Gifts For 3 Year Olds

Kids love receiving gifts. Birthdays are the occasion when kids get a lot of gifts. There is also a custom to exchange gifts on many festive occasions. When it comes to gifting something to a 3 year old, there is often some confusion as to what to gift. At the age of 3 years, playtime is a lot different when compared to early toddler age. The 3 year old kids look for games that match their physical, cognitive, and language skills. In such cases, you can think of some gifts for 3 year olds which can make them happy and contribute to their cognitive development. There are some best gifts for 3 year olds available in the market. These gifts for kids are highly beneficial in terms of engagement and education.

As your kids would have just started to show interest in some activities, you might not be sure as to where your kid’s interests truly lie. Are you wondering about gifts for 3 year olds? Well, we have the best suggestions of unique gifts for 3 year olds which would be thoroughly enjoyed by them. You can conduct activities for kids at home where they can play and learn at the same time. Parents looking for good gifts for 3 year olds can be found here. Here are some of the gifts for 3 year olds mentioned below.

Best Gifts For 3 Year OIds 

While selecting gifts for your child, it is important to observe what they like or dislike. Common gifts one can give to a 3 year old are lego, marble run, football, bat and ball, car toys, dolls and superhero toys. Selecting a toy that keeps kids engaged and active is really important. Also, one can choose educational gifts for 3 year olds, which will help in the overall development of the child.

3 years is the age when kids show a massive jump in cognitive, physical and social skills. They would also be really curious around this age. Your gift must satiate their curiosity. Some of the following top gifts for 3 year olds are mentioned below: 

  • Drawing Kit: Some kids are little Picassos who love to draw and color and bring their imagination onto paper. Kids can be given a drawing set that contains a drawing book, crayon colors and child-safe paint. These drawing activities will enable them to develop hand and eye coordination along with other important skills. 
  • Lego: Lego toys are one of the best gifts for a 3 year old. Building blocks or legos are the best way to foster development of fine motor skills. Lego teaches kids about shapes, color and position. They can build different structures and shapes as per their own convenience.
  • Little Genius Sticks Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic): The kit includes 38 silicone sticks and rings, a silicone play mat, stackable storage, and 2 game apps- ABCs and Squiggle Magic. This game allows kids to build letters with colorful sticks and rings in ABCs. They can also create something of their choice and see the creation come alive in Squiggle Magic. This game increases creativity, fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, letter recognition, and vocabulary among kids. Therefore, it is a great gifting option for kids. Find the game on Playosmo.
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  • Soft toys: Kids love to play with soft toys. Their love for soft toys can be seen in the way they play with them. They engage in pretend play and often name their soft toys. Kids also act like their parents while playing with soft toys. Parents can teach good habits and manners to kids better as they will do the same with their toys. Playing with soft toys will boost their emotional skills. 
  • Remote cars: You can give your kid remote cars to play with. Kids, especially boys, love to play with remote-enabled toys. Running a remote car improves their motor skills.
  • Playdough: Gifting playdough is a nice option. Kids will create different structures using the playdough. This will improve their motor skills and enhance creativity. Kids can make alphabets, numbers or any shape that they like. 
  • Abacus: Abacus is used to teach kids counting. It is a great gift for a 3 year old who would start learning to count. From an early age, kids will start focusing on learning numbers and gradually solve addition and subtraction with the help of this amazing gift. Must say! This is quite an amazing educational gift for 3 year olds. 
  • Little Genius Costume Pieces (Stories & Costume Party): In this game, kids can mix and match costumes and navigate adventures in stories. Kids can also have a Costume Party where they can experiment with different clothes and colors. The game kit includes 19 costume pieces, stackable storage, 2 game apps- Costume Party and Stories. You can buy it from Playosmo.
  • Dollhouse: Who doesn’t love to play with a dollhouse? A dollhouse is the best Christmas gift for a 3 year old girl. Kids at this like to play in the doll house and spend quality time with friends and family members. They cook, sleep or decorate the house in order to keep them entertained. 
  • Barbie dolls: Barbie dolls or barbie princesses are nice gifts for girls. They would enjoy playing with their dolls and also dressing them up. This is one of the best princess gifts for 3 year olds where they would dress them up with colorful clothes and make beautiful hairstyles. With this, there is some development in their cognitive skills and at the same time entertainment. 
  • Jigsaw puzzle: The jigsaw puzzle is one of the fun and educational games that can be given to 3 year olds. It is among the best montessori gifts for 3 year olds. Parents can guide their kids on how to decode the pieces together. Once they finish off, there will be pride and happiness on the kid’s face.
  • Writing pad: Kids at this age are acquiring basic knowledge of alphabets and numbers. They started recognizing and sounding the alphabet along with their respective images. In this regard, you can give a writing pad to the kids where they can start scribbling or at least be able to get hold of the pencil. Allow them to scribble anything they want and gradually move on to teaching alphabets and numbers for their educational development. 
  • Bike or Scooter: This is an exciting gift for 3 year olds where they can enjoy riding bikes at home. 
  • Story books: It is important to teach reading habits to kids from an early age. You can read out short stories by showing the attractive and creatively illustrated books. This will create interest in listening to stories and at the same time enjoy doing it on a regular basis. You can give story books to kids with visually appealing illustrations on them. 
  • Doctors Kit: Kids love to act as doctors and treat others. In such cases, you can give them a doctor’s kit which includes a stethoscope, injection, apron, etc. They enjoy playing with friends using these kits. 
  • Coloring kit: We are aware of the fact that kids love coloring and they need kits to enhance their coloring practices. You can give a set of colors which includes, crayons, color pencils, watercolor paints, brushes and other coloring accessories. With the help of these kits, they will be able to color in an effective way. Most importantly, kids will develop their hand and eye coordination along with improvement in concentration and focus. 

Deciding what to give to a 3 year old is not always easy. Most kids are really fussy about what they want to play with. Gifts also depend on the gender of the kid. While a boy might enjoy car or superhero toys, girls would want dolls and dollhouses on their birthday. Hence, it becomes a challenge to find the perfect gift for your little munchkin. If you are not sure what your kid might like, you can go with Playosmo’s range of toys or choose from the list of recommended gifts above.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 3 year olds

What are some of the Gifts for 3 year olds?

Some of the Gifts for 3 year olds are Osmo’s little ABCs and squiggle magic, Osmo’s stories and costume party, playdough, jigsaw puzzles sets, etc.

What are some of the fun gifts for 3 year olds?

Some of the fun Gifts for 3 year olds are lego, remote bikes, soft toys, coloring kit, doll house, barbie doll set, abacus, playdough, drawing books, comic books, etc.