Dividing Fractions Worksheet

Once children understand what fractions are, they’re taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. Help your child practice the concept using math worksheets for kids like dividing fractions worksheets. This dividing fractions worksheet with answers will enhance your child’s understanding of the lesson. In addition to this, also use fraction math games to make learning more interactive and fun. 

Learning fractions help children develop their mathematical skills. With the help of worksheets, kids can learn and practice division of fractions easily. They can solve problems with speed and accuracy. You need to ensure that kids are given equations that are easy to understand depending on their age and grades. This enable children to divide fractions with whole numbers, decimal, proper and improper fractions effectively.

Free Printable Dividing Fractions Worksheet

To enhance your children’s mathematical knowledge, you can use printable dividing fractions worksheets for them to practice problems effectively. This help little ones expand their thinking abilities for better learning outcomes. Here are some simple worksheets to help your little ones practice dividing fractions

Dividing Fractions Worksheet with Answers

Help your children practice dividing fractions using the worksheet. Kids can practice dividing fractions using the equations given below. This dividing fraction worksheet consist of equations with answers so that kids do not face any challenges while solving problems. Also kids learn cross multiplication while practicing division method.

Divide the fractions on the worksheet: Dividing fractions worksheets

Also check out this comparing fractions worksheet to help your child learn to identify which fraction is greater or lesser.

Fraction Division Worksheet with Answers

Kids must learn and understand the methodology to solve fraction related problems. They read the steps given on the worksheet below and start practicing the equations. In this worksheet, kids need to divide fraction with whole numbers. Check out the fraction division worksheet with answers given below.

Divide the fraction by whole number: Dividing fractions printable worksheet

Simple Fraction Division Worksheet

Kids can practice division of fractions using the worksheets given below. They must solve the problems and write the answers in the space provided. In this worksheet, kids must divide single-digit fraction numbers to get accurate results. Check out simple fraction division worksheet for kids given below.

simple fraction division worksheet

Mixed Fractions Division Worksheet

Help your children learn division of fractions by providing them with engaging worksheets. They need to carefully read the equations and write the answers in the space provided. In this worksheet, kids need to solve mixed fractions with fraction numbers on the worksheet. Check out the mixed fractions division worksheet for kids given below.

Mixed fraction division worksheet

Also check out these improper fractions to mixed numbers worksheets to help your child learn to convert fractions.

Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers Worksheet

Check out dividing fractions by whole numbers worksheet for kids given below. Kids need to divide fractions with whole numbers and write the answers in the space provided. This help children understand the ways to calculate them and get accurate results for the equations.

division fraction worksheet by whole number

Dividing Proper Fractions Worksheet

Check out dividing proper fractions worksheet for kids given below. In this worksheet, kids need to divide fraction number with fraction number. This help them learn and understand the process of dividing proper fractions using the worksheets. Kids can calculate and fill in the correct answers on the worksheet.

dividing proper fraction worksheet

Also check out these multiplying fractions worksheets to help your child learn to multiply fractions.

Dividing Fractions by Decimals Worksheet

Kids must learn to divide fraction number with decimal numbers with the help of worksheets. They can solve the equations and write the answers in the space provided. Check out the dividing fractions by decimals worksheet for kids given below.

dividing fraction by decimals worksheet

There are a number of free dividing fractions worksheets available for kids. But, parents should choose the dividing fractions worksheets and answers based on their kids’ interests. With this, they will get to know how to divide fractions by practicing each exercise in a systematic way. Parents and teachers should make sure that each worksheet provided to the kids is easy to understand. If they face any kind of difficulty while solving the problems, allow them to come up with logical solutions. 

This will encourage them to develop problem solving skills. To enhance their creativity and intelligence, conduct math games for grade 3 in order to change the way kids feel about math. These activities will provide a sense of achievement in kids after successfully completing the task. 

What is Division of Fractions?

It is basically the division of the whole number by fraction or the fraction by another fraction. Some of the examples of division of fractions are mentioned below:

  • Division of whole numbers by fraction: 4÷1/4
  • Division of fractions by whole number: 1/4÷3
  • Division of fractions by fractions: 4/3÷2/4

These worksheets are extremely beneficial for kids in practicing mathematical concepts with ease. If you want your child to develop interest in math, design or download free dividing fractions worksheets for their practice. We cannot expect kids to learn mathematics by practicing one worksheet, rather they need regular effort in order to excel in the subject. To achieve this, encourage kids to practice easy dividing fractions worksheets for better learning outcomes. With this, kids can improve their learning experience as well as change their perception towards math. Kids who used to feel difficult in learning fractions are now enjoying practicing worksheets to score well in their exams. Besides this, conduct math dice games to develop knowledge on fractions and other mathematical concepts. 

How to Divide Fractions?

Before you hand out worksheets for kids on dividing fractions refresh their knowledge. Here is an image explaining how to divide fractions.

division fraction worksheet

Here is another example to help you understand.

Step 1: 6/7 Divided by 3/2

Step 2:

Keep: 6/7

Flip: 3/2, so we get 2/3.

Now, multiply 6/7 and 2/3.

6/7 x 2/3= 12/21.

Therefore, 6/7 ÷ 3/2 = 12/21.

For more activities, games and worksheets that make learning fun, check our kids learning section.

Tips For Using Dividing Fractions Worksheets 

Some of the tips for dividing fractions worksheets with answers are mentioned below:

  • Choose easy exercise for kids. 
  • Allow kids to practice at their own pace. 
  • Encourage kids to practice on a regular basis. 
  • Download multiple copies of worksheets for practice. 
  • Select visually appealing worksheets for kids. 
  • Worksheets should consist of questions in different formats. 
  • Keep track of their performance for better learning outcomes. 

Benefits of Dividing Fractions Worksheets 

Some of the benefits of dividing fractions worksheets with answers are as follows:

  • Creates engagement and interests among kids. 
  • Enhances the learning experience of children. 
  • Helps in understanding the concept of numerator and denominator. 
  • Develops problem solving skills. 
  • Improves logical thinking and reasoning skills among children. 
  • Visually appealing formats increase retention. 
  • Step by step process of the equation helps in better understanding of the concepts. 
  • Free dividing fractions worksheets PDFs are available online. 
  • Improves academic performance. 
  • Develops questioning abilities. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Dividing Fractions Worksheet

What are the Dividing Fractions Worksheet?

The dividing fractions worksheet is a worksheet that helps kids learn the concept of dividing the number by a fraction or a fraction by any other fraction. These worksheets help kids to understand the complex concept of dividing fractions easily.

How to learn the Dividing Fractions Worksheet?

The dividing fractions worksheet can be learned by practicing, picking some simple math problems to practice, pick some visually attractive worksheets, sorting questions from different worksheets and formats and finally, keep a track of their academic progress.

What are the advantages of learning Dividing Fractions Worksheet?

The dividing fractions worksheet certainly improves a child’s logical reasoning skills, problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills. They also help children to learn dividing fractions in a step by step method. Besides this, you can download PDF formats of these worksheets available online.