Fun Brain Games for Kids

Free Brain Training Games for Kids

It is a fact that the more we use our brain, the sharper it gets. Brain exercises can have astounding benefits for children. We are here with some of the most amazing brain games for kids along with ideas on brain game toys and brain-training games. 

Brain Activity Games for Kids

  1. DIY Flashcards
  2. You will find a huge variety of worksheets on brain games for kids online. All you need to do is get the printouts of such worksheets. 

    Flashcards are one of the best ways to familiarize kids with what they need to learn. You will find printables online. You can create flash cards of alphabets, numbers, animals, birds, plants, shapes, etc. by getting the required printouts. 

  3. Discover the Matching Ones
  4. This can be a great game to connect with your little ones while helping them sharpen their brain. 

    Create flashcards in pairs – like a pair of identical flashcards of apples, carrots, etc. 

    Keep the flashcards such that the images on the flashcards face the surface. 

    Kids have to flip the flashcards and find identical flashcards in the lot. At a time, they can keep only two flashcards flipped. 

  5. Sudoku
  6. Sudoku for kids can be an amazing brain exercise. Watch your little ones feel surprised at the wonderful world of numbers. 

  7. Action Words Flashcards
  8. Teaching action words to children can be a little tough. But, if you create flashcards on action words, kids will grasp them quite quickly and will remember them for a longer time. 

  9. Learning identification through Newspapers and Magazines
  10. To teach recognition to children, you can use newspapers and magazines. Just open a newspaper or a magazine and ask children to identify the images of different things – plants, animals, birds, shapes, mountains, rivers, etc. 

  11. Spot the difference brain games for kids
  12. Spotting the difference is a brilliant brain exercise for kids. It hones a kids’ attention to detail and improves concentration. 

Brain Game Toys for Kindergarten kids and Elementary School kids

1. Science Experiment Kits

Science experiment kits for kids are designed to refine sensory development in them. Kids can carry out simple and fun experiments with such kits and experience the joy of hands-on learning. 

2. OSMO Kids learning kits

OSMO’s learning kits come with fascinating games like Tangram, Words, Numbers, Coding Awbie, Masterpiece, Coding Jam, etc. 

These games develop in kids a sound understanding of shapes, words, counting numbers and arithmetic operations, spelling and art. It also introduces kids to coding. All these are things that kids are expected to learn in their first few years of schooling. 

Tangram, for example, lets kids have a hands-on experience of moving tangram pieces in the physical world as per the structure shown on the OSMO screen. With vibrant tangram pieces and an astounding amalgamation of digital with the physical world, OSMO offers kids a sound grip on shapes along with refining their motor skills. 

3. Balancing boards

Balancing boards can help children in improving their balance and coordination. They also increase their core strength and give them a chance to understand how to balance themselves. 

4. Abacus

Abacus can be a great educational tool to develop a kid’s brain. It builds Mathematical skills in children and also helps them learn counting faster. 

5. Jigsaw Puzzles 

Almost every household with a kid has jigsaw puzzles. A jigsaw puzzle has a picture on cardboard which is broken into smaller pieces of varying shapes and sizes. These pieces need to be fitted together in such a way that it brings out the original picture. 

One can find jigsaw puzzles on different topics like animals, birds, plants, flowers, solar system, etc. Finding the correct order of pieces of the puzzle is very exciting and brain-tickling for kids. 

6. Building Blocks

Building blocks are colorful blocks that can be arranged in several forms to make different structures. They develop a better understanding of shapes and colors in children. 

You can use building blocks to sharpen your kids’ gross motor skills and utilize these for brain activity games. 

For example, you can make kids learn counting with the use of the building blocks. You can also teach them addition and subtraction using blocks. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Fun Brain Games for Kids

What are the Fun Brain Games for Kids?

The Fun Brain Games for Kids are Do It Yourself (DIY) flashcards, match the following items, sudoku, puzzles, word games, riddles, word recognition in newspapers and kids magazines, etc.

What are some Kindergarten Fun Brain Games for Kids?

Some of the Kindergarten Fun Brain Games for Kids are Osmo kids learning kits, balancing boards, jigsaw puzzles, science experiment kits, word building games and blocks, etc.