1st Grade Spelling Words

Printable Spelling Words For 1st Graders To Improve Vocabulary Skills

Learning to spell can be challenging for many 1st grade students. Spellings are an important aspect of writing skills. Thus, kids need to know the spellings of certain words which can make the communication meaningful. To start with, teach easy 1st grade spelling words for the kids so that they can understand better. There are a lot of spelling activities that a kid can participate to improve their spelling skills. You can teach spelling words for 1st grade to improve their vocabulary skills. 

1st grade spelling words should follow basic consonant-vowel-consonant format. For example, DAD, MOM, MAD, SAD, HAD, CAT, BAT, FAT, SAT, etc. Unlike kindergarten spelling words, this 1st grade spelling words list will encourage kids to learn four letter words with the first and second letters as consonants. For example, TR-sounding words such as TREE, FR-sounding words such as FREE or FROG. There are many such rules that are applicable to 1st grade spelling words. 

Easy 1st Grade Spelling Words List For Kids

Wondering what spelling’s first-grade students must know? To enhance your child’s vocabulary skills, at least teach 100 spelling words for 1st grade so that they work on their communication skills. Apart from words, you can also teach number spellings for kids. You conduct 1st grade spelling bee words for kids. To make it convenient for kids, download the 1st grade spelling words. These spelling words will help you in teaching vocabulary to the kids. 

List Of 1st Grade Spelling Words:

top table keep
cap beginjump
fun familymother
father with more
show pay light

Tips To Practice Spelling Words For 1st Grade 

How to teach my 1st grade spelling words? We must understand the fact that teaching 1st grade students on how to spell words is a time taking task. It is obvious that they won’t learn the spellings at once. You need to invest some time and patience in teaching 1st grade spelling words. Not to forget, they are still young kids who have started exploring words.  So, you need to be patient while teaching kids how to spell the words correctly. Besides this, conducting spelling games for kids will be an added advantage during the learning process. Remember, every kid learns at their own pace. So, they should not feel overwhelmed while learning to spell new words. 

If you are a parent or teacher, you might know the pain of teaching kids how to spell. It is naturally difficult to remember so many words’ spelling in one go. Well, there is no need to worry. 

Spelling Word Activities For 1st Grade

Building a strong spelling foundation is a tough job. That’s why there is a need for fun activities. These activities will create engagement and interest in kids to learn new words. Learning vocabulary words for kids will improve reading and writing skills. These will not only show eagerness to learn but also enhance their learning environment. Some of the spelling word activities for 1st grade are mentioned below:

List Of Activities For Learning 1st Grade Spelling Words 

  • Writing regularly: Writing a word, again and again, is the best practice to remember its spelling. Also, you can take dictation of kids where you will pronounce a word and they have to write it down. This will assess their knowledge of spellings. There are many writing worksheets available for kids to practice spelling words. Also, explore Writing Games For Kids.
  • Reading consistently: Children must be asked to read often. Reading allows them to focus on the spellings of some words. Your job here is to listen to how they pronounce a certain word and correct them if they are wrong. Encourage them to read short poems or story books to learn new words for better comprehension. Explore, Reading Games for Kids.
  • Imparting the knowledge of spelling rules for 1st graders: There are certain spelling rules like the relationship between letters and sounds. Kids must be taught the same. These spelling rules will help kids to systematically learn words. It provides connection between the letters and the sounds. 
  • Playing spelling-related quizzes, games, or word games: This is a fun and interactive experience for kids which makes learning simpler. Conducting engaging activities will attract kids’ attention in learning new words. With these games, kids will open up in front of their peers and become confident public speakers. 
  • Organizing Spelling Bee: A spelling bee is a spelling contest. You can organize a spelling bee at your home or school in which kids can participate. This would be more interesting if there are a large number of kids. The list of first grade spelling bee words can be availed online. Apart from easy spelling words, you can also conduct hard spelling bee words for kids so that they get familiar with such words for better communication. 
  • Setting a time daily for a spelling test: Learning to spell needs practice. Parents must set a time for their kids to practice spellings. This way, learning spellings will be a part of the kid’s routine.
  • Word Treasure Hunt: Setting a treasure hunt with different words as a hint is a great way to learn spellings. There are many scavenger hunt riddles for kids where they are given a set of questions or riddles to solve. With this, kids learn new words by exploring things around them. 
  • Create a printable spelling dictionary: Design a printable spelling dictionary and encourage kids to use it as a reference to seeking the spelling of words commonly used while writing. The words included must be easy and understandable for kids. 
  • Get Printable letter Stamp: Buy the alphabet stamps and teach your kids how to use these stamps to spell correctly.
  • 1st grade spelling words
  • Spelling word search puzzle: This is a popular puzzle among students. Create a grid of random letters or you can download the same. Kids have to search for words vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Solving this puzzle would be fun for kids as they would love to find hidden words in the puzzle. These puzzles for kids will encourage them to critically think and come up with logical solutions. Also, explore First Grade Word Search
  • 1st grade spelling words
  • Worksheets for spelling words: Kids can enjoy practicing worksheets created for kids to learn spellings. Once kids have become acquainted with words, they need an effective medium to practice spellings for higher retention. There are many printable worksheets for kids available online where they learn spelling words by tracing, finding and coloring words. Besides this, there are writing worksheets where kids can practice handwriting and learn the spelling simultaneously. 

The ability to spell comes naturally to some kids and not so easily to others. Readers need to have an understanding of both sight words and phonics words to become good readers. Focusing on both kinds of words during spelling classes is a great way to help words stay in kids’ minds for a longer time. You can download printable spelling words for 1st grade and teach your kids how to spell.

Benefits Of Learning 1st Grade Spelling Words For Kids

Some of the benefits of 1st grade spelling words are mentioned below: 

  • Helps in understanding the conversation being conveyed or received. 
  • Develops good communication skills. 
  • Improves reading and writing skills. 
  • Encourages kids to learn independently.
  • Improves visualization skills with attractive images and graphics in activities. 
  • Creates opportunities to explore and discover things around them. 
  • Useful for making meaningful sentences for communications. 
  • Improves academic performance in school. 
  • Develops language skills among kids. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on 1st Grade Spelling Words

What are some of the 1st Grade Spelling Words?

Some of the 1st Grade Spelling Words for kids to learn are bird, crown, crowd, draw, dew, get, gown, eleven, eat, fast, fill, hen, hat, any, another, bone, tea, black, green, banana, orange, grape, kiwi, etc.

What are some of the activities that help children to learn 1st Grade Spelling Words?

Some of the activities that help kids to learn 1st Grade Spelling Words are engaging children in word-building worksheets and activities, word hunting, conducting spelling bee competition, encouraging kids to read and understand the meaning of the words on a regular basis.