Christmas Toys for Kids

The one thing kids look forward to during Christmas is receiving presents filled with toys. But the stores are full of Christmas toys for kids and picking the right toys for your child can be difficult. Toys are a child’s favorite playthings, they’re fun and engaging and also help kids learn several basic life skills. For example, playing with toys enhances the child’s fine motor skills, thinking skills, social skills, gross motor skills etc. Looking for toys to give as Christmas gifts for kids? We’ve compiled a list of the best and coolest Christmas toys for kids to give as gifts. 

These toys will have them whooping for joy on Christmas day and make for endless hours of play and learning. Wish your kids a merry Christmas with these Santastic Christmas toys for kids!

Unique Christmas Toys for Kids

This Christmas, get your child a toy that not only is fun to play with, but also helps them learn some crucial skills. Here are a few Christmas toys for kids that will make wonderful gifts for kids this Christmas.

List of Christmas Toys for Kids

  1. Plush Toys: A plush toy is one of the best Christmas toys for kids. Kids love playing with their plush toys and they even become an integral part of their lives. It’s also a great tool for the child to engage in pretend play and enact real-life scenarios! Kids often pretend that their soft toys are their classmates or friends, or maybe even a parent or teacher. These plush toys are also a great tool to teach kids several things like social skills, manners etc.
  2. Osmo Pizza Co.: If you’re looking for unique Christmas toys for kids, then look no further than Osmo’s Pizza Co. Pizza Co. is a great digital-physical game that encourages pretend play. This game also helps kids learn basic math skills like addition, multiplication and some advanced concepts like fractions too. In this game, kids get to run their very own virtual pizza shop and cater to the customers’ requests to earn money. This wonderful game also helps kids learn entrepreneurship skills. Check out some more math games for kids to make math learning fun.
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  1. Christmas-themed Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best Christmas toys for kids. Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles make the holidays more fun and engaging. Additionally, it also improves their concentration, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Gifting your kids Christmas-themed puzzles will also help them get into the spirit of things! Also check out these Christmas crossword puzzles for kids that help kids learn new words.
  2. Lego: Lego and building blocks are wonderful Christmas toys for kids. They make for endless hours of fun playtime and also encourages independent thinking and creativity. They also hone the child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, it also boosts the child’s fine motor skills. Check out these LEGO STEM activities for kids that will enhance your child’s STEM learning and creativity.
  3. Indoor Tent: Setting up a cozy tent at home is a fun way to keep kids busy playing during Christmas. Get your little one an indoor tent kit to help them have loads of fun during the holidays! Put on some Christmas music and ask the kids to play in their tent to their heart’s content.
  4. Musical Instruments: One of the best and coolest Christmas toys for kids are toy musical instruments. Gift your kids a toy piano, drum set or a guitar to encourage their musical talent! 
  5. Detective Agency: Osmo’s Detective Agency is the perfect toy to give your mystery loving kids on Christmas. If your little one loves playing at being a detective and solving mysteries, this is the best gift for them. The wonderful game takes children through 6 famous cities to hunt for clues and solve mysteries for clients. Kids get to learn about geography and different cultures as they play the game. Check out these fun geography games for kids to improve your little ones’ knowledge of geography.
  6. Buggy: A buggy is one of the most wonderful Christmas toys for kids, especially infants and toddlers, who’ve just learnt how to walk. Additionally, a buggy makes for hours of pretend play and also boosts their gross motor skills.
  7. Slingshot: A slingshot is a wonderful toy to give your little one for Christmas. This toy is great to boost your child’s aim.
  8. Finger-painting kit: Most little kids love coloring and drawing, especially finger painting. This Christmas, give your little one a finger painting kit to boost their artistic skills. Check out these art activities for kids.
  9. Race cars set: A set of racing cars is one of the best Christmas toys for little boys. Buy your little one a racing car and track set to make their racing dreams come true.
  10. Scooter/bike: Most kids would be ecstatic to get a scooter or a bike as a Christmas present. Gift your little ones a set of wheels to to make their Christmas dream come true.
  11. Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic): Osmo’s Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic) is the perfect Christmas gift for preschoolers and toddlers. This fun game is a great way to introduce children to numbers and the letters of the alphabet. Kids can also create whatever shapes they want with the squiggly silicone shapes and watch them come alive on screen. This interactive game helps kids have a blast while they learn new words and improve their vocabulary and more. Check out these alphabet games for kids to improve their letter recognition skills.
  12. Coding robot: Coding robot or coding toys are one of the best Christmas toys for kids who love to code. Introduce your little one to the world of coding by giving them a coding robot for Christmas. Osmo’s Coding Jam! Is another fun-filled game where kids get to compose their own music through code. Check out these fun coding games for kids to introduce your child to computer programming.
  13. Superhero action figure: Get your little superhero their favorite superhero’s miniature action figures for Christmas. This is a wonderful toy that’ll encourage imaginative play and group play.
  14. Kinetic Sand: Kinetic sand is a wonderful sensory toy for children of all ages. Not only is it fun, but it also boosts a child’s imagination, creativity and fine motor skills. Want to give a homemade gift to your child? Then try this recipe to learn how to make kinetic sand at home.
  15. Walkie Talkie: A toy walkie talkie is a wonderful Christmas gift for little ones who love to pretend to be detectives. This cool new toy will let their imagination fly as they explore the house and neighborhood.
  16. Coloring Kit: Kids love drawing and coloring just as much as they love to play. If your little one is a budding artist, give them a coloring kit complete with an easel, canvas, crayons, paints etc. This is one of the best Christmas toys for kids of all ages. You can also give them these alphabet coloring pages to help them learn the letters of the alphabet.
  17. Princess Doll: Little kids, especially girls love playing with dolls. This Christmas, give them their favorite Disney Princess doll. You can also include a dollhouse or a tea party set to make your little girl’s Christmas dreams come true. Dolls and dollhouses are a great tool that encourages pretend play and enhances their imagination. They also help the children learn social skills like communication, sharing etc. Check out these fun princess games for kids to play with their princess dolls.
  18. Toy Camera: For kids who love photography, there’s no better gift than a toy digital camera. Your budding photographer will have a great time practicing their skills with their new gift. This is one of the best Christmas toys to boost your child’s creativity.
  19. Ball Pit: A ball pit is one of those Christmas toys for kids that your children will never tire of. Little children love ball pits and spend hours playing in them. So this Christmas, give your little one their own personal ball pit. This toy is great for sensory play and also improves their fine motor skills.
  20. Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck: Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Fantastic Food Truck is one of the best gifts for little kids. This digital-physical game is the best toy to teach children basic math skills and entrepreneurship. In this game, kids get to run a food truck and arrange tangible geometric pieces to make food for the customers. This game is great to boost their knowledge of geometric shapes, fractions etc. Check out geometric shapes for kids to help your child learn about 2D and 3D shapes.
  21. Building Set: Have a curious little wannabe engineer at home who loves to build things? Then a building set is one of the best Christmas gifts for them. A building set, which enables them to create new things with it is a great way to boost their creativity and imagination. It also improves their thinking skills, problem solving skills and fine motor skills. Check out these fun engineering projects for kids that’ll sharpen their brains.
  22. Crawl Tunnel: A crawl tunnel is the perfect gift for toddlers and preschoolers. Your curious little bundle of joy will have great fun crawling through the tunnel and playing. This gift also helps the child exercise and build their gross motor skills.
  23. Board Games: Board games are one of the most popular Christmas gifts for children. These games are not only fun but also help children learn several skills like fine motor skills, thinking skills etc. They also improve the child’s language and communication skills, social skills and help them learn basic math skills too. Check out these fun board games for kids.
  24. Kitchen Set: If your little one loves cooking and spending time with you in the kitchen, give them a kitchen set. A mini kitchen set is one of the best Christmas toys for kids who love cooking. They also encourage pretend play, which enhances their imagination. A kitchen set is also a great tool to teach children about being responsible and helping out around the house.
  25. Mini Karaoke Set: If your little one loves to sing and is a budding artist, a mini karaoke set is the perfect gift for them. This wonderful gift improves their imagination, creativity and boosts their confidence. 
  26. Toy Cash Register: A toy cash register is one of the best Christmas toys for young kids. Not only will your little one have fun playing with it, but they’ll also learn about money. It’s also a great way to teach them basic entrepreneurial skills. Check out these money games for kids that help kids learn how to handle money in a fun way.

These Christmas toys for kids are sure to make your little one’s holiday dreams come true. For more kids learning games and activities, check the rest of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Christmas Toys for Kids

What are some of the Christmas Toys for Kids?

Some of the Christmas Toys for Kids are Christmas themed stuffed animals and toys for kids, Christmas themed puzzle kits, Christmas themed drawing and coloring sets and Christmas Lego blocks.

What are some of the non toy Christmas gifts for Kids?

Some of the best and fun non toy Christmas gifts for Kids are Christmas clothes and Santa’s attire, indoor Christmas themed tent, Christmas books, Christmas gifts for kids, etc.