Square Root of 17

The square root of 17 is 4.123. The square root of 17 is mathematically represented as √17. The number 17 is an odd as well as a prime number. The numbers 1 and 17 are the factors of 17. When kids are still in the initial stages of learning about the square root of 17, parents and teachers can provide them with 17 Times Table, available at Osmo. The 17 times table helps them to comprehend the fundamentals of the mathematical operation. Make sure to engage the little learners in math related activities and games during class hours. With this, understanding the concept of square root becomes easy.

What is the Square Root of 17?

As mentioned above, the square root of 17 up to 5 decimal points is 4.12310. Hence, the square root of 17 is a non perfect square. Once the kids have learned the 17 times table, introduce them to the square root of 17. The square root of 17 is expressed in 3 ways such as,

  • Square root of 17 in radical form: √17
  • Square root of 17 in decimal form: 4.123105625617661
  • Square root of 17 in exponential form: (17)½ or (17)0.5

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How to Find the Square Root of 17?

The most common method to determine the square root of 17 is the long division method. The long division method is for dividing one multi-digit number with another multi-digit number. Here is how to find the square root of 17 by the long division method.

  • Pair the digits from the right.
  • Now, determine the biggest numeric, that gives 17 or a smaller number nearest to 17, when multiplied with itself. Now, 4 is the digit. Divide 17 by 4.
  • In this step, 1 is the remainder. Now, write 3 pairs of zeros after the decimal point. Bring down one pair of zeros. Sum up the quotient 4 to the divisor 4. Therefore, 8 is placed as the new divisor in the tens place and ones place being blank. This blank must be written as a digit when multiplied with the quotient, which gives the answer as 100 or a smaller digit nearest to 100. ( 81 × 1 = 81) is nearest to 100.
  • Write down the next set of zeros. Repeat the above step and the quotient from the last step is 1, which is added to the divisor from the last step (81).
  • 822 × 2 = 1644 is nearest to 1900. Follow the above-given method for the remainder 256 by writing down the following set of zeros. Hence, the value of √17 = 4.123

Is the Square Root of 17 Rational or Irrational?

The square root of 17 is an irrational number as it can’t be represented as p/q, where q is unequal to 0.

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FAQs Related to Square Root of 17

Is 17 an odd number?

Yes. The 17 is an odd number.

Is the √17 a rational number?

No. The √17 is not a rational number.

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