Gifts For 3 Year Old Boy

It is no surprise that kids love receiving gifts. Whether it is their birthday or occasions like Christmas or Easter, giving gifts to kids becomes mandatory. While gifting something to your little ones, you must check if the gifts are age-appropriate or not. Looking for gift ideas for a 3 year old boy? We are here to share gift ideas for a 3 year old boy that can make them happy and excited to receive gifts. These gifts for kids will not only fulfil their desires but also develop some essential skills. 

There are a plethora of gifts available for kids of all ages. This article is about unique gifts for a 3 year old boy. You must keep in mind what your little ones’ likes and dislikes are before choosing the perfect gift for them. Kids at the age of three can be finicky about their gifts as they have just begun to develop an interest in any toys or non-toys gifts. So, giving them age-appropriate gifts with which they can play or have fun becomes extremely important. Besides this, you can even explore educational toys for kids as cool gifts for a 3 year old boy. 

Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boy 

Here are some of the amazing gifts for a 3 year old boy who has everything. However, Osmo offers an age wise selection of games for kids as well. Check it out! 

  • Electronic toys: Kids love electronic toys. Today, there are plenty of electronic toys available in the market. Toy cars, motorbikes, airplanes, etc. are some of the examples of electronic toys. These can be given as a birthday gift for a 3 year old boy. They would love to receive these gifts and enjoy playing with them. 
  • Toy Robot: Toy robots are the first choice of gifts among many 3 year old boys. These robots will keep your kids entertained and engaged with cool lighting effects, fun phrases about color and shapes, etc. Some toy robots can also be programmed to perform certain movements. These are a cool gift for a 3 year old boy who loves technology. 
  • Little Genius Sticks & Rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic): The game includes a Silicone play mat, stackable storage, 38 silicone sticks and rings. These sticks and rings are durable, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe silicone. Kids can build letters with colorful sticks and rings in ABCs. In Squiggle Magic, kids can create something they want to and watch their creation come alive. Through these fun games, kids will learn letter recognition, vocabulary, construction, drawing, etc. They will also develop cognitive skills, spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.
  • Toy trains: Kids love to play with toy trains. Toy trains come with a track on which kids can drive their trains. Sometimes, they love to assemble and reassemble the parts of the train for fun and curiosity to know how it works. Must say! This is a great gift for 3 year old boy
  • Cool backpack: Gifting a cool backpack is what every kid would love. A spacious backpack in which kids can keep all their school accessories is a best birthday gift idea for a 3 year old boy. This backpack will be useful for them to carry comfortably in schools and any other place that they like to travel. 
  • School items: This is probably the age when your kids will start going to school. Thus, school accessories have become a must-have for kids. These include a water bottle, lunch box, pencil box, etc. Apart from school bags, kids do expect for interesting accessories that they can carry along with them to schools. These academic items will make their learning experience a better one. 
  • Scooter: Kids love to ride on scooters. These scooters are stylish, comfortable, and provide full safety while riding.
  • Little Genius Costume Pieces (Stories & Costume Party): Kids can find solutions to obstacles by mixing and matching costumes and navigate adventure to Stories. In Costume Party, kids will make party costumes by experimenting with clothes and colors. The game includes 19 costume pieces and stackable storage. Skills developed in kids through these games include- imagination, creativity, fine motor skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Cars or motorbikes for kids: Kids, especially boys enjoy riding on cars or bikes. You might have seen such cars or bikes in a shopping mall. Get one for your children and see how much fun they have. They can ride in cars or bikes (remote-enabled) inside or outside their homes. Your supervision will be needed while riding such a vehicle.
  • Drawing set: One of the great gifts for a 3 year old boy is drawing sets which include drawing sheets, color paints, crayons, pencils, etc. Let your kids draw and paint their imagination in colors.
  • Jigsaw puzzle: The jigsaw puzzle is an educational game. This puzzle can be given to a 3 year old. It might take some time for kids to correctly fit the puzzle pieces but with time, it will happen. You can give puzzles as Christmas gifts for a 3 year old boy. 
  • Lego: Building blocks or lego is a nice present idea in the category of gifts for a 3 year old boy. Playing with lego will sharpen a kid’s mind and enhance fine motor skills. They can construct any structure of their choice or learn to build something new. It will help them in improving their cognitive skills for better educational growth. 
  • Marvel Avengers toys: Boys love Marvel Avengers toys. They can buy superhero figures from stores or even online. 
  • Scribbling pad: At this age, kids started getting a grip on their hand to hold a pencil. In this regard, you can give them a scribbling pad where they can start attempting to scribble or write something. Eventually, kids will learn to write alphabets and numbers more effortlessly. 
  • Build it: Most of the kids are curious about assembling things. In such cases, you can give them toys such as airplanes, buses, trains, etc in parts. Here, kids have to assemble the parts to make the original structure.  With this, they will invest time in thinking on how to fix the right part in order to complete the structure. There will be a lot of critical and logical thinking involved. 
  • Study table: Kids have started the journey of education with alphabets and numbers. Therefore, you can provide them a better place for kids to learn and explore their creativity. You can get a study table and chair which is very attractive with colorful illustrations for kids. 
  • Sports kit: These kids are filled with abundant energy, they like to put it out through games and activities. To enhance their muscle development and engagement, you can give them any sport kit that they would like to have such as cricket, badminton, skates, etc. With this, kids will start to learn the sport right from the early age and excel in whatever sport they like to play in future. 

Christmas is the time of the year that is filled with festivity. Gifts are often exchanged on this occasion. Are you looking for the best Christmas gifts for a 3 year old boy? You can gift them new clothes, shoes, Christmas treats, Christmas costumes and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy

What are Osmo’s Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy?

The Osmo’s Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy are little genius sticks and rings (ABCs & Squiggle Magic), little genius costume pieces (Stories & Costume Party) and many more. These gifts help kids to develop their fine and gross motor skills for better educational growth.

What are some of the fun Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy?

Some of the fun and interesting Gifts for 3 Year Old Boy are smart toys, e-toys, toy cars bikes and trains, school stationeries like geometry boxes, color pencils, books and so on, coloring books, lego, avenger toys or any comic characters.