O Words For Kids

Words that Start with O

The letter o is a vowel that makes the sound /o/ in words like octopus, onion, oven, etc. Once your child can recognize the letter O, teach them o words for kids. When you start teaching words that start with O, start with simple, short O words for kids. This will help little kids learn the words easily and build a vast vocabulary for kids.

While teaching words for kids are important, it is also not easy. Parents and teachers need to think of creative ideas to teach O words for kids. For example, conduct activities or games while teaching short and easy O words for kids to make the lesson more engaging.

In this article, explore:

List of O Words for Kids

Here is a list of O words for kids to develop their language and vocabulary skills.

O Words for Kids

Ostrich Office
Olive Orchid

List of Kindergarten O Words for Kids 

Kids in kindergarten are still learning 2 and 3 letter words and sight words for kids. So, introduce them to simple 2 and 3 letter words that start with O. Here is a list of O words for kids in kindergarten.

O Words for Kindergarten Kids


List of Preschool O Words for Kids 

Preschoolers are just getting started on their educational journey. They’ve just learnt the alphabet and know a few preschool sight words. Introduce them to simple words with this list below.

Preschool Words that Start with O


Names of Things that Start with O

There are several things or objects, which have names starting with the letter O. Here is a list of some commonly used things that start with O.

List of Things that Start with O

Oak treeOceanOars

Cool Words that Start with O

Learning cool and unusual words is a great way to build a wide and varied vocabulary. Knowledge of these words come in handy while taking the SATs or writing essays for your university applications. Additionally, a good vocabulary is a great asset that is extremely useful in a person’s professional life as well. Here is a list of some cool and unusual words starting with the letter O.

List of Cool Words that Start with O


Positive Words that Start with O

The best way to instil positivity and good traits in children is to ensure their speech and thinking is positive. For this, you have to teach them positive words and how to use them from a young age. Here are some positive words starting with the letter O to help your child learn positive language.

List of Positive Words that Start with O


Vocabulary Words for Kids Starting with O

3 Letter O Words for Kids

  • One
  • Oil

For more words, visit 3 letter words starting with O.

4 Letter O Words for Kids

  • Over
  • Only

For more words, visit four letter words that start with O

5 Letter O Words for Kids

  • Optic
  • Orbit

More O Words for Kids

Activities that Help in Learning O Words for Kids

The easiest way to teach letter o words for kids is by using activities and games those interest kids. These activities help them stay engaged while they explore new words. For example, reading games for kids is a wonderful way to help kids read and recognize the O words for kids.

Here are some activities that help in learning letter o words:

  • Finding O Words: This is an interesting activity for children to learn words starting with the letter o. Give kids worksheets with words starting with O. The task is to find all the hidden O words in the worksheet. Ask them to mark or tick the words starting with a letter o like owl, oven, ostrich, etc. This tests their knowledge of words starting with O.
  • Coloring O Words: Kids are always attracted to the activities that involve coloring. So, hand out coloring worksheets like alphabet coloring pages with words starting with O. Then ask them to color the o words.
  • Writing O Words: Writing is extremely important for the development of eye-to-hand coordination for kids. It will enhance the ability to understand what they write and also learn to spell words. So, conduct some writing games for kids  to improve their writing skills. Provide worksheets with a list of words and ask them to trace the words and then write them. 
  • Connecting O Words: Prepare worksheets with words and their corresponding images. Ask the kids to match or connect the words with the correct images. With this, they will be able to recognize the words and their meaning. 

Osmo has a wide variety of word lists, games and activities to make learning fun and interesting. Check our kids learning section to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions on O Words For Kids

What are some of the O words for kids?

Some of the O words for kids are once, orange, ointment, only, owl, ox, ostrich, orchid, organ, olive, oats, ocean, oven, oil, etc. These are a few O words for kids.

What are a few Kindergarten O Words for Kids?

A few Kindergarten O Words for Kids are Okay, ok, offer, offered, object, open, oasis, on, old, observe, occur, occurred, occurrence, ordinary, organ, etc. These are some of the Kindergarten O words for kids which can be taught to them in a simple yet fun way.

What are a few Preschool O Words for Kids?

Some of the preschool O Words for Kids are Onset, obsolete, obtuse, octopus, origin, ocean, optimal, okra, octagon, ornament, oppose, optimistic, out, our, outside, etc. You can teach these O words for kids by helping them to understand the meaning and definition of the words.

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