Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Explore Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Boys

Little boys are very creative, they can create a game out of almost anything and have fun for hours. Sticks, stones, cars, trucks all of them will keep a little boy entertained for hours. Needless to say, 6 year old boys are very imaginative and they have varied interests. They want toys that make noise, move and perform tricks. Therefore, you need to choose gifts for 6 year old boys that appeal to their wide range of interests. The gift ideas for 5 year old boys has to be something that challenges them mentally as well as physically. Besides this, explore kids learning toys to help kids with learning and at the same time offer entertainment. 

There are many ideas from birthday gifts for 6 year old boys to Christmas gifts. Therefore, check out the list of great gifts for 6 year old boys that are fun and help them learn too. We’ve made up a list of gifts, which will excite and motivate your little boy to play and learn. In addition to this, you can also explore educational gifts for kids.

15 Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys  

If you are hunting for cool gifts for 6 year old boys, then get some amazing ideas as given below. Apart from this, check out Osmo’s fun games which are great gifts for 6 year old boys. 

List Of Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys 

  • Remote Controlled Vehicles: Every boy, whether they’re young or old, loves vehicles. Whether it’s Christmas or his birthday, a remote controlled vehicle is a cool gift for a 6 year old boy. Let your little boy explore with his remote controlled vehicle or take it for a race with his friends. 
  • Genius Starter Kit+ Family Game Night: Family game nights are a great way to have fun with your kids. It also gives you a chance of building memories together and fosters a sense of belonging. Explore STEAM topics with your 6-year-old as a family. The Genius Starter Kit+ Family Game night will help foster a love for engineering, art, math and reading in your little boy. The Genius Starter Kit has 5 games for independent STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) learning and 2 games for family game night. Explore the seven games to play and learn and have fun as a family.
  • Musical Instruments: Everyone enjoys music, but do you think guitar or drums can be the best Christmas gift for 6 year old boys? Well yes, they do wait for such gifts on special occasions. You can gift them musical instruments which they would love to play and learn music.
  • Ring Toss: A Ring toss game is a great way to get your 6-year-old boy to spend time with his family. While it’s not a fancy game, it’ll keep your little boy entertained and engaged for hours. This unique gift for 6 year old boys also helps in building his hand-eye coordination skills and aim. It also helps promote healthy competition in your little guy.
  • Coding Family Bundle: Is your 6-year old boy keen on coding? Here’s the best gift to make his coding dreams come true. Osmo’s Coding Family Bundle is the perfect way to introduce your little boy to the world of coding. The game allows your child to learn and develop coding skills in progression with 3 hands-on learning games. This coding game for kids also helps build the child’s problem-solving and logical skills while learning the basic concepts of coding. 
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  • Walkie Talkie: Does your little boy love to emulate a soldier during play time? Then the popular gift for 6 year old boys is a Walkie Talkie. Watch him enjoy exploring the neighborhood with his friends while communicating on his Walkie Talkie. A Walkie Talkie also makes way for imaginative play.  
  • Detective Agency: Little kids love pretend play and 6-year-old boys are no different. One of their favorite roles is that of a cop or a detective. Osmo’s Detective Agency game makes for a great gift for 6 year old boys who love to play at being detectives. Allow your child to unleash their inner detective and run their own detective agency with this game. The game also teaches your little boy about different cultures and geography as it takes the little detective around the world with his magnifying glass. 
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  • Racing Cars and Track Set: Every boy loves to race. Make your little boy’s dreams of becoming a racer come true with this gift. This good gift for 6 year old boys will occupy them for hours. Watch your little boy’s imagination soar as he learns to set up the track and race his cars on the track. This is a very cool gift for 6 year old boys to indulge in pretend play.
  • Genius Tangram: Osmo’s Genius Tangram is a great gift to give a 6 year old boy. Your child can exercise his spatial and problem-solving skills while arranging the puzzle pieces to match the on-screen image. Watch your little boy’s skills improve as he solves 500 different puzzles of different shapes and forms.
  • Wooden building blocks: Expand kids creativity and innovative skill by giving them building blocks especially the wooden ones. This is a cool gift for 6 year old boys who love to create structures and develop their cognitive skills. They can make pyramids, monuments, houses, forts, etc. 
  • Camping Set: Bring out the budding camper in your little boy with a camping set. Little boys love to explore, so this is a great gift to instil a love for the outdoors and camping. Camping in the backyard makes way for safe but adventurous games. Watch your little boy enjoy endless hours of camping with his friends and indulge in pretend play. This can be one of the best birthday gifts for 6 year old boys. 
  • Genius Words: At age 6, little boys are learning the alphabets and forming basic words. Introduce your 6-year-old boy to the wonderful world of words with Osmo’s Genius Words. Genius Words is a great way to help build your child’s vocabulary and spelling skills. The child can play the game on their own or with friends to guess the mystery word on the screen using the physical tiles.
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  • Art and Craft Kits: At this age, we find kids exploring their creativity to its maximum level. Hence, this can be a cool gift for a 6 year old boy who has everything. Needless to say, they love art and crafts which do require materials that can make their creativity spellbound. You can give them craft kits which include watercolor paints, brushes, stationery items, etc. 
  • Scooter: This is one of the top gifts for 6 year old boys. A 6-year-old boy has good motor skills. So give your little boy the gift of wheels with a scooter. Nothing is cooler than riding around the neighborhood on your own scooter. A scooter is a great way to get your 6-year-old boy to exercise and get some fresh air. Watch your little boy have fun racing with his friends and learning new moves on the driveway. Little boys have very creative minds, which makes way for unlimited options when it comes to games. They are very energetic and love to play. He needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. They’ll enjoy playing with anything as long as it interests them, so it could be a doll or a truck or a kitchen set or robots. 
  • Telescope: Most of the boys love watching the sky and trying to figure out what might be beyond that. For such kids, a telescope can be the best gift option for a 6 year old boy. Even the smallest telescope would make them happy. 

Benefits Of Giving Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

These 15 gifts for 6 year old boys will help them with their motor and cognitive skills. They will also help in building healthy competition in your little boy. These educational toys for kids will let his imagination soar and be creative while picking up necessary skills. Moreover, there will be an increase in their concentration and confidence level. With this, kids will learn something new and at the same time have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

What Are Some Of The Good Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys?

Here are some of the good gifts for 6 year old boys such as ribbon ninja, smartwatches, hotwheels, dinosaur kit, animal kingdom kits, step toys for kids, Lego city race, etc. These are some of the good gifts for 6 year old boys to play and learn something new.

What are the benefits of presenting Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys?

When you present gifts for 6 year old boys, they improve their cognitive skills and fine and gross motor skills. They also develop their creativity, imagination skills and many other skills. Also, gifts for 6 year old boys improves their confidence levels by letting them have fun.

Are Educational Presents Good For Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys?

Yes, educational books or presents are good gifts for 6 year old boys. When you gift them some comic books or knowledge passing books, it helps them learn more about the world around them by improving their vocabulary. Also, you can give them animal encyclopedias and other informative books.