Preschool Addition Worksheets

Has your preschooler mastered number recognition and counting? Then it’s time to introduce them to addition with our preschool addition worksheets. These worksheets for kids help preschoolers learn how to add single digit numbers. These preschool addition worksheets make learning how to add super fun and easy for your little ones. 

Free Printable Preschool Addition Worksheets

Here are some free preschool addition worksheets to introduce your preschoolers to the concept of addition. Along with teaching them addition, these math worksheets for kids also improve their counting skills and number recognition skills.

Count and Add Preschool Worksheets for Kids

Look at the addition problems in each row. Count the number of objects and add them to find the sum or the total number of objects in the worksheet given below. These visually appealing images help children learn and understand the concept faster.

Add the number of objects: Preschool addition worksheets for kids

Check out these addition games for kids to help them learn how to add easily. 

Preschool Counting and Adding Worksheet for Kids

Count the number of objects and add them to find the sum. For example, consider the first problem in the worksheet. You need to add 1 helicopter with another helicopter. 1+1 = 2. So, the answer is 2. Check out the preschool counting and adding worksheet for kids given below.

Count and write the number of objects: Free preschool addition worksheets

Check out these counting activities for preschoolers to improve their counting skills.

Counting and Adding Preschool Worksheet for Kids

Look at the objects in the worksheet. Count and add the objects to find the sum. For example, look at the first problem. There are 2 bunches of grapes on the right side of the + sign and 1 bunch on the left side. Now, count the total number of grape bunches. There are 3 bunches of grapes, so 2+1 =3.

Add the numbers on the worksheet: Preschool addition printable worksheets for kids

Preschool Adding with Numbers Worksheets for Kids

Learn how to add single digit numbers up to 5 in this addition worksheet for preschoolers.

Preschool Addition Worksheets

Adding on the Number Line Preschool Addition Worksheets for Kids

Learn how to add numbers using the number line in this fun addition worksheet for preschool kids.

Preschool Addition Worksheets

Check out this number line for kids to refresh your child’s memory of the number line.

Preschool Addition Coloring Worksheets for Kids

Teach your preschoolers to add numbers with this fun addition coloring worksheet. Add the numbers to find the sum. Then use the answer to find the color to color the image in the worksheet.

Preschool Addition Worksheets

Check out more addition coloring worksheets for kids to improve your child’s addition skills.

5 Alternatives to Preschool Addition Worksheets

If your child isn’t in the mood for preschool addition worksheets, try these fun math games for kids to help them learn addition. These games are not only fun, but also improve their addition, number recognition and counting skills. Here are some games to help children learn how to add in a fun way:

  • Addition Catch: Don’t we all love a game of catch? We’re sure your little ones love it too. Take a large beach ball and write simple addition problems in each section of the ball. Then toss the ball at your child. Ask them to solve the problem on the section facing them and say the correct answer aloud. They can toss the ball back to you when they answer correctly! This is an awesome alternative to preschool addition worksheets.
  • Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop:  If your preschooler loves magic, Osmo’s Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop is the perfect game for them. The game takes kids through a mystical land filled with dragons and magic while developing core math skills. Kids get to improve their addition and subtraction skills as they brew potions and go on adventures in this magical game.
  • Physical Objects: Countable manipulatives are a great alternative to simple preschool addition worksheets. They are also one of the best ways to teach your child to add. Use physical objects to show kids how to solve an addition problem. For example, place two bowls in front of the child. Add 2 candies into the first bowl and one candy to the second bowl. Now ask the child to find the total number of candies by counting the candies in both bowls.
  • Use an Abacus: When kids learn with their hands, the chances of them grasping an important concept is greater. Allow kids to use an Abacus and you will see for yourself how well they learn addition. If you don’t have an abacus at home, you could simply use beads, potato ring chips, pretzels etc. It can be anything with a hole so you can put it through a string to teach addition. 
  • Flashcards: Make a few flashcards with a different number printed/written on each flashcard. Ask your child to pick two cards, read them out loud, and find those many objects around the room or house. For example, if they pick the numbers 3 and 2, ask them to find 3 green apples and 2 green apples. Now ask them to count the apples to find the total number of apples.

Benefits of Using Preschool Addition Worksheets

Some of the benefits of using preschool addition worksheets for kids are mentioned below.

  1. It teaches addition to kids creatively.
  2. It keeps children active throughout the learning process.
  3. It develops mathematical skills in children.
  4. It increases confidence among children to learn and practice addition using the worksheets.
  5. It helps children make quick calculations.

We hope you found our preschool addition worksheets helpful. For more games, activities and worksheets to make learning more interesting and fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Preschool Addition Worksheets

What are Preschool Addition Worksheets?

Preschool addition worksheets are the worksheets that help kids to learn and understand the concept of addition in an easy way by practicing and solving the complex problems. When children practice these preschool addition worksheets, they learn how to count, add and find a solution to the problem.

What are the different types of Preschool Addition Worksheets?

The different types of Preschool Addition Worksheets are counting the number of items in the worksheet, summing up the total number of items in the preschool addition worksheet and counting as well as adding the total number of items in the worksheet.

What are some of the alternatives to Preschool Addition Worksheets?

Preschool Addition Worksheets too have some alternatives and they are the games and activities that include addition, like catching the balls and adding them up, counting the total number of objects, Abacus, flashcards and many more.