Four Letter Words Ending in Z

There don’t seem to be many four letter words ending in Z, but with this list, learning those few four letter words ending in Z can be easy!

Some ways in which you could teach these words could be by using flashcards, trying to engage in daily conversations (using those words), using Scrabble tiles, and more.

List of Four Letter Words Ending in Z

Here’s a list of four letter words ending in the letter Z.


Fill in the Blanks with Four Letter Words Ending in the the Letter Z

Choose from the four letter words ending in Z to fill in the blanks.

1. There’s some ______ music playing over there!

2. My ______ results have come out. I scored a 5/10!

3. ______! What’s all the fuss about?

4.The ginger ale in the punch adds a little _____ to it.

5. You just dropped the cookies. You’re such a _____!

6. Why did you just ______ past me?

7. These mosquitoes are so annoying! They just ______ in my ears!

8. That fruit might be spoilt. There’s white ______ growing on it.


Buzz, Jeez, Quiz, Fuzz, Whiz, Fizz, Jazz, Ditz

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