St. Patrick’s Day Words

It is important for children to learn new words every day. Why not consider teaching vocabulary words on St. Patrick’s Day to children. Young kids are very enthusiastic about celebrating festivals and national holidays. They actively participate in all the events and activities happening during the celebration. You can teach St. Patrick’s Day words to keep children engaged and enhance their vocabulary skills for better comprehension. Learning St. Patrick’s Day words is one of the best holiday activities for kids who do not know what to do on holidays apart from participating in the parade and eating delicious food with their friends and family members


St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on 17th March every year. Young children often hear new words related to St. Patrick’s Day, but they do not know what it really means. You can enhance their vocabulary knowledge that is often being used during the celebration. For that, You must explore the St. Patrick’s Day word list to teach children new vocabulary words for enhancing their language skills. You can conduct engaging activities to teach kids St. Patrick’s Day words. 

St. Patrick's Day words

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St. Patrick’s Day Vocabulary Word List

Here are some of the St. Patrick’s Day words for kids given below.

List of St. Patrick’s Day Words

Leprechaun Four-leafed clover
Holiday Church 
Green March 
Magic Snake
Saint Emerald 
Pinch Customs 
Ireland Happy 
Family Feast 
Prayer Gold 
Magical Parade 
Peace Blessing
Rainbow Good luck 
Legend Potato 
Corn Wish 
Customs Warm 
Mighty Irish green 
Limerick Spring 
Pot Horseshoe 
Treasure Coins 
Castle Flag 
St. PatrickTrinity 
Flute Dance 
Music Hat 
Celebrate Food 
Becon Harp 
Angel Balloon 
Cross Mask 
Fiddle Jig

Easy Ways to Learn St. Patrick’s Day Words for Kids

If you’re looking for exciting ways to teach vocabulary words to your children? You’re at the right place as we’ve got you some of the interesting ways to teach St. Patrick’s Day words to kids. Check out the following activities given below:

  • Spot words: In this activity, you can ask kids to spot words from the given chart. They need to identify and tell the name of the words mentioned on the chart. With this, young children will learn to recognize the expressions effectively. 
  • Write words: To enhance your child’s vocabulary skills, they must practice writing words on a sheet of paper. You can ask them to write a few St. Patrick’s Day words. For example, shamrock, saint, feast, corned beef, parade, etc. You can download worksheets for kids where they can systematically practice writing words. With this, they will also be able to learn how to spell the words correctly. 
  • Play Osmo words: Check out our Osmo word games for kids to learn new vocabulary words in an entertaining way. In this game, an image appears on the screen. They need to identify the word to score points in the game. 
  • Make crafts: In this activity, you can assign a few words to kids and ask them to make a craft item. It can either be a shamrock, a leprechaun or corned beef. They can use materials available at home to make craft items. With this, they will learn and understand the meaning of new words related to St. Patrick’s Day effectively. 
  • Play pictionary: Young kids love drawing and coloring. Why not utilize their interest in teaching new vocabulary words to kids? In this game, assign a word to kids, and they need to draw it on a piece of paper or a drawing board. The other members of the family or friends can guess the word. If they guess the word correctly, they will be awarded points. Explore pictionary words for kids to get an idea of how to play this game. 
  • Label words: In this activity, kids will be asked to label the words mentioned on a sheet of paper. They need to carefully think about the image illustrated on paper and label the words correctly. This helps children learn vocabulary words quickly and remember the words that they have learned earlier. 
  • Fill in the missing words: In this activity, kids will be asked to fill in the missing words in a sentence. They need to read the sentence and think which word would appear to make it meaningful. 
  • Use flashcards: Young children are visual learners. They would learn if you teach words in the form of images or graphics. You can show flashcards consisting of pictures or images of St. Patrick’s Day words to enhance their learning. With this, kids can learn to identify and retain the words in their memory for a longer period of time. 
  • Read stories: To expand vocabulary skills in children, you need to teach reading habits from an early age. You can provide them with short storybooks on St. Patrick’s Day so that they can read and learn new words associated with it. 
  • Circle the words: You can give a set of images illustrated on a sheet of paper along with four options mentioned below the images. Here, kids need to circle the correct word for the image illustrated on the sheet of paper. Kids will be awarded based on the number of correct answers. This activity will help them learn St. Patrick’s words quickly. 
  • Match the words: In this activity, a sheet of paper consisting of words along with their corresponding images are given to children. The images are not arranged as per the order. Kids need to match the words with their related pictures correctly. Based on the number of correct answers, kids will be awarded points.  

Benefits of Learning St. Patrick’s Day Words for Children 

Some of the benefits of learning St. Patrick’s Day words for kids are mentioned below:

  • It helps kids understand the meaning of St. Patrick’s Day words easily.
  • It motivates kids to learn new words with the help of activities on the day of celebration. 
  • It creates a fun and entertaining environment for children to learn new words. 
  • It develops vocabulary and language skills in children.
  • It keeps children active and entertained throughout the day of the celebration. 
  • It enables children to understand the customs and traditions of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

For more information, explore activities for kids at home, words for kids and kids learning section at Osmo. 

Frequently Asked Questions on St. Patrick’s Day Words 

1. What are some of the St. Patrick’s day words?

Some of the St. Patrick’s Day words are feasts, holiday, family, leprechaun, shamrock, green, corn, beef, happiness, joy, cabbage, traditional, blessing, prayers, magic, snakes, four-leafed clover, bacon, etc.

2. What are the benefits of learning St. Patrick’s Day words?

The benefits of learning St. Patrick’s Day words are that it helps kids understand and identify terms associated with St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Most importantly, it helps them develop good vocabulary and language skills to communicate well with others.