Christmas Words that Start with D

Christmas words that start with D can be one of the best games that can be played during the holiday season. It is significant because friends and families come together and bestow love and grace and show affection for each other. Celebration of the birthday of Jesus Christ gives inspiration to various people for a fresh start of relationships.

Christmas is celebrated to rejoice in Jesus Christ’s birth, who Christians believe is God’s son. The name ‘Christmas’ appears from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). So, we get the name Christ-Mass, abridged to Christmas. People across the world now celebrate Christmas.

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Christmas Words that Start with the Letter D

Christmas related words that start with D are listed below. This holiday word list can assist with Christmas themed lettering homework and tasks, namely – making customized notes for holiday photo cards or greeting cards.

December: the month of ChristmasDecorations
Dasher: one of Santa’s reindeersDancer: one of Santa’s reindeers
Donner: one of Santa’s reindeersDeck the Halls: traditional Christmas carol
DeerDown: the chimney: how Santa gets into the house
Dash away: what Santa tells the reindeer to do in “A Visit From St. Nicholas”Donations: giving to the less fortunate
Drummer boyDimples: a feature of Santa’s face, according to “A Visit From St. Nicholas.”
DollsDominick the Donkey: a character from the classic Christmas song of the same name
Drummers drumming: referenced in “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”Down: fuzzy part of a thistle plant mentioned in “A Visit From St. Nicholas.”
Dressing: Christmas dinner side dishDashing: moving through the snow
Decorate: what you do to the tree and your homeDickens: author of A Christmas Carol
Devotions: Biblical passages about the meaning of ChristmasDisplays: decorated store windows
Divine: referenced in “O Holy Night.”Doves: a symbol of peace
Duck: sometimes served at Christmas dinnerDeliveries
Decorate cookiesDoor wreath
Deeds: good worksDear Santa letter
Die Hard: debatably a Christmas movieDesserts
Drumstick: turkey leg sometimes served at Christmas dinnerDrippings: for making gravy
DrinksDips: served with chips as an appetizer at Christmas dinner
Deli tray: typical Christmas dinner appetizerDulcimer: instrument used in some Christmas songs
Donning apparel: referenced in “Deck the Halls.”David: “City of David” is another name for Bethlehem
Deviled eggs: party appetizerDeo: referenced in the Latin hymn “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.”
Doxology: hymns of praiseDrive: taking a drive to look at Christmas lights
Discussion: talking about the meaning of ChristmasDecree: issued by Caesar Augustus in the Bible’s story of the birth of Jesus

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How to Teach Christmas Words that Start with Letter D?

Teaching a Christmas word that starts with the letter D seems pretty straightforward. However, it is easy when taught excitingly. 

Below given are the three best practices to follow while teaching Christmas words that start with D:

  • Use Jingles and Nursery Rhymes:
  • Kids songs and rhymes aren’t just fun – the rhythm and rhyme assist children to listen to the syllables and sounds in words, which helps them learn Christmas words that start with the letter D. One of the best ways to teach the words is to clap rhythmically and sing songs or jingles in unison. 

    This playful and interactive activity is an excellent way for children to develop the skills that set them up for reading triumph.

  • Create Simple Word Cards:
  • Carve out cards and write a Christmas word that starts with the letter D. For instance, decor, dance, dove, drumstick, duck, deer, December, David, etc. Invite the kid to pick a card, then read the word aloud. Now, ask them to recite the initial sound they hear in the word, then the second, and then the third. 

    This easy yet fun activity demands a little prep time and builds the necessary skills (assisting the children in learning how to pronounce each word). If a kid is just beginning with understanding the alphabets, concentrate on the sound of each letter.

  • Read Together:
  • Parents can teach a lot of skills through a simple act of reading to a kid. Parents are showing them how to read out words. Moreover, they build essential comprehension capabilities and enhance their vocabulary. Regular reading aids the kid to develop an affinity towards reading, which is an excellent way to set them up for reading triumph and teaching them new Christmas words that start with the letter D.

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