Four Letter Words that Start with P

P is the sixteenth letter in the alphabet list. First, teach the preschool kids to recognize, read and write the letter P. Once the kids have mastered writing, reading and recognizing the letter, then teach them four letter words that start with P. Teach the letter P and its phonics in a unique way to the little ones. By following this method, they remember and never forget the alphabets.

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List of Four Letter Words that Start with P

A great vocabulary is a fundamental element of both reading and writing. However, with proper guidance, learning four letter words starting with the letter P is not tricky. Below given is a list of four letter words that start with P.


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Quiz: Four Letter Words that Start with P

Provide kids with this quiz worksheet and ask them to fill in the blanks.

  • _ r a y
  • _ o e m
  • _ o u r
  • _ a l m
  • _ i n e

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