16 Times Table

Simple tips and tricks to master the 16 times table easily

Multiplication is one of the basic operations in math. Learning how to multiply numbers is a useful tool to have in your kitty. You’ll find that the knowledge comes in handy even as an adult. In school, a firm grasp of the multiplication tables is necessary to learn more advanced mathematical concepts. Learning the multiplication times tables also helps kids transition from the finger-counting stage to calculating sums mentally.

Now that we’ve been learning how to multiply double digits, we’ve mastered the 14 and 15 times tables. So, learning the 16 times table won’t be such an uphill task. Even if it does seem difficult, we’ll help you out with a few simple tips and tricks to learn the table of 16. 

First, let’s have a look at the 16 times table.


The easiest way to memorise the 16 times tables is to recite them regularly. Look at the table and recite it loudly until you feel confident enough to recite the tables without seeing the table. Write it down several times as you recite it aloud until you have the tables memorized. If you still need help, here are some simple tips that’ll help you learn the 16 times table easily.

Doubling the 8 times table

If you’re not very confident multiplying double digits, don’t worry. Here’s a simple trick, let’s break down the number 16. 8 times 2 is 16, 8X2 =16. So, all you have to do is double the 8 times table to get the answers to the 16 times table. Here is an example to help you understand better.

Let’s find out the answer to 16 X 3

First, let’s divide 16 by half, 16 divided by 2 is 8

Now multiply 8 by 3, 8 X 3 = 24

Now double the answer, 24 + 24 = 48

So, 16 X 3 = 48.

Let’s try another example. 

Let’s find out what 16 X 6 is.

First, we divide 16 by half. 16 divided by 2 is 8

Now multiply 8 by 6, 8 X 6 = 48

Now double the answer, 48 + 48 = 96

So, 16 X 6 = 96.

Another trick to learn the table of 16 using the 8 times table


Look at the table above. The table is filled with the 8 times multiplication table till 8 X 20. Since 8 X 2 is 16, doubling the 8 times table will give you the answers to the table of 16. The highlighted numbers are the answers to the 16 times table. This table will help you learn the table of 16 easily.

The underlying pattern

Like the other times tables, the 16 times multiplication table also has an underlying pattern. Once you spot the pattern and learn to exploit it, learning the table of 16 becomes a lot easier. Let’s have a look at the table of 16.

16 X 1 = 16

16 X 2 = 32

16 X 3 = 48

16 X 4 = 64

16 X 5 = 80

16 X 6 = 96

16 X 7 = 112

16 X 8 = 128

16 X 9 = 144

16 X 10 = 160

Do you see the pattern?

Look at the first half of the table of 16, you’ll see that the digits at the end of each multiple of 16 are 6, 2, 8, 4 and 0. Now look at the second half of the table, the digits 6, 2, 8, 4 and 0 are repeated. Now all you have to do is remember that the multiples of 16 end in the sequence 6, 2, 8, 4 and 0. This will help you remember the table of 16 easily.

Adding 16 to the previous number

This is another easy trick to learn the 16 times multiplication table. Multiplication is nothing but repeated addition. So, to find out the multiples of 16 you need to add 16 repeatedly to every answer from 16 X 1. This method is perfect to learn the table of 16 if you have strong addition skills. Here is an example to help you understand.

Let’s start with the basic 16 X 1. We know that 16 X 1 = 16. 

Now, let’s find out what 16 X 2 is.

Add 16 to the previous answer, so 16 + 16 = 28.

Therefore, 16 X 2 = 28.

Now, let’s find out what 16 X 4 is.

Add 16 to 16 X 3:

16 X 3 = 48

48 + 16 = 64.

Therefore, 16 X 4 = 64.

Similarly, you add 16 to the previous multiple of 16 to find all the multiples of 16. 

Practice until you’re perfect!

The 16 times table can be learnt but you’ll have to put in a lot of practice. Recite the table of 16 regularly and solve worksheets until you’ve got it memorized. You can also try playing multiplication games to help you learn easily. Games are a great way to add some fun to learning. Get a group of friends together and play these games to learn the 16 times multiplication. Check out these unique multiplication games for kids on Osmo.

Here are some exercises that you can practice to help you learn the table of 16.

The multiplication circle

16 times table

Test your knowledge of the table of 16. Fill the right answers in the multiplication circle above.

Fill in the missing number

Confident that you’ve learnt the table of 16? Test your skills with the exercise below. Fill the missing number in the boxes.

16 times table fill the missing number
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