Number Line for Kids

The number for kids is one of the easiest ways to teach a child the sequence of numbers. Additionally, it’s also a great tool to teach them how to perform basic operations like addition and subtraction. In Math, a number line can be defined as a straight line on which numbers are marked at equal intervals. The number line is used to illustrate simple numerical operations. Teaching the number line for kids is extremely important to enhance their math skills.

The best way to teach the number line to children is by demonstrating it with math games for kids. So, we’ve compiled a list of number line games and worksheets for kids to help them learn about the number line easily.

Explaining the Number Line for Kids

  • Number Line for Kindergarten: When you teach the number line to a child in kindergarten keep it simple. Explain to them that a number line is a long straight line with markings at equal intervals to denote the numbers. Draw a number line with numbers from 0 to 10 and gradually increase the numbers as they learn more.
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  • Number Line for Kids in Elementary School: A child in elementary school can recognize numbers and count them. They also know the correct sequential order of numbers. They’re just learning how to add and subtract, so use the number line to teach them these operations. For example, add two numbers: 5 + 3. To find the answer to 5+3, move 3 steps from the number 5 on the number line. You’ll land on 8, so 5+3 = 8. Similarly, you can also use the number line to teach kids how to subtract numbers. To subtract numbers, move backwards (right to left). You can also explain to kids in elementary school about negative numbers on the number line.
  • number line for elementary school kids

Easy Ways to Teach the Number Line for Kids

Math activities and games are a great way to help children learn about the number line. Here are some fun number line games for kids.

Human Number Line

One of the popular number line games is the human number line. Follow these step-by-step instructions to learn how to play this fun number line game for kids.

  • Step 1: Use masking tape to create a long line on the floor. Make markings at equal intervals on the line.
  • Step 2: Write the numbers from 0 to 20 on large sheets of cardstock paper. You can make as many cards as the number of kids playing the game.
  • Step 3: Ask each of the children to pick a card with a number and stand on the number line according to the sequential order of numbers.

This is the perfect number line game for kids in preschool and kindergarten. For older kids, you can make it a bit more challenging and add addition or subtraction problems on the cards.

Addition Human Number Line Game

  • Step 1:  Make a number line using masking tape on the floor. 
  • Step 2: Write addition equations on large sheets of cardstock paper. 
  • Step 3: Ask the child to solve the problem by jumping the appropriate number of times to reach the correct answer. For example, if the problem is 3+2. The child will start at number 3 on the number line and jump forward twice till they reach 5.

Engaging Number Line Activities For Kindergarten

Teachers have been teaching the number sense through the number line for ages. The number line is used to solve simple arithmetic problems and other math skills. However, teaching the concepts of the number line to kindergarten kids is not an easy job. This is why kids must be engaged in numerous number line activities. Some of the activities are as follows:

List Of Number Line Activities 

  • Line up numbers with sticky notes: Write each number on a separate sticky note. Ask the kids to place the numbers in order on the number line. This activity can be done by older students too; try the same activity with negative numbers, fractions, or decimals.
  • Create a life-size number line for activities: Build a life-size number line in the classroom. Allow kids to stand in a row like they are the numbers. This allows kids to enjoy all sorts of number line games and activities. Kids will get even more out of number lines through games.
  • Line up some objects: Line up some objects like shoes, books, paints, etc. on the number line. For example, 1 book for 1, 2 books for 2, and so on.
  • Design a dotted number line: Kids can use cotton swabs and make dots to represent the value of each number on a number line.
  • Q tip number line
  • Line up using food: A fun number line activity doesn’t need a lot of effort or expense. You can make it simple and fun by using food or things you have in the fruit bowl. For example, you can use corn kernels, cereal, candies etc to make a number line. Once your child has mastered the concept they can eat their number line too! 
  • Draw number line on road: Kids usually play in their backyard or on the road in front of their house. You can teach numbers to kids by drawing a number line on the road using chalk. Make kids learn numbers by standing or jumping on the number line followed by reciting the number loudly. With this, they will learn the order of numbers and retain them in their memory for longer periods of time. 
  • Build number line: You can take building blocks and mark numbers on it. Ask kids to number blocks as per their order. In case of any difficulty, you can assist kids in making blocks in a systematic manner. With the help of building blocks, kids will be able to critically think and learn how to make number lines. 

Number Line Worksheets

Playing games is a great way to ensure that kids understand the concept of the number line. But only practice can help the knowledge stick in the child’s minds. The best way to help kids practice is with some number line worksheets for kids. Here are some simple worksheets to practice the number line for kids. These worksheets will help your child learn the order of numbers and practice adding and subtracting on the number line.

Complete the Number Line Worksheet

number line worksheet

Adding on the Number Line Worksheet

addition number line worksheet

Subtracting on the Number Line Worksheet

subtraction number line worksheet

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Number Line for Kids

What are the number line for kids?

The number line for kids is one of the most important skills that every kid must be aware of and they teach the concept of addition and subtraction. When kids learn these number lines, they get an idea of integers and other math concepts.

What are the list of number line activities for kids?

The list of number line activities for kids are kindergarten number line, elementary number line, line up some objects, design a dotted number line, draw a number line on the road, build number line, etc.

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