Christmas Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and excitement across the globe. The joy can increase manifold if you engage your kids in exciting activities and make this day even more memorable for them. One such activity is to offer them to solve some enthralling Christmas puzzles for kids. There are free Christmas crossword puzzles for kids available online. With this, you can explore the vocabulary words to enhance your child’s language skills. These crossword puzzles for kids will enable you to energize your child and improve their learning abilities. 

Christmas word puzzles for children are brain-tickling and offer them a great way to learn and remember new words related to this day. They can easily get acquainted with words like Santa, Reindeer, Christmas Carol, Snowman, Gloves, etc. Along with celebrations, you can conduct puzzles for kids in a creative way. In this regard, Christmas crossword puzzles will help kids to develop their vocabulary skills for better comprehension. 

Printable Christmas Crossword Puzzles For Kids 

Here are few Christmas crossword puzzle with answer key are mentioned below: 

Christmas Crossword Puzzle With Answers 

Christmas crossword puzzle

Christmas Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Christmas crossword puzzles for kids

Explore Christmas Crossword Puzzles With Answers For Kids 

Given below are the questions that you can use for creating your own Christmas Crossword Puzzle for children. We have also included hints to a few questions that are a little hard to guess. The Christmas crossword answers have been provided at the end of the article. 

30+ Questions For Christmas Crossword For Kids

  1. Something that you decorate the top of the Christmas tree with – 4 letters word. Hint: It has 5 corners
  2. What comes after the word Jingle? – 5 letters word
  3. Santa’s sleigh is pulled by these animals – 9 letters word
  4. What is the night before the day of Christmas called? – 12 letters 2 words
  5. This is where Santa resides – 9 letters 2 words. Hint: It is the opposite of “South Pole”
  6. This is what you hang in your house and get it filled with presents by Santa – 9 letters word
  7. The sound that Santa Claus makes when he laughs – 6 letters word
  8. This is the month when the festival of Christmas is celebrated – 8 letters word
  9. What is another word for gifts? – 9 letters word. Hint: The word starts with P
  10. What is the full name of Santa Claus? – 13 letters 2 words 
  11. What is the vehicle of Santa called? – 6 letters word
  12. What are the paper greetings that we make and give to our friends and relatives on Christmas day called? – 5 letters word
  13. It is believed that Santa Claus comes to our houses through this tunnel-like structure – 7 letters word
  14. What is the name of Jesus Christ’s mother? – 4 letters word
  15.  The white colored flakes that fall from the sky – 4 letters word
  16. Santa Claus keeps all the gifts in this. What is it called? – 4 letters word
  17.  The festival of Christmas is celebrated by people in remembrance of the _____ of Jesus Christ – 5 letters word
  18.  These are the ones who help Santa Claus by making gifts for us – 5 letters word. Hint: The word starts with E
  19. Christmas is best celebrated with family and ______ – 7 letters word
  20. Winter ice formations that are believed to be distinct in shape from each other – 10 letters word
  21. Frosty is a magical _______ who was brought to life to spread joy and cheer – 7 letters word
  22. It is believed that ________ was sacred and made only by the monks. On the day of Christmas, it was allowed to be prepared by the common masses. – 11 letters word. Hint: It is something edible. 
  23.  This is what Santa Claus might give as a present to kids who are naughty – 4 letters word
  24. This bird is traditionally eaten on the day of Christmas. – 6 letters word
  25. This is what people celebrate on the 25th of December – 9 letters word
  26. These are the songs that are sung on Christmas – 6 letters word
  27. This is a large circular decoration that people put on the doors of their houses during Christmas – 6 letters word
  28. Santa Claus loves to eat ______ and drink milk – 7 letters word
  29. These are the decorative things that we put on the Christmas tree – 9 letters word
  30. Which one of Santa’s reindeers has a red nose? – 7 letters word

Christmas Crossword Puzzle Answers

  1. STAR
  2. BELLS
  11. SLEIGH
  12. CARDS
  14. MARY
  15. SNOW
  16. SACK
  17. BIRTH
  18. ELVES
  23. COAL
  24. TURKEY
  26. CAROLS
  27. WREATH

If you are looking out for some amazing questions on free Christmas crossword puzzles available online, then you are at the right place. For some amazing educational games for children, explore the kids learning section and let your kids have a hands-on learning experience.