Vocabulary for Kids

Games to Improve Vocabulary for Kids

Words are fun but isn’t it a little difficult to mug up and remember words, especially for children? 

The best way you can get your kids to learn vocabulary in their formative years is through games. They learn lots of new words while they don’t even realize that they are studying. 

We are here with some great games to improve English vocabulary for kids. 

  1. Act it, Guess it – Effective Game to improve English vocabulary for kids
  2. A very simple yet effective game that you can play with your kids to improve their vocabulary is through acting. 

    You can make teams of children and each team is supposed to tell words to one of the members from the other teams. That member will act out the word to his/her team members in order to guess the word. 

    The team with the highest number of correct guesses of words wins. 

  3. Word Challenge
  4. In this game, you can have two teams of children. 

    Both the teams would challenge each other with difficult words. Any member of the other team would spell out the word. 

    Alternatively, the words for both the teams can be decided by you in order to keep the difficulty level in accordance with the age of children.

    You can give beginner-level words like sleep, cat, river, dog, office, etc. 

    Or, intermediate level words like inculcate, assimilate, mountain, etc. 

    The team with the maximum number of words with correct spelling wins the game. 

  5. Go with the history
  6. Another great game for refining the vocabulary for kids can be played by going into the depth of a word. 

    You give a jar to kids full of words that have good stories linked to their origin. 

    Kids have to pick one word from the jar one by one and read the story behind its origin. 

    Then they have to tell that story to other fellow children. 

    Learning vocabulary through its etymology helps an individual to retain the word in their minds for long periods of time. Also, through this game, kids will be able to work on their story-telling skills and creativity. 

  7. Pass on the Words
  8. In this game, kids are divided into two teams – team A and team B.

    Members from each team stand at a one arm distance from other members of their team. The first one stands at the starting point and the last one stands just a step away from the finish line. 

    The first member of the team will say a word (say, burger). Now the next member has to say any other word followed by the word said by the earlier team member (parrot, burger). Then, the next member will say any third word followed by words said by the second and the first team member, respectively (happy parrot burger). The same goes on. 

    The team member at the end of the line will have to add a new word followed by words said by all previous members. 

    Once he/she does so they can step on the finish line. 

  9. Osmo’s Lettertopia
  10. This is an astoundingly interactive game where kids interact with the digital game while moving alphabets in the physical world. 

    Word options are shown on the screen. Use the word tiles to create the words in front of the screen. Kids have to navigate through the level using these words to the end and collect as many creatures as they can. This can be a multiplayer game. 

  11. Osmo’s Word Chomp
  12. In this game, Chomp is an adorable monster who is hungry for words. Kids have to find the words in their respective level and Chomp will eat those words.

    The more words you find for him, the more he eats and the bigger he gets. 

    Osmo’s Word Chomp is a vocabulary-building game. It also assists in remembering the spelling of words. Thus, it imparts linguistic skills to children. 

    This game will amaze you in its own way by helping your kid with better word recognition, vocabulary development, creativity, problem-solving skills, spelling learning and retention, and much more. 

  13. Osmo’s Word Game
  14. Strengthen your word knowledge with this fantastic game from Osmo. Osmo’s Word game is a puzzle where players have to guess words. 

    A picture on the screen gives the clue for the word. Players are supposed to guess the word and toss down letter tiles in order to spell the hidden word. 

    Word games can be played alone or with their friends or family. 

    There are more than 150 default word puzzle images. And if your kids find them all, you can always download new albums that are created by the community. Keep playing, keep learning

Vocabulary words for kids can be of much help in drafting good essays, letters, etc. Not only that, a rich vocabulary for kids will also assist them in overall linguistic development – reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. 

The above-mentioned games will serve as English vocabulary exercises for kids. For more such thrilling learning games for kids, explore our kids learning kits now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Vocabulary for Kids

What are the games that help in improving Vocabulary for Kids?

The games that help in improving Vocabulary for Kids are Osmo’s word games for kids, Osmo’s words chomp, Osmo’s lettertopia, word games, puzzles and riddles, etc.

What are the benefits of a solid Vocabulary for Kids?

The benefits of a solid Vocabulary for Kids are that they help them to learn new words and make meaningful sentences on a daily basis. With this, there will be increase in the improvement of vocabulary skills among children.