Math Games for Grade 2

Ever wondered why math sounds so scary to second graders? One reason is the fear of getting the wrong answer. Learning math can be confusing and scary for some kids. The easiest way to put them at ease is with math games for kids. Teaching math using math games for grade 2 makes learning fun, engaging and less stressful. Additionally, it helps kids learn complex math concepts in a creative way. 

Math activities like games and riddles blend learning and fun and take the fear out of math. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of math games for grade 2 that make learning fun. 

Engaging Math Games for Grade 2

Here is a list of math games for kids in grade 2. These games will enhance your child’s knowledge of math concepts like time measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shape recognition etc.

List of Math Games for Grade 2:

  • Addition Game for Grade 2: Here’s a fun card game for your kids to enjoy. The game is more fun when it’s played with a group of kids divided into 2 teams. The players face each other and draw 1 card each from a deck and place them face up on the table. Then, pick another card from the deck and add the two numbers. They continue drawing cards and adding the numbers until one of them reaches 100. The player to reach 100 first wins. Check out these addition worksheets for grade 2 to improve your child’s addition skills.
  • Time Telling Game for Grade 2: This is one of the most fun math games for grade 2. For this game, you will need a die and 2 small analog clocks with hands that can be moved manually. Then, assign an action to each number on the die. For example, 1 = move 10 minutes again, 2 = move 5 minutes back, etc. The kids will have to manually move the clock’s hand based on the number on the die when it’s rolled. This fun game tests your child’s understanding of clocks and helps them learn how to tell time. Check out these clock worksheets for kids to help your child learn to tell time accurately.
  • Pizza Co.: Osmo’s Pizza Co. is the perfect game for your second grader to polish their math skills. In this digital-physical game, kids get to run their own pizzeria and bake and sell pizza to customers. The game helps children learn about handling money, customer satisfaction and entrepreneurship. It also helps them learn math concepts like fractions, addition, subtraction and multiplication.
  • Hopscotch Multiplication Game for Grade 2: Add some math fun to a regular hopscotch game with some multiplication equations. Instead of just writing numbers inside the hopscotch grid, write multiplication equations. Kids will have to answer the multiplication equations as they hop on the grids. Check out these basic multiplication worksheets to boost your child’s multiplication skills.
  • Genius Numbers: Osmo’s Genius Numbers is a wonderful digital-physical game, which helps kids learn counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The aim is to arrange the tangible number tiles to match the answers to the math problem on screen.
  • Division Game for Grade 2: Kids are introduced to basic division in the 2nd grade. While they learn multiplication easily, learning division can be confusing for kids. Division is nothing but sharing. So, help them understand the concept of division with a game of dividing marshmallows. Place a bag of marshmallows in front of the child and ask them to divide it equally between 2 bowls. Then ask them to divide the marshmallows in each bowl equally into 2 more bowls. This will help the child learn how to divide easily. Check out this division with remainders worksheet to help them practice division problems.
  • Guess the Shape: This is one of the best math games for grade 2 to test their shape recognition skills. All you have to do is put shape cutouts inside a bag. Your kids need to touch the shape and guess which one it is. And remember, no peeking! You can use Osmo’s Tangram tiles to play this game too.
  • Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop: Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is a fantastic game that helps kids embark on an interactive addition & subtraction adventure. Kids get to practice their addition and subtraction skills while brewing magic potions and flying dragons. Check out more addition games for kids to improve their addition skills.
  • Cotton Ball Math: This is one of the best math games for grade 2 to practice sorting odd and even numbers. The goal of this game is to toss as many cotton balls from, say, 2 feet away into a cup. But here’s the twist, they should do it within a minute. The second objective is to determine whether the score is odd or even! And remember, each cotton ball denotes a score of 2.
  • Osmo’s Math Buzz: Here, players are bees who have to collect honey for their hive. The goal is to solve equations using Numbers tiles to move in the garden and gather the honey.
  • Cookie Fractions: This is one of the most enjoyable fraction learning math games for grade 2. First, make some delicious cookie dough with your little one. Next, teach them fractions by dividing the dough accordingly. You can try this with cake, pizza, pie, and several other delicious treats. Check out these fun fraction math games to help your child boost their knowledge of fractions.

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Math Games for Grade 2

What are some of the Math Games for Grade 2?

Some of the math games for grade 2 are Osmo’s math buzz, addition and subtraction games, multiplication and division games, counting activities, backwards counting games, Osmo’s math wizard, Osmo’s numbers, Osmo’s pizza co, etc.

Are Math Games for Grade 2 advantageous for kids?

Yes, Math Games for Grade 2 are certainly beneficial for the little ones. These math games foster a positive learning environment and support kids learn more while having fun. Also, encourage kids to engage in these interesting activities by learning basic fundamentals of math.

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