Coding Games for Kids

We live in an increasingly digital world. That means it’s always a good idea to introduce your child to core skills that could help them embrace this digital-fueled era. With the right coding games for kids, you can do exactly that!

Coding Games for Kids

Learning Through Play

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How Can You Teach Kids to Code?

Coding doesn’t need to be taught online. It can be taught through screen-free means that can prove to be just as fun! As you know, kids learn the best through movement and play. That’s why we’ve put together a list of interactive, simple coding games for kids that teach core programming skills through play. 

Here are a few offline fun coding games for kids:

  1. If-Then Statements – Best Coding Games for Kids
  2. Ever heard of Simon Says? This game is exactly like that! But, your kids are actually learning to code too. 

    In this game, you could be the programmer giving your kids (a.k.a the “robots”) various if-then statements. Some examples of if-then statements (also called as a conditional statement in programming) include: “If I raise my hand, you raise your hand”. This is an easy statement, but if you want to make it more challenging, you could say something like “If I clap my hands, you touch your nose!” Although it confuses your child, it introduces them to key programming concepts through movement and play!

  3. Code Design – Make Your Own Secret Code
  4. Ask your child to assign a “code” to each letter of the alphabet. It could be an image, a punctuation mark, a symbol, etc! Once they’ve created their own code, ask them to write a secret letter to someone in their code. Trust us, this can be a lot of fun!

  5. Mouse & Cheese – Top Coding Games for Kids
  6. Pretend you’re a mouse who’s on a mission to find some cheese! You could put a block of cheese on a plate and place it anywhere you want around your home. All your child needs to do is give you commands to reach your target, i.e, the cheese. And remember, by “commands”, we mean strictly coding commands. For example, “Take 2 steps forward”, “turn left”, etc.

    To make this game a little more difficult, ask them to give you statements in their secret code (look at game no. 2!), so that you’d have to decipher it and then move accordingly.

  7. Daily Routine – Learn About Algorithms
  8. Did you know that creating a routine for your child is like familiarizing your child with the concept of algorithms? It’s true! As you know, every algorithm consists of specific steps that result in a positive or negative outcome. Similarly, if you always follow a specific routine, it’s always going to result in the same outcome.

    Some examples of daily routines include getting ready for school, or building a bedtime routine.

  9. Cooking & Coding – A Delicious Way to Learn
  10. The best coding games for kids are those that blend learning and fun! In this delicious learning game, you are the robot and your child is the programmer. They would need to design algorithms and provide you with the steps to make an easy meal! Remember, one wrong instruction and they need to debug the entire process!

    Before you begin playing this game, make sure to explain to your child about the basic steps for cooking the dish, along with the ingredients required to make it. 

    For another digital-physical cooking game, check out Osmo’s Pizza Co. Your child gets to run their own pizza shop, make pizza, calculate change, and upgrade their shop!

  11. Treasure Hunt – Coding While Scavenging
  12. Yes, a simple game of treasure hunt could teach your kids about programming! How, you ask? Much like programming, completing a treasure hunt means completing one task before moving on to the next. This means that a treasure hunt teaches kids the value of following instructions and completing sequences in the right order, just like coding does.

    Osmo’s Detective Agency is yet another game that tests your child’s scavenging skills! Check it out! This game will also teach your child about various landmarks all over the world, while sharpening their critical thinking and observational skills.

Best Coding Games for Kids from Osmo

Your child’s coding journey begins with us! Osmo offers the best coding games for kids: Coding Awbie, Coding Jam, and Coding Duo.

  1. Coding Awbie – Basic Concepts of Coding
  2. Embark on an open-world coding adventure with lovable Awbie! All you have to do is guide your animated friend using tangible coding blocks to collect as many strawberries as possible!

  3. Coding Jam – Coding on an Intermediate Level
  4. Explore intermediate coding by stringing together coding commands to compose your own music! Arrange tangible coding blocks in patterns and loops, and voila! You’ve created the perfect song.

  5. Coding Duo – Advanced Concepts of Coding
  6. Help two lovable characters Awbie and Mo to overcome brain-stretching challenges through code! Learn collaboration and teamwork, computational thinking, and more.

Why is Coding Important for Kids?

Beyond enabling kids to remain equipped to face the digital world, why is teaching kids to code so important? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Improves logical thinking skills
  2. Fosters creativity and fine motor skills
  3. Ignites problem-solving skills
  4. Develops critical thinking skills
  5. Teaches math (by encouraging kids to visualize abstract concepts)
  6. Builds focus and organization
  7. Develops resilience (when kids need to debug to overcome obstacles. Phew!)
  8. Strengthens communication skills (learning to code is like learning a new language)

Coding is therefore an essential 21-st century skill for kids of all ages, and can even pave the way for academic success. The earlier you introduce your child to core programming skills, the better!

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Frequently Asked Questions on Coding Games for Kids

What are some of the Coding Games for Kids?

Some of the Coding Games for Kids are code designing games to help them understand the concept of coding, cheese and mouse, daily learning habits, coding and cooking, code treasure hunt, etc.

Why are Coding Games for Kids important?

Coding Games for Kids are important because they help them to develop a sense of resilience, improve their fine motor skills, creative thinking abilities, problem solving skills and decision making abilities.

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