Pepper and Soap Experiment

Pepper Soap Experiment

The importance of washing hands has been realized in recent times when the world was struck by the Coronavirus pandemic. It became crucial to demonstrate to kids the necessity of washing hands as they can be a little negligent about such things. 

Performing pepper and soap experiment is a great way to teach kids the importance of washing their hands. Pepper and soap experiment is an experiment based on the surface tension of water. This experiment went viral when Coronavirus hit and washing hands became utmost essential.

The Pepper Soap Experiment is really simple. All you need is a liquid dish soap, water in a bowl and crushed pepper.

Pepper and Soap Experiment Explained

Let us see how to perform the science experiment with pepper and dish soap. All you need for this experiment is a shallow bowl, water, ordinary pepper powder and some liquid dish soap.

Step 1

Fill the shallow bowl partially with water.

Step 2

Sprinkle some black pepper in the bowl. See how the pepper powder floats on the water. This happens due to the surface tension of water.

Step 3

Dip your finger into the center of the bowl. Did you notice any change? Not much happened, right? You may have just got some pepper flakes stuck to your finger. Imagine that these pepper flakes are germs.

Step 4

Take a small quantity of liquid soap into a small bowl and stick your finger into the soap bowl. You don’t need much soap for this experiment.

Step 5

Dip your soap-covered finger into the center of the bowl again. Did you notice any change this time? Your soapy finger pushed the pepper flakes away (to the edge of the bowl). 

So, why does this happen? This happens because the liquid dish soap that we use is prepared to break the surface tension of water. This is the reason for soaps being so effective in cleaning dishes and taking all the grease and dirt away. The “germs” were not chased away until you added soap to the bowl.

This is why elders are always persuading you to wash your hands! 

Science Experiment With Pepper and Dish Soap – What Will You Learn

This simple science experiment with pepper and dish soap is fun to watch for kids of all ages. Even adults would enjoy the experiment as it is fun to see how soap pushes away all the pepper flakes to the edge of the bowl or plate. 

The fun pepper water and soap experiment has its relation with the surface tension of water: The surface tension of a liquid is the tendency of liquid surfaces to resist an external force due to the cohesive nature of its molecules. The pepper flakes are so light, it floats on the water surface due to surface tension. Soap is able to break the surface tension of water. This is why soap acts as a great cleaning agent.

This science experiment for kids also shows how germs are removed from hands with soap. One needs to wash their hands for 20 seconds to keep the germs away. It teaches the importance of washing hands. Kids must wash their hands at frequent intervals to keep their hands clean.

We hope you liked the Pepper and Soap Experiment. For more kids learning resources, keep visiting Play Osmo. 

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