Math Games for Grade 2

Math Games For Second Graders To Solve Problems 

Ever wondered why math sounds so scary to second graders? One reason is the fear of getting the wrong answer. This often comes from the belief that your academic performance is the sole determinant of your success. Another reason for math being so stressful is the exhaustion that comes with solving a problem. Therefore, math games for grade 2 will help kids in reducing the stress level by encouraging them to learn mathematical concepts in a creative way. 

Kids of grade 2 often feel distracted in the middle of their learning because they feel so sure that a math exercise will take a long time to solve.The right math games for grade 2 can blend kids learning and fun while taking the fear out of math. There are many math games for second graders available online. 

To develop interest among kids, you can conduct a math activity for 2nd grade which is not only engaging but entertaining too. Also, you can explore math games for kids.  

Engaging Math Games for Grade 2

Learning mathematical concepts will encourage kids to solve problems accurately. Kids at this age are curious to learn and understand things around them. Therefore, you need to come up with exciting online math games for grade 2 kids. With this, kids can make their base strong and perform mathematical calculations easily. Besides this, you can also explore math activities for kids. 

List of Math Games For Grade 2:

  • Addition Math Games For Grade 2: Add up to 100 – One of the Best Math Games For Grade 2 Kids to Learn Numbers. Here’s a fun card game for your kids to enjoy. To begin, the first player draws a card and places it in front of them, face-up. They then draw another card and add it to the value of the first card. Players can take up to 15 turns of drawing cards, following the same procedure. If their score goes over 100, they’re out of the game! The objective is to reach a score of 100, or a score close to it, without going over.
  • Time Telling Math Games For Grade 2: Count and Tell Time – Fun Math Game for Grade 2. For this game for grade 2, you will need a die and 2 play clocks with hands that can be moved manually. Then, assign an action to each number on the die. For example, 1 = move 10 minutes again, 2 = move 5 minutes back, etc. Based on the number that appears on the die when they roll it, they need to manually move the hand on the play clock. The goal is to land exactly in the next hour. That means, if you start playing at 10, you need to finish exactly at 11! If you don’t, you’re disqualified.
  • Osmo’s Pizza Co.: Here, you can cook up math and money skills with your favorite Osmo friends! You can run your own pizza shop and practice management of money. With this, you can develop critical thinking skills as well as gain entrepreneurial knowledge. 
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  • Multiplication Games For Grade 2: Conduct Math games for grade 2 multiplication for kids. This is a mind game for kids where they have to multiply the given numbers in their minds.
    For example, 2 x 2= 4. You have to give a number and ask them to multiply without using pen and paper within the given time frame. For each correct answer, give them points. Math games for grade 2 worksheets are extremely beneficial in teaching simple mathematical concepts for kids.
    There are basic multiplication worksheets available for kids online.
  • Osmo’s Numbers: Here, you can use tangible tiles and learn to count, add, subtract, and multiply! The aim is to use the tiles to match the numbers on the screen.
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  • Division Games For Grade 2: Conduct division games for kids. Here, kids will be given a box full of apples. They have to divide apples equally into 10 boxes. Similarly, you can use other items to teach division for kids. 
    Make kids practice division with remainders worksheets in order to solve simple division problems. These math games for grade 2 worksheets are extremely helpful in engaging kids for longer periods of time. Here, they will be given a set of simple problems in the form of puzzles, riddles or quizzes. Kids have to critically think and come up with solutions to those problems. 
  • Guess the Shape – One of the Best Indoor Math Games For Grade 2: Improve your child’s spatial skills with this fun game for grade 2. All you have to do is put shape cutouts inside a bag. Your kids need to touch the shape and guess which one it is. And remember, no peeking! You can use Osmo Tangram shapes to play this game.
  • Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop to embark on an interactive addition & subtraction adventure. Here, you can add ingredients to make your own portion, help fly dragons and many more. This encourages you to do hands-on activities in order to secure good academic results. 
  • Cotton Ball Math – Practice Odd & Even Numbers:  Here’s a fun math activity for 2nd grade that tests kids’ knowledge of odd and even numbers. The goal of this game is to toss as many cotton balls from, say, 2 feet away within a minute. The second objective is to determine whether the score is odd or even! And remember, each cotton ball denotes a score of 2.
  • Osmo’s Math Buzz: Here, players are bees who have to collect honey for their hive. The goal is to solve equations using Numbers tiles to move in the garden and gather the honey.
  • Cookie Fractions – Delicious Learning Game for Grade 2: First, make some delicious cookie dough with your little one. Next, teach them fractions by dividing the dough accordingly. You can try this with cake, pizza, pie, and several other delicious treats.

Benefits of Math Games for Grade 2

Some of the benefits of math games for grade 2 kids are mentioned below:

  • Provides opportunities to explore fundamental mathematical concepts. 
  • Creates interest among kids. 
  • Math Games for Grade 2 Develops understanding of the concepts in order to solve mathematical problems. 
  • Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 
  • Provides engagement and entertainment for children. 

Osmo’s math games for grade 2 add the fun in math by sparking your child’s creativity and imagination. Here are a few Osmo games that your kids will love:

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Frequently Asked Questions on Math Games for Grade 2

What are some of the Math Games for Grade 2?

Some of the math games for grade 2 are Osmo’s math buzz, addition and subtraction games, multiplication and division games, counting activities, backwards counting games, Osmo’s math wizard, Osmo’s numbers, Osmo’s pizza co, etc.

Are Math Games for Grade 2 advantageous for kids?

Yes, Math Games for Grade 2 are certainly beneficial for the little ones. These math games foster a positive learning environment and support kids learn more while having fun. Also, encourage kids to engage in these interesting activities by learning basic fundamentals of math.