15 Times Table

Children must memorize the 15 times table at their fingertips. Learning the 15 times table chart has a positive benefit, including better confidence and stabler outcomes in executing arithmetic calculations. 15 times table is a multiplication table that comprises the multiplication of 15 with whole numbers.

What is the 15 Times Table?

15 x 1 = 1515 x 11 = 165
15 x 2 = 3015 x 12 = 180
15 x 3 = 4515 x 13 = 195
15 x 4 = 6015 x 14 = 210
15 x 5 = 7515 x 15 = 225
15 x 6 = 9015 x 16 = 240
15 x 7 = 10515 x 17 = 255
15 x 8 = 12015 x 18 = 270
15 x 9 = 13515 x 19 = 285
15 x 10 = 15015 x 20 = 300

15 times table trick

Children love to have fun while learning. However, it gets pretty tough for parents and teachers to keep them engaged while at homeschooling or in the classroom. Suppose the tutors are looking forward to challenging the students in their class or improving their learners’ mathematical confidence. In that case, this is an excellent 15 times table trick to remember their times tables easily. Kids might have come across the tips and tricks to retain their 15 times tables and found them compelling.

It is essential to note that students must not write down anything when following this method to learn their 15 times table. Have a look at the instances provided below.

Example 1

Assess 5 times 15 by using the table of 15.


This is expressed as 15 x 5

Now, from the 15 times table, 15 x 5 = 75

Therefore, 5 times 15 is 75

Example 2

Sara planned to attend 15 hours of dance classes for 5 days. However, she was unable to participate in one course for 5 hours on one specific day. Using the 15 times table maths, find out how many hours of classes she has attended in total.


Firstly, this must be expressed mathematically, i.e. 5 days × 15 hours – (5 hours)

Now, using 15 times table, it is : 5 × 15 – 5 = 75 – 5 = 70

Hence, Sara has attended 70 hours of dance classes in total.

Example 3

For instance, Sophie wants to invite 15 friends over to play. Moreover, she wants to bake cookies. If she wants each friend to have 4 cookies, how many cookies should she prepare?

The answer is, 15 x 4 = 60

Example 4

Joe planned to attend 5 hours of vocabulary activities classes for 10 days. However, she was unable to attend one class for 5 hours on one specific day. Using the 15 times table maths, find out how many hours of classes she has attended in total.


Firstly, this must be expressed mathematically, i.e. 10 days × 5 hours – (5 hours)

Now, using 15 times table, it is : 10 × 5 – 5 = 50 – 5 = 45

Hence, Joe has attended 45 hours of vocabulary activities classes in total.

Example 5

For instance, Kate wants to invite 15 friends over to her birthday party. Moreover, she wants to prepare chocolates. If she wants to gift each friend 10 pieces of chocolates, how many pieces of chocolates should she prepare?

The answer is, 15 x 10 = 150

Hence, Kate has to prepare 150 pieces of chocolates.

15 Times Table Quiz

The tutors must challenge the kids by giving them a 15 times table quiz. Once the quiz session is over, they can assess and let the kids know their scores. This certainly boosts their confidence.

15 x 15 = …..15 x 3 = …..
15 x 9 = …..15 x 12 = …..
15 x 7 = …..15 x 18 = …..
15 x 5 = …..15 x 11 = …..
15 x 16 = …..15 x 19 = …..

15 Times Table Games

Multiplication is one of the most rigid math concepts for children to understand, often needing significant preparation and practice.

15 times table games are an excellent way to include game-based learning into the curriculum, assisting them in comprehending their 15 times table and multiplication exercises. Below given are three exciting games where kids learn along the way.

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

This is an excellent method to review material with the whole class. Everyone works together to reach that winning billion-dollar prize. 


  1. Prepare a template and list the questions to begin the game.
  2. Open the first question and read it aloud. Urge them to support the solutions they come up with.
  3. The whole class can choose the ‘answer’. Take them through each question if required.
  4. Reveal the correct answer, and repeat for each question until the class makes it to a billion.

Tip: To make it more competitive, divide the class into two units and let them battle for the highest points. When one team loses a question, the other unit can ‘steal the board’ till they get a question incorrect. This way the kids learn 15 times table while having fun in the class.

Mystery Picture

This is a colorful game that mixes creativity and math. Let the students answer multiplication questions to color an image and reveal the mystery picture. 15 times table becomes pretty easy when kids are encouraged to play such games regularly.


  1. Print adequate sheets for each kid in the class.
  2. Let the students sit at their tables and work through every question to reveal the mystery picture. Children can modify the colors on the image if they wish to be more creative.
  3. Show the images in the classroom so the kids can feel proud of their hard work.

Musical Chairs

Get the entire class dancing with 15 times table games through musical chairs. Children answer several multiplication questions every time they sit down. Unlike the old version, chairs are not taken away.


  1. Keep a question card at each table.
  2. Give every kid a plain piece of paper and ask them to number it before the game starts.
  3. Guide the kids to stand up and walk (or dance) around the class while the music plays in the background.
  4. When the music is stopped, children must get to the nearest empty table and solve the question.
  5. Remind the children to match the digits on the paper and card.

Osmo provides age-wise Multiplication Games for Kids for the benefit of children as well as parents.