100 Times Table

Multiplication is the key resource for many forms of math like calculus, algebra, equations, and more. The ability to revise and comprehend multiplication tables up to 100 or 100 times table by the end of the school enables the little learner to skillfully and confidently solve challenging mathematical problems. To enhance their math skills, you can explore 100 multiplication chart available for kids to practice 100 times table in a systematic way. However, you can also multiplication table for kids.  

Download Printable 100 Times Table Chart

In this context, the table of 100 depicts the values attained when 100 is multiplied by other numbers. The repeated addition of the number 100 is the 100 times table. For instance, 100 + 100 = 2 × 100 = 200. Also, kids can find a table of 100 up to 20. In addition, parents and teachers can introduce kids to basic Multiplication Tables 1 – 10, available for kids.  

Printable 100 Times Table For Kids 

Here are free printable of 100 multiplication table charts from 100 x 1 to 11 x 20 for children: 

100 Times Table: 100 Times Table Upto 10 And 20

100 times table

100 Times Table: 100 Times Table Up to 20 In Words 

100 Times Table
100 Times Table

List Of 100 Times Table For Kids 

Here is the 100 up to 20 table below for the little minds to learn, comprehend and revise. Learning multiplication table to 100 supports kids to understand complex math problems and find solutions independently. Moreover, learning a 100 times table promotes a profound number sense in the little minds. In addition, children also learn counting, estimating, and grouping skills. Alongside mastering number sense, little learners improve their problem solving abilities too. Here is the table of 100 up to 20.

100 Times Table Up to 10

100 x 1 = 100100 x 6 = 600
100 x 2 = 200100 x 7 = 700
100 x 3 = 300100 x 8 = 800
100 x 4 = 400100 x 9 = 900
100 x 5 = 500100 x 10 = 1000

100 Times Table Up to 20

100 x 11 = 1100100 x 16 = 1600
100 x 12 = 2200100 x 17 = 1700
100 x 13 = 1300100 x 18 = 1800
100 x 14 = 1400100 x 19 = 1900
100 x 15 = 1500100 x 20 = 2000

Also, refer to Multiplication Table 1 – 20.

Solved Examples To Teach 100 Times Table To Kids

One of the best ways to help kids learn the table of 100 is by solving a multiplication table worksheet and practice problems.

Example 1: Margaret walks 3 miles in a day. Now, using the 100 times table, determine the total number of miles walked by Margaret.


Margaret walks 3 miles in a day.

Hence, the total miles walked after 100 days is equal to 3 x 100 = 300 miles.

Example 2: Anne prepares 5 donuts in a day. Now, using the 100 times table, determine the total number of donuts prepared by Anne.


Anne prepares 5 donuts in a day.

Hence, the total number of donuts prepared after 100 days equals 5 x 100 = 500 donuts.

Example 3: Using the 100 times table, find the value of 100 times 5 plus 10 minus 5.


First, bring this sentence to a mathematical equation,

i.e. 100 times 5 plus 10 minus 5 = 100 × 5 + 10 – 5

Now from table of 100, we have 500 + 10 – 5 = 510 – 5 = 505

Thus, 100 times 5 plus 10 minus 5 is 505.

Activities To Learn 100 Times Table 

Kids love participating in games and hands-on activities and they tend to retain the information they learn from these activities too. So, involve your kids in multiplication games for kids and activities. Here are few activities that help kids in learning one hundred multiplication chart given below: 

  • Build Legos: You can encourage kids to join the legos consisting of multipliers with their products. For example, 100 x 2 can be combined with 200 to make 100 x 2=200. Similarly, they can combine products to their multipliers to learn 100 times tables. 
  • True or False: You can ask kids to say true or false for the questions you ask on a 100 times table. For example, 100 x 3 = 500, kids can answer False for this particular question as the correct answer is 100 x 3= 300. Similarly, ask them random questions in this regard to assess their knowledge on a 100 times table. 
  • Play Bingo: Conduct this activity for kids where they can learn 100 times table in an entertaining way. You provide cards consisting of a few product numbers to all the kids. Then, you have to call out multipliers such as 100 x 4, kids can immediately check whether its product number i.e., 400 is mentioned or not. If it is mentioned, they can circle the number. The game will continue until kids are able to mark all the product numbers given on the card. The ones who are able to mark all the product numbers will be considered as winners. 

Benefits Of Learning 100 Times Table 

Some of the benefits of learning one hundred multiplication chart are mentioned below: 

  • Develops mathematical skills. 
  • Create interests in learning math. 
  • Enables to solve mathematical problems accurately. 
  • Boosts confidence and motivation to practice mathematics more. 
  • Develops problem solving and fine motor skills. 
  • Develops speed and accuracy in solving mathematical problems. 

Osmo has a wide range of Math related games, activities and worksheets like multiplication coloring worksheets, Least Common Multiple Worksheets, and many more. Check our kids learning section for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions on 100 Times Table

What are the 100 Times Table in words?

The 100 times table in words are mentioned below: One hundred times one is equal to one hundred.
One hundred times two is equal to two hundred.
One hundred times three is equal to three hundred.
One hundred times four is equal to four hundred.
One hundred times five is equal to five hundred.
One hundred times six is equal to six hundred.
One hundred times seven is equal to seven hundred.
One hundred times eight is equal to eight hundred.
One hundred times nine is equal to nine hundred.
One hundred times ten is equal to one thousand.

What are the solved examples of 100 Times Table?

The solved example of 100 Times Table in words are Jake walks 5 miles in a day. Now, use the 100 Times Table, calculate the total number of miles walked in a day. 100 x 5 = 500 miles.

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