Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls

At the age of 5, children habitually begin to show subtle and entire motor abilities. The games that kids play and the toys they play with can help contribute to their growth. However, picking up gifts for 5-year-old girls is not an easy task, though not an impossible mission either.

Buying the best gifts for 5-year-old girls is not simple. As kids at this age start to regulate their emotions, they adapt to work through issues and disputes. With this in point, Osmo presents the parents with a wide collection of gift ideas to 5 year old kids.

Gift Ideas for 5-Year-Old Girl

Girls love to create. Gifting a creative present boosts the artistic skills by letting them be creative by adding colors and features. 

Below given are 8 popular gifts for 5-year-old girls:

Magnetic Building Blocks

If the parents have an opinion that building playsets are only for boys, then they are completely mistaken. This particular toy set with magnetic blocks is specially designed for the best birthday gift for a 5-year-old girl who enjoys constructing buildings and has the vision of becoming an engineer.


  • These gifts for 5 year old girls are made of non-toxic and strong ABS plastic
  • Carefully designed. Making it safe for children
  • The magnets facilitate the arrangements to stay strong, so kids can build as they wish
  • Bonus point: Idea booklet comes with the package


  • Magnetic tiles are quite thin and fragile

Ice Cream Cart

Kids usually dream of unrestricted access to their desired food. In addition to that, 5 year old girls love chocolates and ice-cream. Guess the amount of fun they get by playing with an ice-cream cart. Ice cream may not be given to kids on a regular basis, however, they can absolutely enjoy playing with it. This can be one of the most colorful best Christmas gifts for 5 year old girl.


  • Colorful ice-cream scoops and toppings
  • Assists in memory building and sequencing abilities
  • Inculcates love for cooking
  • Introduces flavors, colors and numbers
  • Enhances motor skills


  • Audio quality seems to be quite poor
  • Cart may not be strong
  • Not a sturdy package that may tip over

Kids Cooking and Baking Set

If a kid displays attention to cooking, then the parents can get her a cooking set which ideally can be one of the good gifts for a 5 year old girl. This cooking set comes with all the necessary accessories and cutlery that 5-year-old girls love to play with.


  • The cook’s hat and apron are specially designed for girls
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Handy cookbook including simple procedures for kids
  • Encourages 5 year olds to enhance their interest in cooking


  • The cutlery may be a little fragile
  • Utensils are more petite than those displayed in the picture

Stencil Set for Kids

If a parent is in constant search of gifts for a 5 year old little girl, then the best way to impress her is by gifting her a set of stencils to sharpen her drawing skills. This long-lasting set of stencils is simple to use and effortless to clean.


  • BPA-free plastic. Safe and non-toxic
  • Eco friendly and sustainable
  • Ignites little girls’ vision to create images
  • Washable stencils
  • Comes with color pencils, a sharpener, 3-color pen and paper


  • A few stencils may come crooked, making it quite difficult to use on paper
  • Some shapes are too tiny to use

Doll and Playset

Parents are quite a time sceptical of what to gift to their little girl. The best birthday gift for 5 year old girl can always be the most taken road viz., gifting her a pretty Barbie. The Barbie doll happens to be one of the most sought out gifts for little girls, and one can hardly go wrong with it. Barbie dolls and playsets come in different sizes and themes. Namely, a farmer doll who loves taking care of her chickens and farm animals.


  • Theme based Barbie advocates the significance of possessing a goal
  • Comes with racks to set little chickens
  • Racks hold small nests for miniature chicks


  • The quality of the doll might not be satisfactory

Disney Princess Necklace Activity

This is a solid value for money as it is not a toy alone but also an accessory. The little girls can design a new necklace each day and wear it. It is simple to make and easy to wear. For best gift ideas for 5 year old birthday girl, parents can refer to Best Gifts for 5-Year-Olds.


  • Colorful beads 
  • Can be mixed and matched through silicone necklaces
  • Easy storage
  • Enhances creativity and supports the kid to understand patterns, colors and shapes


  • The points of the necklace detach too quickly and easily
  • Can become considerably hazardous for children

Dancing Unicorn

Dancing Unicorn can be regarded as the most creative Christmas gift for a 5 year old girl. When one is unable to get their girl a real pet, they can consider getting her a pet-like unicorn that rocks and neighs like a real horse.


  • The playful unicorn plays music and balls to it
  • Its horn sparks up in multicolor lights
  • Its mane can be cleaned using the custom-made brush
  • It loves eating cupcakes that are given in the package


  • Can be monotonous for children considering it only dances and performs no other activities to keep them entertained

Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Arranging miniature jewelry pieces can be hard for a little girl. However, with this beautiful little jewelry box, girls can learn to store their precious jewelry in one place. They may enjoy arranging their jewelry because of the lovely ballerina dancing in the case every time it is opened. The Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box is one of the big gifts for a 5 year old girl to impress them.


  • Appealing design
  • The ballerina spins gracefully to ‘Swan Lake’ song
  • Strong build


  • The musical case is made of thick cardboard and not wood or metal

Osmo provides age-wise ideas for the benefit of children as well as parents to pick top gifts for 5 year old girls.