Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids

LEGO STEM Projects and Challenges for Children

Recently, education has taken a huge leap with the introduction of the STEM policy for learning. 

If you are wondering what STEM education is, here is a little introduction. 

STEM education is an integration of the domains namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It emphasizes the fact that all these domains are interconnected and thus, need not be studied as individual entities. 

To know in-depth about STEM education along with its benefits, explore the linked article. 

Here, we will be talking about LEGO STEM activities for kindergarten and elementary kids that are experiencing high demand with the increasing popularity of the STEM policy. 

STEM activities using LEGO have become an obvious choice for parents to help their kids have a hands-on learning experience. 

Given below are some enthralling ideas for LEGO stem activities, engineering projects and science experiments. 

Fun LEGO Activities and Science Experiments

1. Do this, Do that! – LEGO Activity Cards

Well, we understand that kids don’t want to work. 

But this is something they would thoroughly enjoy working on!

In this game, you have to create LEGO STEM activity cards wherein you challenge kids to create something using LEGO. (Alternatively, you can get free printable LEGO challenge stem activities online and get them printed.) 

A few tasks you can challenge them to do are: 

  • Create a fridge using LEGO
  • Try to create your favorite flower and ask your friend to guess what it is
  • Make something identifiable using 5 pieces of LEGO
  • Try to create a miniature model of the Titanic (we mean the ship, of course!)
  • Build a couch using LEGO 
  • Create a miniature version of your car/bike
  • Build a bird with feathers
  • Create a little version of your most favorite animal and the one you are most scared of!
  • Create a study table and chair set using LEGO

2. Maze Runner – LEGO Engineering 

There are super cool and magnificent real-world mazes. 

What if your little one creates a maze challenge for his/her friends.

Here’s how kids can play this game:

One of the kids (or a team) has to create a highly complex maze. Other kids (or the other team) will try to solve the maze. They need to move a marble to point B outside the maze right from the very centre of the maze point A. 

Ask the kids to play this game and watch them feel the rush of excitement and thrill. 

The team that wins, gets a chocolate treat! 

3. Wonder-Ful – LEGO Engineering

Does your kid know what the 7 Wonders of the World look like? 

Well, for this activity, they would have to!

This amazing LEGO STEM activity needs kids to create their own miniature version of any two of the 7 wonders of the world – 

Chichén Itzá (Mexico), the Great Wall of China (China), Taj Mahal (India), Petra (Jordon), Machu Picchu (Peru), Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro) and Colosseum (Rome). 

This activity gives multiple benefits. It not only engages kids in a STEM activity using LEGO but also lets kids have a deeper understanding of the basic architecture of these wonderful monuments!

4. Dream House – LEGO Engineering Project

How does your little one picture his/her dream house to be?

Ask kids to create the entire look of the house, including the living room, dining area, etc. Also, ask them to build the entrance gate, doors, windows, and all that they would want to have in their dream homes. 

5. My Home, Your Home – Animals and their Habitats 

Homes are so essential not only for us but also for animals. 

In this activity, kids need to build miniature versions of animal homes such as a kennel, a stable, a den, etc.

Through this activity, kids will be able to remember what the habitats of different animals are. 

6. My Mini Zoo – Simple LEGO Engineering

What’s the place that kids would never say a “No” to visit? 

A Zoo! (And a chocolate factory too?)

Here, kids have to create a zoo. They have to include a small garden area; a few gazebos; a playground with a sea-saw, a swing and a slide; and a zoo area with a few animals and birds.

7. Mathify – Addition and Subtraction through LEGO

Yes, you read that right. 

This LEGO activity refines kids’ understanding of addition and subtraction. 

You would need two dice and a lot of LEGO!

Take a base plate made of LEGO. Kids have to roll both the dice and add the numbers on both the dice. Now, place a LEGO brick on the base plate with exactly the same number of bumps as the sum. 

Kids have to continue doing the same until they fill the entire base plate. 

They need to go reverse to have hands-on learning of subtraction. 

Bonus LEGO STEM Activity:

Kids have to create pulleys using LEGO. Using these pulleys, they should be able to up a block made of LEGO, a rock, marble, etc. in a basket the kids create using LEGO. 

The wheels of the LEGO set can be used as pulleys. Provide kids with yarn and sit back giving instructions and watch them create something cool!

Frequently Asked Questions on Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids

What are the Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids?

The Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids are making a dream house, mazes and puzzles, LEGO card games, mini jungle with stuffed animals, learn math with LEGO, etc.

What are the benefits of Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids?

The benefits of Fun and Easy LEGO STEM Activities for Kids are that they engage in play based learning activities and help them to learn effectively, and improve their thinking skills and creativity.

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