First Birthday Gift Ideas

Your little one is just turning 1 and you’re unsure of what they’d like for a gift. Or maybe you have a friend with a little one whose 1st birthday is right around the corner? 

Here are a few first birthday gift ideas that might hopefully help you make your purchase!

Best First Birthday Gifts

Look no further for the best 1st birthday gift ideas. We’ve got you covered.

  1. Crayons – Best First Birthday Gifts
  2. Crayons are one of the best first birthday gifts because kids absolutely love creating art! With crayons, they can doodle on books, make funny images, and keep themselves thoroughly engaged.

    It also develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and instills in them a sense of creativity and imagination early on.

  3. Building Blocks – Best One-Year-Old Birthday Gifts
  4. The reason why blocks are the perfect example of first birthday gifts is that it encourages child development in the best way possible.

    When kids stack blocks on top of each other, it teaches them about shapes, colors, and positions. It also teaches them to cooperate with one another and take turns if they play blocks with a group of kids.

  5. Soft Toys – First Birthday Gift Ideas
  6. Gifting your 1-year-old soft toys could serve as one of the best 1st birthday gifts. When kids play with soft toys, they engage in pretend play and even project their own feelings onto them. For example, if they’re feeling sad, they might act like their soft toy is upset, and then work towards comforting them. 

    You could even use those toys as characters in real-life scenarios. Maybe you could enact a fun skit with those soft toys in front of your little one. You could make it look like the soft toy is getting ready for school, brushing its teeth, and so on. 

    Playing with soft toys also helps kids manage their many emotions in a healthy manner. So the next time your little one throws a tantrum, maybe you could let them play with some soft toys.

  7. Playdough – 1-Year-Old Birthday Gift Ideas
  8. As kids mold playdough into various shapes and structures, it helps build strength and develops muscles useful for fine motor skills required later in life. Additionally, it enhances your child’s creativity as they create objects of their liking from scratch.

    You could also use playdough to shape numbers and letters of the alphabet to introduce kids to literacy and numeracy.

  9. Osmo Toys – Memorable First Birthday Gifts
  10. Osmo’s Little Genius Starter Kit includes games that could serve as the most memorable first birthday gifts. 

    With each game in the kit, kids learn to use squishy sticks and rings to form letters and shapes, engage in pretend play, and learn to read facial expressions, while developing their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, critical thinking skills, and drive to learn!

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We hope you liked our suggestions for first birthday gift ideas! Check the rest of our website for more kids learning and activities that your child will love.