ABC Learning For Kids

Teach ABC To Kids With The Help Of These Simple Learning Activities

The basic foundation to learn a language is built by learning alphabets. Learning ABC is one of the earliest activities practiced by the kids while growing up. 

This helps them to learn words, phrase sentences and makes it easier for them to speak the English language fluently. 

Check out these simple games and activities listed below for kids to learn ABC. 

  • Puzzle games for kids to learn ABC
  • Kids can learn ABC in a simple way by playing puzzle games. The vivid colors used in the puzzle blocks help the kid to focus for a longer period of time. Arranging the blocks in order teaches them to execute tasks in an orderly fashion. 

    There are many benefits for kids by solving puzzles. Alphabets can also be learned by playing this simple ABC puzzle game.

    Materials required to play this game:

    Different puzzle blocks with vivid colors

    Instructions to play this game:

    Kids aged 3-5 can easily learn ABC by playing this puzzle game. The puzzle involves different colorful blocks with A-Z alphabets printed on them. This game is played by arranging the colorful puzzle blocks in alphabetical order. This simple puzzle game can be played easily at any time without a lot of instructions involved. 

  • ABC recital games for kids
  • Kids can learn ABC at a faster pace with the help of reciting games. This game can be played along with teachers or parents. Kids react to the sound and learn easily when the alphabets are recited to them in a loud voice. Kids learn to identify how each alphabet sounds and the next time, they will be able to easily recite ABC.

    Instructions to play this game:

    This is a simple game or an activity where the parent or the teacher recites every letter in a loud manner. There should be a long pause after reciting the letter. The parent or the teacher has to make sure they are breaking down the phonetics so that the kids can understand how each letter sounds. The kids should repeat back the letters in a similar way. Practicing this game or activity every day helps kids to learn ABC within a short time. 

  • Learning ABC through rhymes and songs
  • ABC rhymes and songs are some of the best ways to teach alphabets to kids. When new things are taught to kids through songs or rhymes, they find it easier to learn and remember them. The tune usually fixates in the kid’s mind and every time they are asked to repeat the things they have learned, they can repeat them back without having to struggle. In a similar way, alphabets can also be learned. There are numerous ABC songs and rhymes that are available online and in rhymes books with vivid pictures. Parents can make the kids sing these ABC songs every day, which helps them learn the alphabet quickly. 

    Instructions to play this game:

    Parents can select simple rhymes and songs that are available for young kids aged from 3-5. They should teach these rhymes to kids and make sure they learn every line. Memorizing these lines becomes easy as they are taught to them through songs. Kids can easily remember the tune and they will be able to recite the song or rhyme quickly.

  • ABC coloring games for kids
  • Similar to songs and rhymes, colors can impact a child’s brain activity drastically and help in their brain development. There are many ABC coloring activities and books that are available online and offline. Coloring is a fun activity that kids like to indulge in all the time. They like experimenting with new colors by scribbling or splashing paint on paper. If alphabets are taught to them through coloring, they will find it easy to remember them.

    Materials required to play this game:

    Paint, crayons, color pencils, sketch pens, white sheets

    How to perform this activity?

    The activity involves playing and experimenting with a lot of colors. The teacher or the parent can help the child when they are learning to write ABC. The parents or teachers should hold the kid’s hand and guide them to slowly write the alphabet with the help of different colored crayons or paint. Kids should rewrite the alphabet several times until they get a hang of the shapes of each alphabet. This activity has to be practiced every day until the kids can easily learn to write ABC.

  • Learning ABC with the help of clay dough and lego
  • Clay dough and legos are exciting and fun to play with. They can also be used by kids to learn ABC. Kids love to build new things with the help of legos and clay. They will surely enjoy learning ABC using them.

    How to perform this activity?

    Kids can look up the shapes of different alphabets from ABC charts and books and learn to create that shape using legos and clay dough. This will turn out to be their favorite activity as they can learn alphabets while having fun.