Letter A Worksheets

A for Apple! Sit down with your little one and repeatedly say “A” and then say the word apple. An actual apple in your hand might help your child understand better.

Let’s look at those printable letter A worksheets.

Printable Letter A Worksheets

Download our printable letter A worksheets below:

Tracing Letter A Worksheet

Color and practice writing letter A on the worksheet:  Letter A worksheets for kids

Tracing A for Alligator and Airplane Worksheet

Practice writing alligator and airplane: Free letter A worksheets for kids

Letter A worksheets are definitely helpful, but before you try these Letter A worksheets with your little one, we recommend checking out the following tips:

  1. Letters or letter sounds: Check what works better with your child. Are they able to learn quicker when you use letter sounds or just letters? We think teaching them BOTH would be best.
  2. Upper or lowercase letters: Again, both! But starting with uppercase letters is better for very young children because it’s easier for them to learn it.
  3. Letter confusion: Although letters are usually taught to kids in alphabetical order, you could think about teaching kids letters that might appear the same. Kids often might confuse letters ‘p’ with ‘b’, and ‘q’, with ‘d’. Kids might even confuse letters that sound the same.
  4. Don’t do ‘letter of the week’: Although this is a common practice, we think it would be better to not do it. Doing this would make kids fixate on just one letter the whole week and maybe even forget about the existence of other letters! When you’re getting in some reading practice, make sure to point at each letter and say the letters out loud instead of focusing on just one letter for the entire week. Even if this is proving to be challenging, we recommend trying 2-3 letters a week and not just 1.
  5. What letter does your child’s name begin with? Like we said earlier, instead of following the letter order as per the alphabet, you could start off with other letters that might confuse your child. You could also teach your child the letter that their name begins with. This helps them gain a sense of identity too!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Letter A Worksheets

What are the different types of Letter A Worksheets?

The different types of Letter A Worksheets are Tracing Letter A Worksheets, Letter A Worksheets for toddlers, Letter A coloring Worksheets, Letter A Worksheets for preschoolers, and Letter A Worksheets for kindergarten.

How to keep kids engaged while teaching Letter A Worksheets?

You can keep kids engaged while teaching Letter A Worksheets by following these fun and interesting methods such as introduce them to coloring pages and worksheets, then engage them in playing pictionary. You can take them for a walk and ask them to identify the objects that start with the letter A.