Literacy Games for Kids

Hoping to improve your child’s reading and speaking skills? We’ve got you covered. These literacy games for kids are everything you need to build your child’s letter identification and sentence construction skills through play!

Indoor Literacy Games for Kids

Here are some interesting literacy activities to try at home:

Alphabet Match: Literacy Games for Kindergarten

Teach your kids about lowercase and uppercase letters through this fun-filled gross motor game. All you have to do is cut out a few uppercase letters using construction paper and scatter them across a room in your house. Write down lowercase letters on more sheets of paper and keep them with you. Next, play some music and have your kids dance! Stop the music when you please and hold up the lowercase letter you want. Kids need to find the right uppercase letter that matches that lowercase letter and stand on top of that letter. This is one of the most fun literacy games for kindergarten!

For older kids, you could hold up a word and have them find the first letter of the word.

Phonics Fun: Interactive Literacy Starters

This game could be one of the best interactive literacy starters for kids. Cut out the letters of the alphabet using colorful construction paper and place them on the ground, next to each other. Then, let your child stand on letter A and roll a dice. Whatever number appears on the dice is the number of steps they need to take. For example, if they roll a 3 while standing on letter A, then they need to count 3 steps and move to letter D. As they stand on that letter, they need to pronounce it too! It’s a great way to get in some phonics (and math!) practice.

For digital-physical phonics games for kids, check out Osmo’s ABCs game from the Little Genius Starter Kit!

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Paper Plate Letters: Best Literacy Games for Kids

Take a few paper plates and write down various alphabet letters on each plate. Punch two holes on each plate so that you can put a ribbon through the plates to form a banner. Next, hang them wherever you please and provide your kids with a softball. Spell out a letter so your kids identify them on the banner and then throw their softball on the correct letter! 

For older children, you could have them throw the ball on each letter to spell out a full word. You’ll find that this could be one of the best literacy games for kids!

Outdoor Literacy Games for Kids

Now that you know a few indoor literacy games, here are a few tips on how to make literacy fun outdoors too!

Scavenger Hunt: Literacy Through Play Activities

Did you know that a simple scavenger hunt can hone your child’s literacy/reading skills? It definitely can. As children read each item on the list, visualize them, and find the correct object, it greatly increases their literacy knowledge. For more literacy through play activities, check out our list of spelling activities for kids on our website.

Water Balloon Alphabets: Fun Literacy Games for Kids

Use some chalk to write down various letters on the sidewalk. Next, call out any letter of your choice so your child can take aim with their water balloon and throw it on the matching letter! This game improves their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination too.

Simple Nature Walk: How to Make Literacy Fun

Observing the outdoors and jotting down the things you see around you can definitely help with language development. If your kids are too little to spell each word, you could point at the object and then have them watch you as you spell it out and write it down on the paper. You could even break each word down into syllables games for kids. This will help with their pronunciation.