Activities For Kids At Home

10 Fun Activities For Kids At Home

Stuck at home with the kids? Kids have boundless amounts of energy. With all that energy, if the kids are stuck at home, it’s a sure-fire recipe for disaster. If you want your child to stay indoors, you’ll need an outlet for all that energy. You’ll need to get creative and come up with activities for kids at home and games that’ll keep them occupied and expend some of their energy. There are some fun activities for kids at home that will engage them throughout the day. Conducting activities at home will enhance kids’ learning experiences for better academic performance. 

Are you looking for things to do with kids at home? If so, then you need to explore activities for kids at home. There is a substantial list of activities to do at home with kids. It is important to choose the right activities based on your child’s needs and interests. Without this, you might  have difficulty engaging or providing personalized guidance to the children. Moreover, explore kids learning toys for kids where they can not only engage themselves in activities but also gain knowledge and other important skills. Here is a list of  amazing activities for kids at home that’ll get them moving even on the gloomiest of days.

Activities For Kids At Home

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List Of Activities For Kids At Home 

Thinking about fun activities for kids to do at home? We understand the fact that when kids are stuck at home without doing anything for long hours. There is a sense of low confidence among kids. So, whether it’s a lockdown or a snow day, these activities will keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours. 

  1. Build your own teepee: If you’re looking for an afternoon of peace and quiet, look no further than this activity for kids at home. One activity that most kids will enthusiastically agree to is building a teepee or tent of their own. There are probably very few kids out there who don’t like playing in tents. What’s more, this is an activity that’ll need very few things. All it needs is a blanket or a bedsheet and a few cushions, stuff that you already have in the house. Little children have great imagination, it takes very little to activate their imagination. Just drape a bed sheet or blanket over a table or the backrests of 4 chairs arranged in a square. Throw in some cushions and the teepee is ready for occupation. Ask your child to arrange their toys in their tent and watch them enjoy hours of play-time in their teepee. 
  2. Freeze dance, rhyme dance: One of the best activities for kids at home is dancing. This lets them have fun while expending a lot of that pent-up energy. So dress up and crank up the tunes, it’s time to play a dancing game. You can play this game with several children divided into teams or with just two kids. Each child from the team gets to dance. The dancer has to freeze mid-motion when the music stops. A child from the rival team calls out one word. The dancer has to respond with a rhyming word within a designated time period, say 5-5 seconds. If the dancer gets it right, their team continues dancing. If they get the answer wrong, the rival team starts dancing. For every correct answer, the team gets 1 point. The team with the most number of points and that danced the longest wins the race. This activity for kids at home is a great way to improve your child’s vocabulary while having fun. 
  3. Balloon juggling: Is your kid bored and in need of some entertainment indoors? This is one of the best indoor activities for kids at home. The game will get your kid to exercise and provide endless hours of entertainment. All you need is a balloon and a bored kid. The rules are simple, don’t let the balloon touch the ground and don’t let it burst. So blow up that balloon and hit it in the air and watch your child run around trying to keep that balloon in the air. To make it more challenging, ask your child to juggle the balloon with one hand tied at the back. You can even get your child to juggle more than one balloon at a time. This fun activity is a great way to get your kids to exercise, it helps build their arm strength and hand-eye coordination.
  4. Science experiments: With school canceled, you will need to don the teacher’s hat and help your children learn. And if you have toddlers, it’s always a great idea to introduce them to the basics of science early. But the word lessons will scare your kids away, so you need to make learning more fun and interactive. These simple science experiments for kids that can be done at home are one of the best activities for kids at home. Egg drop projects, Rainbow In A Jar, Popsicle Stick Catapult, an ocean in a bottle and sink, or float experiments are fun things to do with your kids. Your kids will have fun and learn science along the way. 
  5. Little Masterchef: If your little one is a junior Masterchef in the making, he or she will need a lot of practice. This is a really fun activity to do indoors. Additionally, Masterchef or not it’ll help your child learn and appreciate all that you do in the kitchen. All little kids love baked goodies. So, turn your little one into your apprentice and teach them how to bake some muffins or cupcakes. Alternatively, if your child isn’t very into baking, teach them how to make a sandwich for themselves. Teaching your child how to cook is a great way to make them self-reliant. Another fun activity that kids will love to do with you in the kitchen is popsicles. Teach them how to make their own popsicles. And while you’re at it, you can turn it into a science lesson. Explain to them about the different states of matter and how a liquid turns to ice when exposed to freezing temperatures.
  6. Play Board Games: Kids love playing board games. This is one of the best fun activities to do with kids at home. There are many board games for kids to play and engage themselves at home. For example, Carrom Board, Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, Ludo, etc. Kids enjoy playing board games with their friends and family members whenever they get the chance. With this, they will start developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Moreover, there will be improvement in concentration and focus on what they are doing. 
  7. Indoor Games: Have you seen kids running around and hiding behind the curtains? Apart from outdoor activities, they would spend an equal amount of time playing indoor games. It can include hide and seek, puzzles, pictionary, musical chairs, passing the ball, etc. These indoor games for kids are extremely beneficial in developing important skills for educational growth and overall development. 
  8. DIY Crafts: Kids are very artistic and creative in making innovative things. These are the best activities for kids to do at home in order to enhance their creativity. You can ask kids to make bridges with popsicle sticks or toothpicks, paint or decorate t shirts, color the pebbles, make DIY paper crafts, etc  Crafts for kids will encourage them to actively involve themselves in making something beautiful while having fun.  
  9. Get together: Sometimes kids do expect an indoor picnic or get together at home. This is also one of the fun things for kids to do at home. You can call your child’s friends and other family members at home to spend some quality time together. During this time, kids explore their interests and share their feelings with fellow friends. Apart from that, there is a lot of yummy and delicious food that they all enjoy together. Most importantly, there is a lot of social and emotional bonding with others. 
  10. Play Treasure Hunt: Kids love exploring and running around the house most of the time. You can engage kids with scavenger hunts games for kids. Give a set of riddles for kids based on the items available at home. They can solve the riddles and list down the items. For example, I am an electronic appliance used for washing clothes. Who am I? The answer is Washing Machine. Similarly, you can prepare such riddles for kids based on different themes for entertainment and learning purposes. 

Benefits Of Fun Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Some of the benefits of activities for kids at home are mentioned below:

  • Promotes growth and development. 
  • Builds physical stamina. 
  • Maintains a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Enhances learning experiences. 
  • Develops cognitive skills. 
  • Builds confidence and motivation among children. 
  • Improves social and interpersonal skills. 
  • Engages and entertains children. 
  • Develops creativity and imaginative skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 5 fun activities for kids at home

What are the 5 fun activities for kids at home?

Some of the 5 fun activities for kids at home are treasure hunt, word building activities, do it yourself (DIY) crafts, science and technology games and activities for kids, building their own tent, etc.

What are the benefits of fun activities for kids at home ?

The benefits of fun activities for kids at home are that they help them to maintain and follow a healthy lifestyle, engages them in learning new words and form sentences and develop creative skills.