Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Wondering what to pick as gifts for 6 year old girls? Choosing a gift for a 6 year old girl needs a lot of careful consideration. You can’t just buy dolls or some other generic gifts for 6 year old girls. Choose something that they’ll enjoy playing with and also help them learn essential skills. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best gift ideas for 6 year old girls. These gifts for kids help them learn important skills while they play and enjoy themselves.

Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Here are some great gifts for 6 year old girls that are sure to light up your little girl’s eyes.

List of Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

  1. Plush toys: Plush toys or stuffed animals are wonderful gifts for 6 year old girls. Not only are these toys fun to play with, but they also encourage pretend play, which boosts the child’s imagination. Additionally, it’s a great tool to teach children social skills, language and communication skills.
  2. Pizza Co.: Osmo’s Pizza Co. is a wonderful game where kids can run their own pizza store. This wonderful game helps boost your little girls communication skills, language and math skills. Additionally, Pizza Co. is a great introduction to entrepreneurship and builds their confidence. Check out these math games for kids to help kids learn math in a fun way.
  3. Dolls: Dolls are one of the best birthday gifts for 6 year old girls. Most little girls love to play with dolls, dress them, style their hair and have tea parties with them. Dolls also encourage pretend play, which boosts their imagination and creativity. In addition to this, dolls are also great for group play, which teaches kids social skills.
  4. Detective Agency: This fun game by Osmo is a wonderful gift for little girls who love solving mysteries and dream of becoming a detective. The kids get to operate their own detective agency and solve mysteries using clues. Kids get to learn to be observant and pay attention to the details. Additionally, they also learn about geography and landmarks around the world and different cultures. Check out these geography games for kids to introduce them to geography in a fun way.
  5. Dollhouse: A dollhouse is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids, especially little girls who love playing with dolls. Your 6 year old girl will be delighted to receive a dollhouse with furniture and the works. 
  6. Monster: Monster is one of the most unique gifts for 6 year old girls. The creative set includes a drawing board and a few markers. Kids get to draw on the board and watch Mo the Monster bring their drawings to life. This is a great gift to boost your child’s drawing skills. Check out these drawing games for kids.
  7. Super Studio Disney Frozen 2: If your little girl loves the movie Frozen and Frozen 2, they’ll love getting Osmo’s Super Studio Disney Frozen 2. Kids get to draw their favorite Disney characters and the game animates their creations to make them come alive on the screen. This is a great way to enhance their drawing skills. Check your little one’s knowledge of Disney characters with Disney trivia questions.
  8. Bicycle: A bicycle is a wonderful gift for a 6 year old girl who loves playing outdoors. Additionally, it also helps them exercise and develop their motor skills, while they enjoy exploring the neighborhood.
  9. Super Studio Disney Princess: Super Studio Disney Princess, which includes Super Sketchpad, the Supermarket, and the Super Sweeper is a perfect gift for a Disney princess lover. With Osmo’s Super Studio, your little girl gets to join the world of Disney princesses and help them through multiple adventures. Check out these princess games for kids.
  10. Bags: A bag is one of the coolest gifts for 6 year old girls. Help your little fashionista accessorize with the perfect bag to carry all her things in. You can also buy them school bags to carry all their school supplies.
  11. Genius Numbers: Osmo’s Genius Numbers is a great game where kids use physical tiles to perform basic math operations like counting, addition and subtraction. When their results match the numbers on the screen, kids get to hear bubbles burst with a satisfying pop. This wonderful game helps kids with number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication etc. Check out these number games for kids
  12. Clothes and Shoes: Clothes and shoes are great gifts for a 6 year old girl who loves fashion and dressing up. Give your little girl fashionable clothes or shoes of their choice for their birthday or any festive occasion. 
  13. Genius Words: Osmo’s Genius Words is a wonderful gift for 6 year olds because it boosts their vocabulary and spelling skills. The game is a self-guided learning adventure that helps kids learn new words and improves their spelling skills. Teach your little one words for kids to enhance their language and communication skills.
  14. Kitchen set for kids: A kitchen set or baking set is one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls who love to potter about in the kitchen. This gift encourages pretend play, which enhances their imagination and creativity. 
  15. Genius Tangram: Osmo’s Genius Tangram is a wonderful game that is great fun and educational too. Kids get to arrange the tangible tiles to match the shapes on the screen in this fun game. This game is a great tool to help kids learn shapes, colors, symmetry and develop their visual spatial skills. Additionally, it also boosts their creativity and imagination. Check out these shape games for kids to boost their shape learning.
  16. Story books: At 6, kids start early elementary school and are reading small sentences and paragraphs on their own. Improve their vocabulary, reading skills and communicating skills by teaching them to read. Story books are the perfect way to inculcate a reading habit. Additionally, it’s a great tool to enhance their imagination. Check out these fun moral stories for kids
  17. Crafting kit: Crafting is a great hobby for little kids. Not only are they fun, but it also enhances their creativity and fine motor skills. Check out these crafts for kids to introduce your little one to fun crafts.
  18. Playdough: Playdough is a fun gift for a 6 year old girl, which enhances their creativity. Playdough is also a great tool to teach children the shapes of the alphabet, numbers etc. It also boosts their artistic skills. Check out these art activities for kids.
  19. Puzzles: Puzzles are one of the best gifts for 6 year old girls. Not only are they fun but they also develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. It also enhances their shape learning, knowledge of words, numbers and logical reasoning. Check out these puzzles for kids
  20. Karaoke set: Does your child love to sing? If so, a karaoke set is one of the coolest gifts for 6 year old girls. This gift is great to boost your little girl’s creativity and confidence. 
  21. Study table: A study table provides a specific place or an area to sit and learn comfortably. This motivates them to learn and also helps them learn to organize their things correctly.
  22. Hair accessories: If your little girl loves styling her hair with accessories, hair accessories are the perfect gift for her. Give your little girl princess-themed hair accessories in their favorite color. 
  23. School accessories: The first day of school needs to be celebrated with new school supplies and accessories. Give your little girl a new school bag, lunch box, pencil box, notebooks etc. You can also customize the accessories to include your little girl’s name or initials to make it more special.
  24. Charm bracelets: Charm bracelets are fun gifts for little girls. Buy your little girl a DIY charm bracelet kit to make bracelets for herself and her friends.
  25. Watch: Teach your little girl to tell time by giving her a watch. This gift also helps her learn how to manage her time more efficiently. Check out these time games for kids to teach them how to tell time.

There are plenty of options when it comes to buying gifts for 6 year old girls. However, parents need to be extra cautious while selecting the gift for their little ones. Choose a gift that is not only fun but useful to help your little one learn new skills too. Additionally, it should be something that the kids can use for a long time without adding to the clutter. For more gift ideas, activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun and easy, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

What are some of the classic Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls?

Some of the classic Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls are bracelet set, jewelry set, Barbie doll set, clothes, shoes, bags, cooking set, doll house, tree house, board games set, etc.

What are some of the Osmo Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls?

Some of the Osmo Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls are detective agency, Super Studio Disney Frozen 2, genius words, Osmo’ numbers, Osmo’s tangram, monster, and many more educational games.

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