Puzzles For Kids – Learn The Benefits of Solving Logical Puzzles at An Early Age

Learning can be made interesting if it’s combined with fun puzzles for kids! Solving logical puzzles is a great way to do this as it improves your child’s cognitive thinking and enhances their brain capacity to process things. 

Puzzle games designed for kids test their skills and enhance their knowledge drastically. 

Kids puzzles are interesting to solve and can also improve your child’s memory. 

Types of Puzzles For Kids

Numerous types of kids puzzles are available both offline and online and we have listed a few of them that can be beneficial for your child.

  • Jigsaw – Logical Puzzles For Kids
  • Jigsaw puzzles are the most simple and interesting puzzles for kids that can be practiced in their initial learning phase. These Logical puzzles for kids contain blocks made out of wood or cardboard which have various pictures printed on them. The puzzle blocks contain numbers or alphabets as clues. Children are supposed to follow the clues to complete the picture which brings immense joy at the end of completing the task! 

    Jigsaw puzzles for kids can either be a simple puzzle containing a few pieces or numerous pieces, depending upon your child’s interest and ability to solve them. Online Jigsaw puzzles for kids are also available which can get as real as solving actual puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles for kids are a fun leisure activity that can improve your child’s thinking capacity and make him/her a fast learner.

  • Puzzles For Kids By Connecting The Dots
  • Connecting the dots are the best puzzles suitable for kids aged from 3-6 which are easy and less time-consuming. They are similar to Jigsaw puzzles which contain many dots that are numbered. A simple or a complex image can be formed by connecting the numbered dots. 

    Preschoolers usually love to solve these types of puzzles as it is simple to follow the numbers. It is a great exercise for children to learn the numbers quickly and effectively. These puzzles for kids also involve coloring where your child can color the picture that is formed after connecting all the dots. 

  • Crosswords and Finding The Words – Word Puzzles For Kids
  • Crosswords are not just puzzles for kids but are also enjoyed by adults. These word puzzles for kids are more suitable for kids aged 6-12. Crosswords usually contain blocks with certain letters and the missing blocks have to be filled by reading the clues. These puzzles for kids can be really challenging as certain clues are complicated to understand.

    Other simple and easy word puzzles for kids are finding or circling the words. These puzzles for kids include a bunch of letters with words hidden in them. Kids are supposed to find the words and circle them horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. These types of puzzles for kids can be a great way to learn alphabets and new words.

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  • Number Puzzles For Kids – Riddles and Cross Numbers
  • Number puzzles for kids are the best way to understand simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Cross numbers is the most popular number puzzle for kids suitable for kids aged from 6-12. These puzzles are similar to crosswords but instead of words, numbers are used to fill the horizontal and vertical blocks. Cross numbers are the best puzzles for kids to improve their Mathematical knowledge.

    Math riddles are usually complicated and have wordplay in them. These puzzles for kids enhance critical thinking and logical reasoning. Math riddles usually contain logically based questions and they have to be answered by using facts and logic. 

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Here are some benefits of kids solving puzzles at a young age:

  • Kids’ Puzzles Are Fun and Easy
  • Solving logical puzzles can be one of the best and most efficient ways for your child to spend his/her time. Simple Math or alphabet puzzles are less time consuming and keeps your child engaged for a longer duration. Check out these Interactive games at the Osmo store!

  • These Puzzles Improve Your Kid’s Strategic Thinking
  • It is essential to make sure your child develops critical and strategic thinking from a young age. Logical puzzles for kids improve their ability to make quicker and better decisions. Solving logical and word puzzles can serve as a fun afterschool or a pastime activity in their break time. The Osmo starter kit includes a whole range of interesting games and puzzles for your child to enhance his/her strategic thinking.

  • Puzzles For Kids Provide Great Results at School and Extracurricular Activities
  • Rubik’s cubes or Sudoku are the best kid’s puzzles that can drastically improve your child’s performance at school and in other curricular activities. These simple kids’ puzzles keep your child active and boost their mental ability to process things at a much quicker pace.

  • Ability To Focus For a Longer Period of Time
  • It is proven that solving number and word puzzles with vivid colors can improve the child’s attention span. Bold colors and visual representations can keep children engaged for a longer duration, which in turn helps them to focus for a long time. 

  • Puzzles For Kids Enhances Mathematical Skills
  • Mathematics is an essential life skill and an important part of the curriculum from elementary school to college. Solving Mathematical puzzles can improve your child’s Mathematical skills and abilities. Solving simple puzzles that involve basic arithmetic operations such as addition and subtraction can be a great start for your child to improve his/her Mathematical skills.

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