E Words For Kids

A comprehensive guide to the words that start with E in the English language

Children learn a lot during their early years. Language is one of the things that they learn in the first 2 years of their lives. Kids learn by observing and listening to the people around them. So, parents need to ensure that the kids are surrounded by positive language to encourage their vocabulary growth. 

Once kids start school, they start learning how to read and write words, which further expands their vocabulary. Help your child improve their word power by introducing them to E words for kids.

List Of E Words For kids

The letter E is the fifth letter in the English alphabet and is one of the 5 vowels. When kids are ready to learn words that start with E, start by teaching them some simple words. 

For example: E is for egg, earphones, eagle, end, etc. 

These are words they hear often and come across often in their daily lives. So, this will help them understand and learn the words easily. 

Words that start with E are often tricky to spell. This might end up confusing the child. So, start with the basic E words for kids and progress to more complex words gradually. Here are some commonly used E words for kids that children will be able to recognize and understand easily.

Here is a list of E words for kids


List Of E Words For Kids In Preschool

Here is a list of E words for kids for preschoolers mentioned below:

3 Letter E Words For Kids That Start With E


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List Of E Words For Kids In Kindergarten

Kindergarten is when kids start learning about letters, the sounds they make and forming words. Words are an important part of our lives. An expansive vocabulary helps us read, write and communicate. Help your kindergartener learn some easy E words for kids to build their word power.

4 Letter E Words For Kids That Start With E


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5 Letter E Words For Kids That Start With E


More E Words For Kids,

Animal Names That Start With E


Short E Words For Kids

E makes two sounds, the long sound “ee” and the short sound, “eh.”

The long sound “ee”

The long sound of E, “ee” sounds like you’re saying “yee.” For example: feet, meet, teeth.

The short sound “eh”

Here are some examples for the short sound of E, “eh:” get, let, met, etc.


Magic E Words For kids

Some words in the English language have the letter E at the end of the word. The letter E is usually silent and gives power to the other vowel in the word to pronounce itself. This rule is called the magic “e” rule and these words are called magic “e” words. 

For example: Consider the word “tub.” The vowel “u” here is not strongly pronounced. But when we add a magic “e” to the end of the word, “tub” becomes “tube.” Here the “u” is pronounced strongly while the “e” at the end is silent. Here are some examples of magic e words for kids.

Magic E Words For kids


Tips To Teach E Words For Kids

Children learn to do things by observing their parents and other grown-ups around them. A child’s verbal skills and reading comprehension develops significantly when parents encourage them to read and engage them in meaningful conversations. Reading and storytelling are very important for a child’s language development and vocabulary. It introduces them to new and interesting words, which will help improve their word power.

  • Storytelling: Bedtime stories are not just a ritual preparing children for sleep, it’s a wonderful medium to introduce your child to words. Stories are full of wonderful words that will enrich your child’s vocabulary. When you’re reading to your child, have conversations with your child about the story. Ask your child questions about the story and ask them what comes next.
  • Encourage your child to find new words in the storybooks and explain their meaning and how to use them. Point out illustrations in the book to your child to help them understand the meaning of an unfamiliar or interesting word. Ask your child to point out the E words in the book as you read them.

  • Ordering foods that start with E: This is a wonderful game to play with your child to help them learn E words for kids. Prepare a menu, which lists different food that starts with the letter E. For example: Eggs, egg roll, egg sandwich, empanadas, elbow macaroni casserole, English muffin, etc. Ask your child to place an order for the food and then draw the food while you prepare it. 
  • Crossword puzzles for E words for kids: Crossword puzzles are a great way to help children learn new words, expand their vocabulary and learn to spell. Help your child solve crossword puzzles with words that start with the letter E to learn words starting with E. Check Osmo for more crossword puzzles for kids on a variety of topics and themes.
  • Printable Letter E worksheets: Kids tend to forget what they’ve learnt in all the activities they do all day. So, it’s always a great idea to help your child practice what they’ve learnt using worksheets. Help your child practice writing the letter E using letter E coloring pages, ABC tracing worksheets and letter recognition games

Do you know any words from E that we’ve missed?

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Frequently Asked Questions on E Words For Kids

What are E words for kids?

Some of the E words for kids are eagle, eon, elate, example, ether, even, ever, eight, expand, expert, excerpt, event, erase, Euro, enjoy, egg, ear, eat, each, every, eleven, end, etc.

What are some of the kindergarten E words for kids?

Some of the kindergarten E words for kids are elephant, eagle, elk, emu, earl, ease, eddy, etch, early, earth, enter, earth, embark, embody, egret, errand, endeavor, entire, entrance, etc.