Indoor Games for Kids

Indoor Games for Kids is not just for fun. It is a stress buster for kids. Best indoor games for kids keep them engaged. Games are their rescue after studying for long hours. A bored and energetic child indoors is definitely an invitation for disaster and chaos. Stuck indoors with your little one all day? Then, you need to be equipped with a long list of energy-busting indoor games for kids. Even a simple activity like making slime at home will keep them busy, happy and in awe.

The best kind of Indoor Games for Kids and activities for kids at home are ones that not only fight boredom but challenge their minds too. The activities should help them release all the pent-up energy and also help them learn. Ultimately, these games and activities should leave you with a kid who’s happy and tired. A worthy outcome, because they won’t complain when they have to go to bed.

90+ Epic Indoor Games For Kids

Here is a life-saving list of 90 amazing indoor games and activities for kids, when you’re stuck inside with them. So, the next time rain or snow strikes, you’ll be prepared to keep your kids occupied.

Given below is the list of indoor games for kids which they can enjoy:

  1. Pitching pennies: This indoor game for kids helps in developing hand-eye coordination. You need pennies or currency coins and plastic cups. The cup should be kept on the table at a certain distance from the kids. Kids need to toss the coins (one at a time) into the cup. The kid with the maximum number of coins in the cup wins the game.
  2. Pizza Co. : Osmo’s Pizza Co. is a fun indoor game for kids in which kids can run their own pizza store and make a profit. They can interact with customers on the screen and sell them pizzas with their favorite toppings. Kids will learn how to make profits and entrepreneurship skills.
  3. Carrom board: Carrom board is one of the best indoor games for kids. You can teach your kids how to play carrom. In the Carrom board, there are 9 black pieces, 9 white pieces, and a red piece called Queen. The striker aims for the pieces which slide into the holes.
  4. Tape Shape Indoor Games For Kids: Did you know that simple tape can be a life-saver and provide your bored child with endless hours of fun and learning? Use a safe, low-tack painter’s tape to get your kids up and moving in creative ways and bust some energy. Stick the tape on the floor to create shapes or letters or numbers. Then ask your kids to crawl, jump or hop from one shape to another. This is one of the best shape games for kids, which not only burns energy but also helps them learn.
  5. Detective Games: In these Indoor games for kids, kids will act as detectives and travel to six famous cities to solve mysteries. They will inspect clues with a magnifying glass. The game demands good observation skills and paying close attention to details.
  6. Tent: Nothing spells hours of imaginative play than a tent inside the house. All you need is a blanket, cushions, bed sheets etc to start building your fort or tent. 
  7. Ludo: Ludo is also one of the family’s favorite games. You can teach your kids how to play the game. Ludo is played with two or four players. The game consists of a dice and 4 same colored pieces (Red, blue, yellow and green) for each player. 
  8. Car race track: Use colorful chalk or tape to draw a car race track. Allow kids to race their cars on the track.
  9. Scavenger hunt: This is the perfect game to get kids moving as they solve clues and find the hidden treasures. Grab some note cards, write short clues, and spread them in your home to lead your child to a treasure! If you want to put a spin on this game and make it a little educational, you could write little facts about subjects such as Science and Math on each note so that your kids learn something new as they participate in this game. The best way to foster indoor games for preschoolers is to make kids sharpen their cognitive skills and think on their feet.
  10. Hopscotch: This classic game is a wonderful way to burn energy. All you need is some chalk to draw the squares on the floor.
  11. Balloon Waddle: Want to learn how penguins walk? Then try this balloon waddle game. Just blow some balloons and ask kids to walk with the balloon in between their legs without dropping or bursting it.
  12. Balloon Volleyball: Playing volleyball indoors is a recipe for disaster, so use balloons to play the game. In this fun game, get the children to play volleyball with a balloon.
  13. Alligator alley: Is your little one filled with too much energy? Create an obstacle course in your house and ask kids to crawl like an alligator through the alleyways.
  14. Hide and seek: This classic game involves the kids hiding, while one child searches for them.
  15. Coin toss: This game based on the original coin toss is slightly different. Fill a pail with water and place a tiny bowl inside. Ask your child to toss a coin and land inside the bowl. For every coin that lands inside the bowl, the child gets a treat.
  16. Mattress slide: What could be more fun than sliding on a mattress. Just place a mattress on top of the stairs and ask kids to lie on the mattress and slide down the stairs.
  17. Paper boats: Fill the bathtub or kiddie pool with water. Build paper boats with the child and test if they float.
  18. Target practice: You can make a dart board of your own or buy one with some darts. Now get your kids to hit the target.
  19. Lego: Give your child’s creativity a boost with lego. Ask them to construct what they want using the lego blocks.
  20. Jigsaw puzzles: The best way to keep your little one’s entertained and occupied for hours is to give your child a jigsaw puzzle.
  21. Crossword puzzles: Crossword puzzles for kids is a wonderful indoor game to help kids learn new words.
  22. Word search puzzle: Looking for an easier way to teach words for kids? Try a simple word search puzzle for kids.
  23. Rebus puzzle: Build your child’s thinking skills and memory with some fun rebus puzzles for kids.
  24. Crepe paper maze: Want to get some physical exercise into your little one while they’re stuck indoors? Build a crepe paper maze and let your little ones have fun navigating the maze.
  25. Twister: Twister is another fun game to get children to exercise as they twist themselves into shapes while playing.
  26. Book maze: Just like the crepe paper maze, build a book maze and have your kids crawl, jump and walk through the maze.
  27. Obstacle course: Build a fun obstacle course inside the house and get your little ones to navigate it to exercise in a fun way.
  28. Indoor basketball: Bring the game of basketball indoors and have your little one shoot hoops indoors.
  29. Paper plate skating: Does your little one love to skate but can’t go out? Get your little one to skate indoors using paper plates.
  30. Bowling: Bring the bowling alley home. Just set up some bottles at the end of the corridor and ask your little ones to roll the ball to drop all the bottles.
  31. Lime and spoon race: All you need to do is place a lime on a spoon and now ask the child to run with the spoon in their mouth. The challenge is to ensure the lime doesn’t fall off.
  32. Potato sack race: Racing with a potato sack tied around your waist is a fun way to spend some time.
  33. 3 legged race: This is a game to play with your child and their friends. Ask kids to pair up and run a 3 legged race.
  34. Hula hoop: A hula hoop is a great way to get kids to exercise, while having fun.
  35. Simon says: The next time you want your kids to have some fun, try, Simon says. It also tests their listening skills.
  36. Bubble blowing: A bubble solution and a wand or a straw is the best way to keep your little one busy for hours.
  37. Indoor science experiments: Get some science learning in, while your kids have fun indoors with science experiments for kids.
  38. Snakes and ladders: This classic game is great for kids to play indoors and learn numbers too.
  39. Monopoly: Teach your little ones about money and investment using monopoly.
  40. Scrabble: Test your little one’s word skills with a game of scrabble.
  41. Pictionary: Teach words and drawing with a game of pictionary for kids. Use these pictionary words for kids to play the game. 
  42. Animal noises and movements: Teach your kids how each animal moves with this fun game. All a child has to do is imitate the noises and movements of different animals.
  43. Uno: Help your child learn numbers and colors while they play the fun game of Uno.
  44. Charades: Charades are a great way to boost your child’s acting skills and creativity.
  45. Fashion show: Give your little fashionista a chance to showcase their skills with a fashion show.
  46. Dance routine: Who doesn’t like to dance? Put on some music and let your little ones groove to their favorite tunes.
  47. Pillow boat: Does your little one miss sailing or being on the water? Pillow boat is a great way to imagine you’re on a lake on a boat. Let your little ones slide all over the floor on their pillow boat.
  48. Snowball fight: Is it snowing outside? Fetch some snow inside and turn one room into a battleground for an epic snowball fight. It might be messy, but it’s a lot of fun.
  49. Freeze dance: Freeze dance is a great way to test your child’s ability to follow cues, while they have fun. All you need to do is put on some music and stop it randomly. The kids will have to freeze mid-dance and not move until the music starts again.
  50. Yoga for kids: Try some simple yoga poses to get your little ones to exercise.
  51. Kids exercise: Get your kids to exercise with some fun and simple exercises for kids.
  52. Cleaning the house: Teach your kids how to clean with some simple tasks like dusting.
  53. Sorting the toys: Sorting is a great way to help kids have fun and learn.
  54. Baking: Does your little one love food? Teach them how to bake cupcakes and cookies.
  55. Move like an insect: Like animal moves, ask your kids to move like an insect. For example, move like an earthworm.
  56. Flamingo balance: Ask your child to stand on one leg without falling down.
  57. Dodgeball: Need an energetic game to keep kids occupied? Try dodgeball.
  58. Duck duck goose: Introduce your little ones to duck duck goose for an afternoon of fun.
  59. Animal coloring pages: Get your little one to color using these animal coloring pages.
  60. Tag: Give an outlet for your child’s energy with a fun game of tag.
  61. Crafts: Give your child’s creativity a boost by helping them craft. Try these crafts for kids for ideas. Best indoor games for Kids which are naturally imaginative and creative. Hone this creativity with fun craft ideas and games! You can help them make paper plate dream catchers along with paper rainbows to give them a broader understanding of the names of various colors. If you want to foster more creativity, you could teach drawing games for kids using sharpener shavings. For more inspiration, refer to Osmo’s Squiggle Magic to recreate onscreen images using craft paper.
  62. Wall Ball: Wall ball is a great game to help build your child’s hand eye coordination skills.
  63. Bingo: This old school game is not only fun but a great way to get kids to learn numbers.
  64. Connect the dots: Help your little one learn to draw using fun connect the dots worksheets.
  65. Frog jump race: This is another great animal moves game. Ask your kids to participate in a frog jump race. They’ll never get tired of jumping around.
  66. Egg drop project: Test your child’s creativity by challenging them to build the perfect egg drop device. 
  67. Find the difference: Find the difference between the images is one of the best indoor games for kids to test their observation skills.
  68. Paper toss: This indoor game for kids is another fun game to get in some target practice.
  69. Limbo: Test your little one’s flexibility using a fun game of limbo.
  70. Pinata: Which child will say no to hitting a pinata? You can make one of your own or buy a pinata and let your child have fun.
  71. Cafe: Help your child learn entrepreneurial skills by getting them to run their own business indoors.
  72. Mini golf: Set up a mini golf course for your kids inside the house for hours of endless fun.
  73. Math coloring worksheets: Ask your child to solve math questions to color these worksheets. So, they learn math while having fun coloring.
  74. Paper airplane: Make your own paper airplanes and watch them zoom around the house will keep your little ones entertained.
  75. Pin the donkey’s tail: Pin the donkey’s tail is one of the best indoor games for kids for a fun day indoors.
  76. Drawing games for kids: Put your child’s drawing skills to the test with drawing games for kids.
  77. The floor is lava: This is another fun activity for kids to get some exercise, while they enjoy themselves.
  78. Musical chairs: This age old game will leave your little ones in splits and busy for hours.
  79. Word treasure hunt: This is another of the most fun indoor games for kids to learn new words, while they follow the clues to find the treasure at the end.
  80. Sudoku: This game tests your child’s memory skills and number skills.
  81. Passing the ball: This is another best indoor game for kids in which all the participants need to sit in a circle and pass the ball to each other when the music is playing. When the music stops, the player who has the ball is out. The last one who remains is the winner.
  82. Jenga: Stacking up Jenga pieces and watching them fall is really amusing for kids. Jenga is a really popular game that teaches kids how to balance. Parents can buy Jenga and teach their kids how to play with it. 
  83. Tic Tac Toe: This is another age-old game that will help your child have fun indoors.
  84. Chess: This is one of the best indoor games for kids to help children learn how to strategize.
  85. Tape maze: If your little ones love mazes and obstacle courses, they’re sure to love navigating a tape maze inside your house.
  86. Hangman: Hangman is not only fun but also strengthens your child’s word skills.
  87. Mother may I: This game similar to “Simon says” will get your little ones up and moving, while they enjoy.
  88. Family band: Kick boring activities out and learn to make music with a family band.
  89. Card memory game: Test your child’s memory skills with a fun card memory game.
  90. Magic show: Teach your children about illusions with a simple magic show.  
  91. Juggling: Hand your little ones a few balls and ask them to juggle them. As they have fun, your child improves their hand eye coordination.
  92. Balloon Tennis: Shift your tennis court indoors and ask your child to practice their tennis skills with balloon tennis.
  93. Land, air, sea: Draw lines on the floor using tape or chalk. Then ask children to play land, air and sea.
  94. Guess who: Guess who is a wonderful indoor activity that’ll ensure your entire family has fun.
  95. Play dough: Improve your child’s fine motor skills with some play dough modelling. 
  96. Origami: Origami is a great activity to help your child build fine motor skills and creativity.
  97. Sand art: This might create a mess, but sand art is sure to ensure your child enjoys creating some interesting artwork.
  98. Build a fort and camp at home: What if you could create a camping experience at home? If you don’t have a tent, you can use pillows, books, or cardboard boxes to build a fort. Once that’s done, you can snuggle inside and pretend to be by the beach or the woods! Use background music like the sound of waves or owls to make the experience seem more real. You can also cut up some sandwiches and take them to the fort as a reward for your little ones.
  99. Organize a talent show: Wouldn’t it be exciting to have your child participate in a super fun talent show? Set the stage for them to showcase their talents and watch them sing, dance, perform magic tricks, and so much more. Double the fun by including your whole family and unravel talents you never knew you had! If you’re on the lookout for best indoor games for kids, this talent show is a great way to go. Beyond improving your child’s confidence, it will help foster good sportsmanship and a drive to perform without hesitation.

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There are many simple indoor games for kids that can be played inside the house. Parents must encourage their children to be a part of the indoor group games for kids. Playing in groups improves social skills. Play these games with your kid and see them enjoying themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions on Indoor Games for Kids

What are the Indoor Games for Kids?

The Indoor Games for Kids are reading activities, solving puzzles, playing Pictionary, ludo, number games, chess and carrom board games, musical chair, passing the water cups, etc.

What are some of the Osmo’s Indoor Games for Kids?

Some of Osmo’s Indoor Games for Kids are Osmo’s Pizza co., monster, detective agency, etc. These indoor games are helpful in engaging kids in productive activities throughout the holiday season.