Q Words For Kids

Words That Start With Q

The letter q makes the sound /cue/ or /qwah/ in words like queen, quick, question, etc. Q makes the sound /cue/ when it is blended with the letter U, most Q words for kids start with the letters Q and U. Kids usually get confused with the sound of k and q because they sound similar. So, you need to design activities that will help kids learn words that start with q easily. We’ve compiled a list of q words for kids to help you boost your child’s word skills. Teaching these words for kids at an early age helps build their vocabulary skills. 

Sometimes, kids might find q words quite difficult to pronounce and spell. Involve the kids in fun activities and games to help them learn q words for kids. Along with these activities, ensure to conduct spelling activities for kids to help them learn how to spell the words correctly. 

List Of Q Words For Kids 

Here is the list of all the words that start with the letter Q for kids.

Commonly Used Q Words for Kids

Queue Quilt
Quarter Quick 
Quite Quirk
Quitting Qualify

Q Words For Kids In Kindergarten

Quickly Quartz
Quest Quake

Q Words For Kids In Preschool

Query Quilt
Quite Quell

More Q Words For Kids:

3 Letter Q Words For Kids That Start With Q

  1. Qat
  2. Qua

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4 Letter Q Words For Kids That Start With Q

  1. Quiz
  2. Quad

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5 Letter Q Words For Kids That Start With Q

  1. Queen
  2. Quill

More Words That Begin With Q For Kids

Activities That Help In Learning Q Words For Kids 

We all know that the letter q is a difficult alphabet for kids. But you can make learning these words easy for kids with literacy games for kids and fun activities. Try these activities to help your little ones learn words that start with Q easily.

  • Trace the q word: For young kids, it’s not as easy as we think to memorize q words instantly. However, you can easily overcome this situation by introducing tracing the q word activity. Before they start reading and writing, encourage your little ones to trace them on a worksheet.
  • Match the q word: Kids love to participate in activities that are fun and if it helps them learn new words, its a bonus. So, give your little ones flashcards on words that start with Q and corresponding images. Shuffle the cards and ask the child to match the words to the correct pictures. This will help them learn what the word means and retain them in their memory for longer. 
  • Color the q word: Kids love any activity that involves drawing and coloring. So, help your little ones learn Q words by helping them color some simple Q words. Not only will htey learn words with this activity, but it’ll also help them learn to spell the words correctly.
  • Reading q word: This is one of the best methods to help kids learn words and also improve their spelling skills. You can conduct reading games for kids to help them learn words that begin with Q. You can also encourage them to read short poems or story books to enhance their reading skills. Apart from this, use flashcards, newspapers, songs, rhymes, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on Q Words For Kids

What are some Q Words for Kids?

Some of the Q Words for Kids are quiz, quick, question, Queen, quest, quill, quart, quit, quirk, qualify, qualified, qualifier, quiet, quite, quietly, quail, queue, quarter, etc.

What are a few kindergarten Q Words for Kids?

Some of the Kindergarten Q Words for Kids are Quake, Quality, Quick, Quest, Quid, Quarter, Quality, Quantity, etc. These are some of the complex set of words for kids to learn in the Kindergarten.