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Recognizing and counting numbers are necessary to help kids build a strong base in mathematics. Once your child has learnt all the single digit numbers, it’s time to teach them how to write and identify the number 10. Number worksheets like the number 10 worksheet are a great tool to introduce children to numbers.

Number 10 worksheets make learning how to trace, write and count number 10 easy for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. 

Free Printable Number 10 Worksheets

Here are some free printable number 10 worksheets to help your kids recognize and trace number 10. Additionally, kids can also practice counting, adding, and subtracting using the number 10 with these worksheets for kids. Practicing number 10 worksheets enable children to recognize and memorize the number quickly.

Number 10 Tracing Worksheet for Preschool

Preschoolers can usually recognize numbers from 1 to 10 easily. Help your little one learn to write 10 in its numeric form and in words by tracing on this worksheet. Kids need to trace the number 9 within the defined lines for effective writing practices. Check out the number 19 tracing worksheet for kids given below.

Number 10 Tracing Worksheet

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Number 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten

Help your kindergarteners strengthen their counting skills using this number 10 worksheet. Additionally, ask them to find all the number 10s hidden at the end of the worksheet and circle them. These worksheets are extremely fun and engaging for kids to learn the number 10. They need to count and circle 10 objects illustrated on the worksheet. Check out the number 10 worksheets for kindergarten kids given below.

Number 10 Counting Worksheet

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In addition to this worksheet, include counting kindergarten math worksheets to make math learning more interesting and fun for kids.

Number 10 Addition Worksheets

Help your little ones in early elementary school practice how to add using the number 10 with these worksheets. Kids need to add the given numbers with 10 on the worksheet, for example, 10 + 10 = 20. Practicing number 10 addition worksheets help children enhance their mathematical knowledge for better learning outcomes.

Number 10 Addition Worksheet

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Number 10 Subtraction Worksheets

Enhance your child’s subtraction skills with this number 10 subtraction worksheet for elementary school kids. Kids need to subtract the given numbers with number 10 on the worksheet, for example, 47 – 10 = 37. Similarly, they can practice such subtraction problems using the number 10 effectively. Check out the number 10 subtraction worksheets for kids given below.

Number 10 Subtraction Worksheet

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In addition to these worksheets, help your child learn how to multiply by 10 by teaching them the table of 10.

Engaging Activities Using Number 10 Worksheets for Kids

Along with number worksheets, involve your child in some games and activities to make learning fun. Additionally, these activities and games make learning more interesting, which ensures more enthusiastic participation from the kids. Here are some activities and games you can include in your child’s lessons along with number 10 worksheets:

  • Sand art: Kids love playing with sand. So, use their love of sand to teach them numbers using sand art. Draw a large number 10 on a large piece of chart paper. Using a paint brush, paint some glue on the number 10. Now, ask the children to fill the number 10 with sand. Allow it to dry and then shake off the excess sand. Kids will love learning to form the shape of the number 10 using sand in this activity.
  • Counting grapes: Along with number recognition, counting is an essential part of early math learning. Help your child learn how to count to 10 using grapes. Place several bunches of grapes in front of your child. Then place 4 bowls in front of the child. Ask them to count 10 grapes and put it in each bowl. COunting using real objects that they can feel helps children learn quickly and easily. 
  • Number hunt: This is a fun game to test your child’s number recognition skills. Take them around the neighborhood for a walk and ask them to spot all the number 10s. It can be the number on a front door or a vehicle, gate, poster etc. Ask your child to call out the number as soon as they spot them.

Explore our kids’ learning section for more math learning activities and games like counting activities for preschoolers and number games for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Number 10 Worksheet

What are the benefits of the Number 10 Worksheet?

The benefits of the Number 10 Worksheet are that they are fun and keep kids engaged for a long period of time, help them to understand the math concepts in an easy and understandable way.

What are the different types of Number 10 Worksheet?

The different types of Number 10 Worksheets are matching the numbers worksheets, coloring the number 10 worksheets, practicing addition using the number 10 worksheet, practicing subtraction using the number 10 worksheet, etc.

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