STEM Activities for Kindergarten

STEM for Kindergarten

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities for kindergarten are in high demand and for all the right reasons. These activities are crucial to a kid’s learning and our future. STEM activities for kindergarten are so exciting that kids would willingly perform them. Many preschoolers under the age of 5 can learn some basic STEM principles through play. STEM activities allow kindergarten children to investigate and explore. These activities also promote hands-on learning and allow children to actively participate in their own learning.

Kindergarten children have an innate nature of curiosity about the world they live in. This is the right time to try STEM for kindergarten. If you are looking for some fun and engaging STEM activities for kindergarten, you have landed on the right site. Let us look at some of the STEM activities that kindergarten kids will enjoy.

Engineering with Marshmallow shapes

Construct basic shapes out of toothpicks and marshmallows. Marshmallows can be used as a connector to hold the toothpicks together. This will develop kids’ engineering skills. Encourage your children to try creating new three-dimensional structures. Design a castle or a car. The scope is limitless!

Melting Ice Experiment

Fill a bowl with water and freeze it overnight. Add a few drops of watercolor if you wish to color your ice. Once frozen, remove the ice from the bowl and place it on a tray. Sprinkle some table salt over ice and see the magic happening. This shows the change of state by melting ice with salt.

Sprout seeds in a vessel

Add a teaspoon of chia seeds into a jar and pour about one cup of water. Secure a piece of cheese cloth onto the top of the jar with the help of a rubber band. Allow this to rest overnight. The next morning, drain out the water. You would see sprouting in a day or two.

Dissect a flower

Kids are curious about their surrounding environment. Kids can be shown how to dissect a flower neatly to look at its various parts. This lets kids dive into nature and understand the natural surroundings.

Plant a tree

One activity that must be done with kids is to plant a tree with them. Kids will learn the science behind the plantation of trees through this fun activity. Planting a tree must be included in STEM education for kindergarten. This is one of the interesting outdoor STEM activities.

Build a Bridge

Kids can use recycled materials and household stuff to construct a bridge. They can also have competition among their peers. Whoever builds the strongest bridge wins the challenge.

Make a polymer or slime

Mix glue, water, baking soda and contact lens solution to build a slime. Kids can play with this homemade slime. Playing with slime improves fine motor skills, which is one of the goals of stem education for kindergarten.

Cloud in a Jar

This STEM project for kindergarten can be performed with a few simple household ingredients (water and hairspray). This activity will tell kids about states of matter, water cycle, condensation, etc. The ingredients come together to show kids the formation of clouds. You can also tell your kids about how the water cycle works in the environment.

How are clouds formed? Why do boats float? Kindergarten children ask a hundred questions in a day. They are intrigued by nature and curious to know what is happening around them. It is difficult to explain these Science concepts to them. In today’s world, it is incredibly important to be technologically fluent, innovative, and understand how things work. This is why it is essential that kids take part in STEM activities for kindergarten. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on STEM Activities for Kindergarten

What are STEM Activities for Kindergarten?

The STEM Activities for Kindergarten are dissection of a flower, melt the ice, plant a sapling, make a slime, sorting and counting activities, drawing the shapes to learn engineering concepts and so on.

What do STEM stand for in STEM Activities for Kindergarten?

The STEM stands for – S – Science, T – Technology, E – Engineering and M – Mathematics. These STEM activities for kindergarten help kids to learn the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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