. But, don’t worry. We have some tips and tricks up our sleeve to make learning even the hardest of things easier. 

The 7 times multiplication table is tough for kids, but it’s not a hurdle that you can’t overcome. To reach the 7 times multiplication tables, your child would have already learnt the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 times tables. So they have a solid foundation of the basic multiplication tables. Once they’ve got the basics, you’re almost halfway there. Now, it’s only a matter of reversing to teach the first half of the 7 times table. 


Why is the 7 times table so hard to learn?

Firstly, ensure that your child isn’t intimidated to learn how to multiply by 7. Explain why the 7 times table is so hard to learn. Explain to your child that 7 is a prime number. This means that it cannot be divided by any number other than itself or 1. So, unlike the other times tables, the final digit is not repeated here until 10X7.

Learning the 7 times multiplication table might take some time. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to make it easier for your child to learn

The reverse approach

If your child has mastered the basics of multiplication tables, you just have to teach them to reverse the tables. For example, If 2 multiplied by 7 is 14,  then 7 multiplied by 2 is also 14.

2X7 = 14 and 7X2 = 14.

Similarly, you can use this method to teach them the 7 times multiplication table till 7X6. Once they’ve got the hang of this, slowly recite the 7 times table out loud. Ensure that the child has got the first part of the tables down before you continue with the second part.

The paired approach

Write the 7 times table on a piece of paper, have your child write it down along with you. Then slowly recite it loudly with your child. It’s ok if the child gets it wrong, correct them and continue. To make it easier for them to learn, you can teach them that multiplying a number by 7 is just adding that number 7 times. 

For example, 7 multiplied by 3 is 7+7+7, which is equal to 21. You can also write it as, 7X3 = 7+7+7 = 21.

Repeat the addition process for all the numbers from 1-10 until your child knows the 7 multiplication tables.

Counting in 7s game

Another cool trick to teach your child to multiply by 7 is to teach them to count in 7s. You can use real objects like legos or pennies or pasta shapes to help with this. Make 5 piles of pennies, for example. The first pile should have 7 pennies, the second pile has 14, the third will have 21, the fourth has 28 and the fifth pile should have 35 pennies. Have your child count the number of pennies in each pile. 

Explain to them that each is a multiple of 7. Next, have them recite the 7 tables as they count the number of pennies in each pile. For example, the first pile has 7 pennies, so 7 ones are 7. The next pile has 14 pennies, so 7 twos are 14 and so on with the rest of the piles until the child understands.

Once the child gets a hang of it, you can introduce the 7 times multiplication in a game of hide and seek. Instead of counting from 1-100, have your child count in 7s until 7X10. For more exciting multiplication games for kids, please check Osmo.

A mnemonic to learn the tricky 7s easily

If your child is still struggling with the table of 7, here’s a mnemonic that’ll help them learn easily.

7       4      1

8       5       2

9       6       3

Divide the table of 7 into three columns. The mnemonic above will give you the answer. You can get the final digit for each of the tables of 7 from 1-9, in order.

7 X 1 = 7

7 X 2 = 14

7 X 3 = 21

7 X 4 = 28

7 X 5 = 35

7 X 6 = 42

7 X 7 = 49

7 X 8 = 56

7 X 9 = 63

7 times tables rhymes or songs

Learning with rhymes or songs is always easy, plus it’s fun too. If your child is struggling with the 7 times multiplication table, try this rhyme.

I got 10 jellybeans for Halloween, 7 times 2 is 14.  7X2 =14

Three candies each for seven days, that would be fun, 3 times 7 is 21.  7X3  = 21

7 and 4 are running late, 7 times 4 is 28.  7 x 4 = 28

7 and 5 went for a drive, 7 times 5 is 35.  7X5 = 35

I know now and you do too, that 7 times 6 is 42.  7X6 = 42

7 x 7 has four straight lines, which will give you 49. 7X7 = 49

5,6,7 and 8, 56 is 7 times 8.  7 x 8 =56

9 and 7 climb a tree, 9 times 7 is 63.   7X9 = 63

I know this and I guarantee, 7 times 10 is 70. 7X10 = 70

Slow and steady wins the race!

The table of 7 might be tough, but it can be learnt. All it needs is some practice. But take it slow. A few songs, games and practice worksheets later, your child will be reciting the 7 times table like a pro!