Learning Activities for 2 Year Olds

Educational Activities for 2 Year Olds at Home

If you are planning to spend some quality fun time with your little one, we are here with some of the most exciting learning activities for 2 year olds. These educational activities can be performed at home while adding value to your kid’s learning experience. 

Indoor activities for 2 year olds:

We have divided the learning and development activity ideas into different categories – counting, spelling, colors, numbers and shape activities. 

Counting Activities

1. Wagon Counting

This is a fun activity for 2 year olds where you need to stick numbers starting from 1 to the wagons of a toy train. 

Kids have to speak out the number written on the wagons as and when the wagons cross them. This will teach them counting as they speak out one, two, three, four, etc. while looking at the different numbers written on the wagon. 

2. Learning Together

Ask kids to form a small line and then they should say the consecutive numbers one by one. The first kid says ‘1’, the next one says ‘2’, the third one says ‘3’, so on and so forth. 

Kids feel a sense of enjoyment when they perform this activity together. 

3. Count things around you

This is a very handy activity as you do not need anything in particular to perform this activity. Kids need to count things they see around them – the number of birds, cars, bikes, flowers, plants and other objects. 

Activities for Learning Alphabets 

1. Trace alphabets on sand

Kids can trace and learn alphabets on the sand. Take kids to nearby gardens or beaches and watch them have fun while practicing alphabets. 

2. Learning alphabets using blocks

Building blocks can be used in multiple ways to teach various things to kids. For instance, kids can write alphabets on colorful pieces of paper and paste them on distinct building blocks. Then, they can sort them such that all the alphabets written on different blocks are in correct order. 

Spelling games for 2 year olds

1. Learn by tagging

This is an exciting game for 2 year olds where you need to tag things around them – bat, mat, apple, leaf, etc. by sticking small pieces of paper to these objects and writing their spellings on the pieces.

Kids have to read the spellings of these words aloud and practice. 

Later, you can remove the tags and ask kids to re-tag the same objects by writing the spellings on other pieces of paper. 

2. Find the missing letters

For this activity, you would need flashcards that have pictures of objects and their names with missing letters in their spellings. 

Kids have to fill in the missing letters in each of the flash cards by writing those missing letters with sparkling pens. 

Number Learning Activities

1. Paste it, Learn it

You will need a board and number stickers.

To learn numbers faster, kids can practice this activity where you or any other instructor will speak a number – say 4. Kids have to find the sticker with the number ‘4’ and paste it on the board. 

2. Trace it with brush paints

Tracing numbers is not something new for 2 year olds but tracing them with brush paints is! Using brush paints to trace numbers can be a surprising activity for children. Make them use vibrant colors to trace the numbers on sheets of papers.

3. Learning with playdough

Kids can learn numbers by moulding playdough in shapes of different digits. This educational activity can be a great way to practice numbers for 2 year olds. 

Color Recognition Activities

Recognizing colors is a relevant activity for 2 year olds. Here are some activities that you can play with your 2 year olds to make them more aware of colors. 

1. Colored Papers

Cut colorful papers in small sizes and ask your child to recognize the color of those papers. You can even put a time limit like 5 to 10 seconds in which they need to respond with the correct color of the paper and offer the winners chocolates or goodies!

2. Sorting Colors

Building blocks are available in almost every home with kids. You can use these building blocks for color sorting activity where kids have to sort different blocks according to their colors i.e. they should keep all the red blocks together, all the green ones together, so on and so forth. 

Shapes Learning Activities

Shapes are so much fun if learned in interesting ways. The following activities can be performed with 2 year olds to learn shapes:

1. Finding shapes around

Shapes are all around us. Kids can practice shapes by trying to recognize different shapes around them – wheels, towers, poles, tables, etc. 

2. Paint it to learn it

What’s better than learning shapes by drawing them yourself. Kids can draw and paint different shapes – triangle, rectangle, square, circle, sphere, cube, etc. 

Miscellaneous Learning Activities for 2 year olds

1. Heavier or Lighter

Take a glass jar and ask your 2 year old kid to put in used matchsticks and some stones.

Ask them why the matchstick floats while stones sink into the water.

With this activity, they will get introduced to the concept of heavy and light things. 

2. Sorting by size

Take objects of different sizes and ask kids to sort these objects in ascending or descending order. 

You can take a pea, a marble, a rubber ball, a tomato, a bottle cap, a football, a lemon, etc. and watch your kid engage in sorting them in proper order. 

3. Draw and paint

In this learning activity, kids have to draw different objects and color them with paint or crayons or sketch pens. They can draw and paint shapes, alphabets, fruits, flowers, etc.