3 Letter Words Starting With I

A Comprehensive Guide To 3 Letter Words Starting With I

The ninth letter of the English alphabet is the letter I. Words that start with the vowel aren’t particularly common in the English language. But some of the words that start with I form the foundation of the language. The English language wouldn’t function without words like I, if, it and in. Here is a list of 3 letter words starting with I to enrich your child’s vocabulary.

3 Letter Words Starting With I

Here is a list of all the 3 letter words that start with the letter I along with their meanings.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With I

ItsThis is a determiner, which specifies whether something belongs or is associated with a thing previously mentioned or easily identified.
InnA small establishment or hotel where travelers can stay overnight. These establishments are usually located in the countryside or along a highway and provide food and drink to the guests.
IvyA woody evergreen Eurasian ornamental climbing or prostrate or sometimes shrubby vine, typically having shiny, dark green five-pointed leaves.
ImpA small, mischievous devil or sprite.
IllSuffering from an illness or disease or feeling unwell.
InkA coloured fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating.
IcyVery cold, covered with or consisting of ice. Also means unfriendly or hostile.
IreIntense and usually openly displayed anger.
IrkTo annoy, disgust, irritate, tire out someone.
IceFrozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid.
IonAn atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.
IlkA type of person or thing similar to one already referred to.
IfsPlural of if, which means a condition or supposition.
IckAn exclamation used to express disgust.

Activity To Help Your Child 3 Letter Words Starting With I

Help your child learn 3 letter words that start with the letter I using this simple activity.

Fill In The Missing Letters To Complete The 3 Letter Words Starting with I

  • I __ N
  • __ C __
  • I __ Y
  • __ __ K
  • __ V __
  • __ __ P

Tips To Help Children Learn 3 Letter Words Starting With I

3 letter words starting with I are very easy words that kids can learn quickly. Here are some tips to help your child learn these words easily.

  • Visual cues and images: Most of these 3 letter words starting with the letter I are simple words. However, showing them visual cues and images will help your child connect the words to the images and learn them easily. For example, help your child understand words like imp, ivy and ice with images. 
  • Crossword and word search puzzles: Kids learn easily when they’re engaged in activities rather than a structured learning time. Games and hands-on activities like crossword puzzles and word search puzzles for kids are a great way to help kids learn new words.
  • Spelling Games: Just learning new words is not enough. Spelling is a necessary skill that helps build better reading and writing skills. Children should retain these 3 letter words starting with I in their memory and learn how to use them. Learning how to spell these words helps children remember these words and learn how to use them. Use spelling games for kids and other activities to teach your child to spell 3 letter words starting with I in a fun way.
  • Letter I Worksheets: Before they learn words that end with the letter I, kids need to know how to write and recognize the letter. ABC tracing worksheets are great tools to help preschoolers and kindergartners learn to write the letter I. Teaching words that start with I become easier when children can easily identify the letter.

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