Square Root of 19

The number 19 is an odd and a prime number. The prime numbers have only two factors, such as 1 and the number itself; the other factor is 19. The mathematical representation of the square root of 19 is √19. The √19 is the radical form of the square root of 19. When you teach the little ones about the fundamentals of numbers, it is important to introduce the properties, even and odd numbers. Also, teach them 19 Times Table, available at Osmo. Learning multiplication supports the little learners in understanding the concept of the square root of 19. The concept of square root will enable kids to calculate the mathematical problems accurately.

What is the Square Root of 19?

The square root of 19 = 4.358. The √19 is the digit when multiplied by the same digit, equal to the number 19, √19 = a x a = a2. The number 19 cannot be considered as a perfect square as the square root of 19 is never a whole number. It is a known fact that children usually tend to get confused with the numbers and mathematical operations like, subtraction, addition, division and multiplication. It is vital to provide them with Math Worksheets For Kids while teaching them the basics of the square root of 19. Moreover, teachers can engage kids in number games and activities during or after class hours.

How to Find the Square Root of 19?

Check out how to find the square root of 19 by the easy long division method. Before that, teach kids that square roots can be converted to a base with an exponent. The √19 is not an exception. Hence, this is how the square root of 19 is written in the exponential form,

√a = a½

√19 = 19½

Long Division Method

  • Pair the numbers from left to right.
  • Then, determine the big and perfect square that is equal to or less than 19 and the numeric is 16. √16 = 4. Write 16 at the bottom and 4 above.
  • Find the difference between 19 and 16, and move on to the subsequent pair of digits.
  • The biggest and perfect square is 4, and the difference between 19 and 16 is 3.
  • Therefore, the square root of 19 is 4.3. However, the square root of 19 is determined by using the long division method by trial and error.

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Is the Square Root of 19 Rational or Irrational?

As the square root of 19 cannot be written as a fraction, it is an irrational number. But, this can be expressed as an approximate fraction, √19 rounded to the closest 100th form. That is, √19 = 4.36/1

√19 = 436/100

Thus, √19 is equivalent to 4 9/25.

Hence, the square root of 19 is an irrational number and impossible to represent as p/q.

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FAQs Related to Square Root of 19

Is the number 19 an even number?

No. The number 19 is not an even number.

Can √19 be expressed in exponential form?

Yes. √19 can be expressed in exponential form.