Fraction Math Games

Basic concepts of fractions are usually introduced to kids when they’re in grades 1 & 2. To help them ease into this concept, you could try these unplugged fraction math games that make learning interactive and fun!

Fun Math Fraction Games for Kids

Check out these fun math fraction games:

  1. Fraction War – An Interactive Card Game
  2. Got a deck of cards? Perfect. We’ve got a fun fraction game your kids will love. All your kids have to do is deal 2 cards in each round and see who’s got the largest fraction for that round.

    For example, if a child draws two cards – 9 and 8 – with 9 as the numerator and 8 as the denominator, and the other player draws two cards – 8 and 6 – with 8 as the numerator and 6 as the denominator, the first player wins the round! 

  3. Lego Fractions – Combining Engineering with Math
  4. Looking for more fraction math games for your kids? We’ve got you covered. 

    Building lego blocks can improve your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. But beyond learning about the basics of building and engineering, kids can learn about fractions too!

    You could assign each player a random fraction (such as ⅔) and ensure kids place 2 blocks in the numerator and 3 in the denominator. Make sure they use blocks of different colors for both!

  5. Paper Plate Fractions – Fun Math Fraction Games for Kids
  6. Here’s another fun fraction math game for your little one. Take a few paper plates and ask your child to cut them up with scissors to form fractions. If you assign them a fraction such as ½ . they would neatly have to cut the paper plate into two halves.

    You could also try this activity with pizza! 

    For a digital-physical pizza game for kids, check out Osmo’s Pizza Co.

    YouTube video
  7. Fraction Dance – Understanding Fractions with Newspapers
  8. In this fraction game, you need to use a full newspaper as your child’s dance floor! Turn the music up and let them dance to some cool beats. Here’s the challenge – you need to keep folding the paper into various fractions and your child needs to find a way to remain standing on the paper!

  9. Fraction Hopscotch – Learning Math Through Exercise
  10. Playing a game of hopscotch is a great way to get in some exercise! Furthermore, it could be an awesome way to teach your kids fractions too.

    Just like the original game, you’ll need to draw squares on the pavement. But, each square needs to be labeled with a fraction. Next, kids need to throw a marker and jump to wherever it lands. As they land on the area, they need to name that particular fraction out loud. If they’re older, you could even have them estimate its decimal.

  11. Fraction Picnic – Host a Picnic at Home
  12. Look no further for more ideas for fun math fraction games! In this activity, your kids need to cut out images of food from newspapers/magazines. Then, they need to cut them out in the form of assigned fractions and stick them with glue on a paper plate! Let them label the food item too. (This could test their food vocabulary!) It’s a great way to engage in pretend-play too!

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