Yes or No Questions for Kids

Yes or no questions for kids are fun questions, which only need a monosyllabic answer – either yes or no. Little kids are very inquisitive beings, they’re constantly bombarding the people around them with questions. They want to know about everything. But when you turn the tables on them and ask questions, they’ll respond with only a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 

A round of yes or no questions for kids is a great way to get the conversation started on the first day of school. It’s also a fun game for family game night. These questions for kids don’t involve choosing between options but you’ll still learn a lot about the people you’re playing with. You can also use these yes and no questions for kids for journaling.

Different Types of Yes or No Questions for Kids

There are several different types of yes or no questions for kids. The questions can be in these forms:

  1. Yes or No Questions that start with are
  2. Yes or No Questions that start with can
  3. Yes or No Questions that start with do/does
  4. Yes or No Questions that start with have you
  5. Yes or No Questions that start with if
  6. Yes or No Questions that start with is
  7. Yes or No Questions that start with would you

But however the question starts, the answer should only be yes or no.

How to Play the Game

Playing a game of yes or no questions for kids is pretty straightforward. Prepare a set of flashcards with some funny yes or no questions printed on them. Divide the kids into teams. Each team picks a card and reads the question aloud, the other team responds with either yes or no. 

We’ve compiled a list of yes or no questions for kids to help you get started. Get ready to learn more about your little ones with these fun yes or no questions.

100+ Yes or No Questions for Kids

Here is a list of 100+ yes or no questions for kids to make family game nights, and get-togethers with friends, more lively.

List of Yes or No Questions for Kids

Yes or No Questions that Start with Are

  1. Are strawberries sweet?
  2. Are bananas and apples vegetables?
  3. Are you afraid of lizards?
  4. Are you friends with a cockroach?
  5. Are broccoli and brussel sprouts your favorite vegetables?
  6. Are you tired?
  7. Are combs used to brush your teeth?
  8. Are cows and cats animals that live in the jungle?
  9. Are pancakes eaten with ketchup?
  10. Are maple syrup and honey used to take a bath in?
  11. Are airplanes slower than bicycles?
  12. Are you taller than your sibling?

Yes or No Questions that Start with Can

  1. Can you lift a mountain?
  2. Can you grow a mustache on your tummy?
  3. Can you eat spiders?
  4. Can you build a house out of legos?
  5. Can you eat pasta with a fork?
  6. Can you eat dessert with hot sauce?
  7. Can you jump over a puddle?
  8. Can you read a book?
  9. Can you sing a song?
  10. Can you cook Thanksgiving dinner?
  11. Can you swim in the desert?
  12. Can you eat a whole pizza by yourself?

Yes or No Questions that Start with Do/Does

  1. Do you like to play in the rain?
  2. Do you eat broccoli?
  3. Do you like ice cream?
  4. Do you know how to drive?
  5. Do you like to go to school?
  6. Do you get wet when you swim?
  7. Do you wear dirty clothes?
  8. Do you read before you sleep?
  9. Do you finish your homework on time?
  10. Do you sleep during the day?
  11. Do you like to dance?
  12. Does your dog do yoga?
  13. Does your pet rock sing?
  14. Does your cat swim?
  15. Does broccoli taste better than ice cream?
  16. Does your dog sleep on your bed?
  17. Does your sibling fight with you?
  18. Does your dad help you with your homework?
  19. Does your mom shop for you?
  20. Does your family go on vacations?
  21. Does your family like to talk?

Yes or No Questions that Start with Have You

  1. Have you ever lied to your parents?
  2. Have you ever been in detention?
  3. Have you ever peed in a pool?
  4. Have you ever been caught daydreaming in class?
  5. Have you ever cheated?
  6. Have you ever licked your plate?
  7. Have you ever tried to eat soup with a fork?
  8. Have you ever eaten a bar of soap?
  9. Have you ever pretended to be sick?
  10. Have you ever stayed up past your bedtime?
  11. Have you ever seen a ghost?
  12. Have you ever eaten waffles with ice cream?
  13. Have you ever had cereal for dinner?
  14. Have you ever walked into a glass door?
  15. Have you ever wished you could talk to your dog?
  16. Have you ever thrown a snowball at someone?
  17. Have you ever heard a dog snore?
  18. Have you ever stolen someone’s candy?
  19. Have you ever sneaked a peek into your Christmas presents before Christmas?
  20. Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean?
  21. Have you ever built a sand castle?
  22. Have you ever made s’mores?

Yes or No Questions that Start with If

  1. If you were a cow, would you walk on three legs?
  2. If you had $50, would you donate it to charity?
  3. If you break an egg, can you make it whole again?
  4. If you eat orange seeds, will a tree grow inside you?
  5. If you were a fish, could you walk on land?
  6. If you had to eat soup, would you use a spoon?
  7. If you were a bird, would you sing?
  8. If you were a tiger, would you eat bunnies?
  9. If you were a famous person, would you forget all your old friends?
  10. If it is summer, will there be snow on the ground?
  11. If you were a butterfly, would you have wings?

Questions that Start with Is

  1. Is 1000 smaller than 2000?
  2. Is one orange bigger than half an orange?
  3. Is learning math hard?
  4. Is the White House in Boston?
  5. Is a week longer than a day?
  6. Is a month longer than a year?
  7. Is 10 minutes shorter than half an hour?
  8. Is a cake bigger than a cupcake?
  9. Is broccoli a sweet fruit?
  10. Is a clown funnier than a dentist?
  11. Is a mouse larger than an elephant?
  12. Is New York a small city?
  13. Is Superman stronger than Batman?
  14. Is Olaf a snowman?
  15. Is a brick heavier than a feather?
  16. Is Maui a demigod?
  17. Is Coco a movie about chocolate?

Yes or No Questions that Start with Would you

  1. Would you eat cereal with juice for breakfast?
  2. Would you eat waffles with BBQ sauce?
  3. Would you ever eat a bug?
  4. Would you ever have a pet monkey?
  5. Would you go out wearing your mom’s clothes?
  6. Would you live in a cabin in the woods?
  7. Would you eat raw fish?
  8. Would you enter a haunted house alone?
  9. Would you eat food off the floor?
  10. Would you drink a vegetable flavored smoothie?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Yes or No Questions for Kids

What are yes or no questions for kids?

Yes or no questions are a simple game where the children are asked a question and they should respond only with a yes or no.

What are the different types of yes or no questions?

There are several kinds of yes and no questions, they can be:
1. questions starting with are
2. questions starting with can
3. questions starting with do/does
4. questions starting with have you
5. questions starting with if
6. questions starting with is, and
7. questions starting with would you.

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