O Words For Kids

Words That Start With O

The letter o is basically an alphabet that sounds as /o/ for the words such as octopus, onion, oven, etc.These words are important for conversing meaningful sentences with others. There are substantial lists of o words for kids that have to be taken into account. Therefore, parents and teachers need to make sure that words that start with o should be taught to the kids in a systematic way. To begin with, check short o words for kids in order to make them remember what they are learning. Apart from this, conduct spelling activities for kids so that they not only learn new words but also know how to spell them. 

Kindergarten and preschool kids need a lot of attention when it comes to education. They are at this age of learning where you need to think out of the box concepts to teach them. However, you need to develop effective strategies to teach letter o words for kids. Moreover, conduct activities for short and easy o words for kids so that they get well acquainted with words and their meanings. In addition to this, think of creative ideas to teach vocabulary for kids in their formative years of learning.

List Of O Words For Kids

Here is the list of o words for kids to develop their language and vocabulary skills for better communication. 

O Words For Kids

Ostrich Office
Olive Orchid

List Of Kindergarten O Words For Kids 

For kids, the most important things to understand sound is through reading and writing. Isn’t it? Well, kindergarten spelling words can definitely make a difference in your child learning experience. Similarly, you need to adapt an environment that suits your child’s learning abilities. You can teach easy o words for kids in the initial phase of learning based on their level of understanding. 

O Words For Kindergarten Kids


List Of Preschool O Words For Kids 

Unlike kindergarten kids, preschoolers might not be ready to read or write words. But they do recognize the words which are often spoken by parents on a regular interval. With this, they can easily connect the o words with the objects or things around them. For the kids who have begun to recognize the words, expose them to  preschool sight words which are frequently used words in framing sentences. 

Preschool Words That Start With O

Ostrich Onset

O Vocabulary List Of Words For Kids:

3 Letter O Words For Kids That Start With O

  • One
  • Oil

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4 Letter O Words For Kids That Start With O

  • Over
  • Only

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5 Letter O Words For Kids That Start With O

  • Optic
  • Orbit

More O Words For Kids,

Activities That Help In Learning O Words For Kids

To teach letter o words for kids is quite a task until it is done in a systematic way. Therefore, you must implement activities that suit the interests of kids. With such activities, not only do they explore new words but also engage themselves in the learning process. We need to focus on providing opportunities for kids to read and write in order to develop their vocabulary skills. For this, conduct writing and reading games for kids where they can recognize and spell words. Incorporate easy and short o words for kids in order to gain overall improvement in communication. 

Some of the activities that help in learning letter o words are as follows: 

  • Finding O Words: This is an interesting activity for children to learn words starting with the letter o. You can provide worksheets to the kids consisting of all the letter words. However, you need to guide kids in finding out hidden o words from the given list. You can ask them to mark or tick the words starting with a letter o such as owl, oven, ostrich, etc. With this, they learn to stay focused and recognize the words effectively.
  • Coloring O Words: Kids are always attracted to the activities which have a lot to do with colors. You can provide coloring worksheets similar to the alphabet coloring pages where they can color the o words for their understanding. Kids can use attractive colors and paints to color the words and simultaneously learn for better retention.
  • Writing O Words: Writing is extremely important for the development of eye-to-hand coordination for kids. It will enhance the ability to understand what they write and also learn to spell words. Besides this, conducting writing games for kids  will improve their writing skills for the better. Provide worksheets with a list of words for their practice. 
  • Connecting O Words: Provide worksheets consisting of images opposite to the words. Kids need to match or connect the words with the correct related images. With this, they will be able to recognize the words and their appearance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on O Words For Kids

What are some of the O words for kids?

Some of the O words for kids are once, orange, ointment, only, owl, ox, ostrich, orchid, organ, olive, oats, ocean, oven, oil, etc. These are a few O words for kids.

What are a few Kindergarten O Words for Kids?

A few Kindergarten O Words for Kids are Okay, ok, offer, offered, object, open, oasis, on, old, observe, occur, occurred, occurrence, ordinary, organ, etc. These are some of the Kindergarten O words for kids which can be taught to them in a simple yet fun way.

What are a few Preschool O Words for Kids?

Some of the preschool O Words for Kids are Onset, obsolete, obtuse, octopus, origin, ocean, optimal, okra, octagon, ornament, oppose, optimistic, out, our, outside, etc. You can teach these O words for kids by helping them to understand the meaning and definition of the words.