Geography Games For Kids

Geography Games For Kids To Upgrade Their General Knowledge

Imagine how thrilling it will be for children to be able to visualize the most visited places of the world while sitting comfortably at their homes. We are here to help you visualize that imagination. To do so, you can conduct Geography games for kids in a creative way. There are some fun Geography games for kids where they can learn names of states and capitals of the US and other continents. This will enhance kids’ learning experience for better academic results. 

What if we said that kids can play and learn simultaneously? Yes, you read that right. We understand that one never has to compel a child to play games as kids are fond of playing. But, kids do find studies boring and you need to strategize concepts in such a way that they develop interest in learning. In this regard, Geography games for kids will be best for kids to learn different states and capitals creatively. After a lot of research, we have come up with some of the most incredible learning games including Geography learning games for kids. Besides this, explore board games for kids to get some ideas on Geography board games for kids. 

Explore World Geography Games For Kids To Play At Home 

There are different types of US Geography games for kids along with other continents. You can expose kids to the world of geography games in order to learn interesting facts about countries and their capitals. This will improve their general knowledge and eventually help them in cracking competitive exams in the future. These literacy games for kids can be implemented keeping in mind kids needs and interests. 

List Of Geography Games For Kids 

  • Countries-Capitals Match: In this game, you can make two sets of flashcards – the first set of flashcards will have names of countries written on the top. The second set will have the names of their respective capitals. Now, you can ask your kids to pick any one flashcard from the first set and find its capital from the second set.
  • The 7 Wonders of the World Flashcards: This is one of the fun Geography games for kids where they can learn about wonders of the world in a creative way. You can get a colorful printout of the 7 Wonders of the world and cut them into separate images. Next, you can ask your kids to identify each of these 7 Wonders of the world within 30 seconds. If kids are successful in doing so, award them with points. 
  • Solar System Fun: You can take a short Rapid Quiz on the Solar System by asking questions and kids have to answer each one within 10 seconds. For every correct and timely answer, you can award them with chocolates or goodies. Here are a few questions (and their answers) to start with:
    1. Which is the biggest planet in the solar system? – Jupiter
    2. Which is the smallest planet? – Mercury
    3. Which planet is the farthest from the Sun? – Neptune
    4. Which planet is the closest to the Sun? – Mercury
    5. Which planet is also known as the Red planet? – Mars
    6. Which planet is called the Morning/Evening star? – Venus
    7. The Moon is the ______ of Earth. – Natural Satellite
  • Mapping the Continents: These are extremely Geography map games for kids. To learn the basics of geography, knowing and being able to map the 7 continents is one of the first few steps. For an amazing learning experience, you can get a printout of a physical World Map. Next, ask your children to find and write the names of the seven continents of the world. Then they can color the continents in different shades. 
  • Detective Agency: Detective Agency is one of our most loved learning games for kids. When we hear the word ‘detective’, the first thing that comes to mind is a person with a big magnifying glass that he/she uses for identifying clues and solving mysteries. Through this geography game for kids, they get to travel to six famous cities – Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Paris, New York, Cairo and Beijing. Using their magnifying glasses, they have to inspect lots of clues. Meanwhile, they learn about culture, landmarks, history and world geography. The game includes tasks like finding missing pets and catching villains. Kids will need to use their observation skills and logical thinking in order to do so. This memory exercise requires the quality of attention to detail.  For instance, if your clue is to find the Eiffel Tower, you will look at the map of Paris and search for the Eiffel Tower. Then, the game will introduce you to some important details about the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Break the chain: This is quite an interesting Geography game for kids where they can learn states and capitals of US and other countries. Here, kids have to start with a country or state name such as Arizona. The next kid has to pick the word with an alphabet ending from the first word i.e., Arizona. The game will continue in a clockwise direction until and unless any kid breaks the chain by not being able to tell the state or country name correctly. 
  • Draw: You can take a picture of a geographical landmark and our game “Masterpiece” will help you in drawing it yourself. “Masterpiece” will give you a simple outline of the picture and then you can just follow those outlines to draw it in a simple and fun way. There are many such geography learning games for kids and activity worksheets that we provide for young minds.
  • Travel Diaries: You can play these Geography games for kids with friends and family at home or along with fellow classmates in the classroom. Take two bowls and keep all the countries or states that all have visited in one and the other with letters. Any one person can come and pick up the piece of paper consisting of the country or states name and the ones that consist of alphabets. You have to pick one county and a letter. After checking, you all have to write the important facts and things that are famous in that particular country or states. For example, if you have got US and letter H. You can list down things starting with letter H in the US such as Hamburger and Halloween. At the end, the winner will be declared based on the number of words listed. 
  • Guess It: Make kids utilize their critical thinking skills in these fun Geography games for kids. You need a white board and a marker. Make two groups consisting of an equal number of kids. Ask any kid to come forward and pick a country name kept inside a bowl. Remind you, they are not supposed to reveal it to their team members. Now, the kid has to draw any clue or information in the form image to depict the county name. The team members have to guess the country name within the given time frame. If they are successful in doing so, give them points. At the end, the groups with maximum points will be declared as winners. Also, explore drawing games for kids so that they can learn new things with the help of pictorial representation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Geography Games For Kids

What are geography games for kids?

The Geography games for kids are those games that help them to learn about the world around them and the latitudes and longitudes. These games also teach them to understand the country that they live in and along with their respective capitals.

What are different types of geography games for kids?

The different types of geography games for kids are, 7 wonders of the words, country and state capitals, solar system activities, mapping the nations and continents, tracing the world map and drawing and guessing the names of the countries and so on.

What do geography games for kids teach them?

The Geography games for kids teach them about the name of the city, states, cities, countries and continents names. These games also teach them to recognize the water bodies, forests and other important geographical regions. Moreover, these games help them to get an idea about the whole world.

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