Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Best Gifts Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

When it comes to gifting something to a 6 year old girl, we, at Osmo, recommend gifts based on their interests. Since 6 year old kids are probably in kindergarten or 1st grade, they have already developed a liking towards some toys. So, there might be a chance that the kid would tell you what exactly she wants. However, if that is not the case, our gift ideas for a 6 year old girl are exactly what you need. 

Whether your girl loves playing with dolls or robot games, we have offered a wide range of gift options that would suit her interests. In order to help you find the perfect gift for your princess, we have listed down Osmo’s best selling gifts for kids. Also, we have provided some general gifts for 6 year old girls.

Best gifts for 6 year old girls by Osmo

Pizza Co.

Pizza Co. is a game in which kids can run their own pizza store. Kids need to interact with customers on the screen to know what toppings they would like. Then, they would sell the pizza and make money. Kids have to return them the exact change. This is where math skills come into the picture as it requires mental calculation. With this game, kids can learn about entrepreneurship and become real entrepreneurs in the future.

Detective Agency

In this game, kids would run their own detective agency. They would travel to six famous cities and find clues with the help of a magnifying glass. This game requires keen observation and having an eye for details. Kids will learn about geography and landmarks around the world.


Monster is one of the top gifts for a 6 year old girl. Osmo Monster lets your kids’ drawings come alive on the screen in an animated form. This game is for young doodlers in the house. The Creative Set includes a drawing board and a few markers. This is all you need to take Monster to a whole new level. Kids would be super excited to see the Monster with whatever they have drawn on the board.

Super Studio Disney Frozen 2

Kids can draw and animate their favorite Disney characters. They can connect with stories through drawings. It is a magical experience for kids as their drawing comes to life.

Super Studio Disney Princess

Super Studio Disney Princess includes Super Sketchpad, the Super Marker, and the Super Sweeper. Kids can experience the magic of Osmo Super Studio as they join the world of Disney princesses and help them through multiple adventures.

Genius Numbers

Kids can play with physical tiles to perform basic math operations like counting, addition and subtraction. When your results match the numbers on the screen, you would hear bubbles burst with a satisfying pop.

Genius Words

Kids need to guess the correct word by looking at the clue on the screen. Then, they have to spell the word. Kids will use quick thinking and physical titles to spell the word. The game is a self-guided learning adventure that helps to build vocabulary and improve spelling knowledge.

Genius Tangram

Kids can arrange tangible pieces as per the image on the screen. This puzzle game might look easy at first, but includes more advanced levels for which kids can challenge themselves or their friends.

Other great gifts for 6 year old girls

Soft toys: Girls love soft toys. They play with their soft toys. Most preteen girls have their favorite soft toy which they carry with them to all places. Girls behave like parents with their soft toys.

Dolls: Dolls are the best birthday gift for a 6 years old girl. Girls are fond of dolls. They love to play with barbie dolls and dress them up, comb their hair.

Dollhouse: Who doesn’t love a dollhouse? Kids, especially girls, love to play with their dollhouse. You can gift this to your daughter and she will definitely love it.

Drawing board and colors: if your girl loves drawing, you can gift her a drawing set. The drawing set includes a drawing board, colors, sheets, etc.

Bicycle: Bicycle is one of the Christmas gift ideas for a 6 year old girl. If you have not gifted your girl her first bicycle, Christmas is the best time to give her something so special.

Bags: Bags can be included in the Gifts for a 6 year old little girl. Today, there are many collections of bags, specially designed for girls which include sling bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.

Clothes and Shoes: Clothes and shoes come under good gifts for a 6 year old girl. Girls love dressing up. What can be a more wonderful gift other than clothes and accessories like shoes, hair accessories, etc?

Kitchen set for kids: Girls love to play with their own kitchen set. The kitchen set for kids includes vessels, cups, glasses, gas stove, etc.
There are a plethora of options when it comes to gifting your 6 year old girl. However, parents need to be extra cautious while selecting the gift for their little ones. Choosing the right gift that also fosters kids learning of some kind is critical. This is why parents must visit Osmo’s website for educational toys for kids.