Four Letter Words that Start with N

N is the fourteenth letter in the alphabet list. N is the second common consonant sound used in the English language. It is suggested to introduce  kids to simple four letter words that start with N during their initial days of learning. In addition, parents or teachers can teach a four letter word by breaking it into each sound of the letter or syllable by syllable. When the tutors follow these simple steps, children find it easier to learn their alphabets.

Tutors can adapt to different teaching methods, namely, Pictionary, word builder games or by providing kids with a letter N coloring page, available at Osmo.

List of 4 Letter Words that Start with N

Four letter words that start with N are designed to help children learn the words quickly. Kids learn when they are taught in a simple yet engaging way. As a result, they enjoy their learning classes. Below provided is a list of four letter words starting with the letter N.

4 Letter Words that Start with N


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Quiz: Four Letter Words that Start with N

Once the children have finished learning the above-provided words, challenge them to solve the words given in the quiz by filling in the blanks.

  • _ e w s
  • _ e x t
  • _ o v a
  • _ o o _
  • N i _ e

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