Number 10 Worksheet

Explore Free Printable Number 10 Worksheets For Kids 

Kids start counting numbers 1-10 from an early age. Naturally we have only 10 fingers and parents focus on teaching numbers with the help of fingers at the beginning of their learning period. Counting and recognizing numbers will help children to build a strong base in mathematics. It is certainly not possible to teach all the numbers at once. Therefore, you must focus on teaching numbers individually to the children. To do this, you can utilize math worksheets for kids in order to teach them counting and writing numbers. You can download the number 10 worksheets available online. There are free printable number 10 worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarten kids. 

Kids learn mathematics to solve problems in order to get accurate results. The number 10 worksheets will enable you to enhance kids’ learning environment for the better. However, you need to plan how well you can use these worksheets for kids. Incorporating the number line to 10 worksheets will help you in making them recognize the order of numbers. You can ask them what comes after 9 and before 10 randomly. Some of the different types of worksheets for preschoolers and kindergarten are mentioned below: 

Number 10 Worksheet: Write number 10 on the space provided 

Number 10 Worksheet: Practice addition using number 10

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Number 10 Worksheet: Practice subtraction using number 10 

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Number 10 Worksheet: Find and circle the number 10 


Number 10 Worksheets For Preschoolers 

If you ask preschoolers to write numbers in order, will they do it? It is difficult for them to write numbers at this age. Therefore, they need to recognize and count the numbers before they start writing. However, number 10 tracing worksheets will be extremely helpful in this regard. This can be developmentally appropriate for kids in order to get acquainted with numbers in a systematic way. Besides this, you can conduct math activities for preschoolers to make math interesting and fun for the kids.

Types of Number 10 Worksheet For Kids

Some of the types of number 10 worksheet for preschoolers are mentioned below: 

  • Tracing Number 10 Worksheets: Provide worksheets for kids to practice number 10. Ask them to recognize and trace the hidden numbers on the worksheet. 
  • Circle Number 10 Worksheets: Ask kids to identify and circle all the number 10 found in between the jumbled numbers. 

Number 10 Worksheet For Kindergarten

To improve the mathematical skills of kindergarten kids, make them practice the number 10 worksheets. This will help them in enhancing their mathematical concepts to solve arithmetic problems efficiently. Besides this, conduct math activities for kindergarten kids to engage them in learning mathematics with utmost confidence and enthusiasm. 

Types of Number 10 Worksheet For Kids 

Some of the types of number 10 worksheets for kindergarten are mentioned below:

  • Writing Number 10 Worksheet: Kids at this age start developing writing skills in order to convey information accurately. Therefore, you can provide the number 10 worksheet for kids so that they can start writing numbers by counting the total number of images on the worksheet. The worksheet for kids has to be extremely attractive and visually appealing for children. This will encourage them to actively participate in learning math.
  • Matching Number 10 Worksheet: Most of the children are visual learners. The information in the form of images or graphics attracts kids’ attention towards learning. Therefore, practicing matching number 10 worksheets will enable them to count the images that match with their corresponding number 10. 

Benefits Of Number 10 Worksheets For Kids 

We have seen kids often counting some random things at home unless they are given some complex calculations to solve. Sometimes, it increases their math related stress due to disengagement or disinterest in learning. In such cases, provide an opportunity for kids to like math with the help of these worksheets. Besides this, you can also conduct math games for kids so that they like learning numbers and solving mathematical problems. Some of the benefits of number 10 worksheets are mentioned below:

  • Fun and entertaining for kids. 
  • Understanding  mathematical concepts. 
  • Understanding the order of numbers. 
  • Helping in counting and recognizing the number 10. 
  • Boosting confidence and motivation to solve mathematical problems. 

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