X Words for Kids

Words That Start With X

Hoping to learn something new? Maybe you could get to know some X words for kids! Although X words for kids aren’t commonly used, it’s still a good way to expand your child’s vocabulary.

How can you teach your child words that start with X? You could cut out pictures of words that start with X and have them labeled. You could even underline X words you find in books and read them aloud with your child. You could then test their spelling skills with a fun game of Hopscotch.

X Words for Kids

X words for kids are hard to remember. However, we’ve listed a few easy X words for kids that might be helpful.

X Words for Kids


X Words for Kindergarten Kids

Check out these X words for kindergarten kids below. You could use flashcards to make it easier for your child to remember these words.

X Words for Kindergarten Kids

Xmas treeXavier
XystosX-ray fish 

Preschool Words That Start With X

Learning preschool words that start with X might sound difficult. We’re here to make it easier for your little ones.

Preschool Words That Start With X

  • Xeric
  • Xians
  • Xylems

More X Letter Words

Three Letter Words That Start With X

  • Xis
  • Xii
  • Xia
  • Xci
  • Xli

These three letter X words for kids shall come in handy while playing Scrabble! For more Literacy Games for Kids, visit our website.

Four Letter Words That Start With X

  • Xciv
  • Xliv
  • Xvii
  • Xeme
  • Xxxv

Now that you know some easy X words for kids, you can explore more Vocabulary Words for Kids.

Five Letter Words That Start With X

  • Xylyl
  • Xanax
  • Xxxiv
  • Xerif
  • Xylic

Activities to Learn Alphabet X and X Words

  • X Marks the Spot: For this awesome activity, you’ll need to first hide foam letters all around your child’s room. Then, draw out a map of this room and mark X on areas of the map where you’ve hidden those letters! Kids not only learn how to read a map, but they’ll also learn how to read and write the letter X. You could also visit Alphabet Coloring Pages.
  • Make a Xylophone: Yes, it’s possible to make a xylophone using colored paper! First, cut out these sheets of paper into rectangular pieces. Then, glue these rectangles on top of each other and you’re done!
  • Tic Tac Toe: Get your kids to practice writing X with this classic game! As you already know, you must first divide a tiny sheet of paper into 9 squares and take turns marking the grids with X’s and O’s. Whoever manages to get 3 X’s / O’s lined up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins! This game greatly improves your child’s problem-solving skills too. Explore more games for Problem Solving for Kids.