Shape Games for Kids

Shapes are way more important in our lives than we realize. Everything we see around us has a shape. That is the reason why kids are expected to start learning about shapes right from their formative years. 

Here we have some of the most amazing shape games for kids to play online. 

The preschool learning games for kids on shapes and colors include creating shapes out of things like toothpicks, straws, craft sticks, etc. Kids can have a unique and more effective education if they get to have a hands-on learning experience. 

Why should kids learn Shapes? 

  • Learning shapes improves the visual comprehension of kids. The sooner they learn simple shapes, the faster they get to identify the complex ones.
  • Shapes assist kids in finding symmetry in the elements around them. This later helps them in solving Mathematical problems based on geometry.
  • Kids might sometimes find it difficult to remember the difference between letters, b and d, for example.

Here, you can make it easy for them to differentiate between the two. For instance, you can say that in ‘b’, a straight line is followed by a circle (line, then circle). And, the other way round is ‘d’. 

There are many such other aspects of learning shapes that help kids gaining a better insight into the real world.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the shape games that you can watch your kids play at home!

1. Learn Shapes by Making 

Gather things easily available at home like straws, craft sticks, etc. Ask your kids to make shapes like rectangle, square, with those things. 

2. Osmo’s Tangram – Shape Matching Game for kids

Being able to use tangible pieces in their physical environment can do wonders when it comes to kids’ education. 

Shape matching games for kids are designed in a way such that kids find it entertaining to solve shape puzzles. 

Tangram, one of our shape games for kids, is full of engaging activities where kids get an entirely interactive video experience. 

In Tangram, an image made of several shapes is shown on the screen. Using the tangram pieces provided with the Osmo kids’ learning kit, kids are supposed to arrange and make the shape as shown in the image on the screen.

It is an amazing collaboration between traditional games and high-tech digital ingenuity. Solving the puzzle on shapes will enhance their spatial and visual problem-solving skills. 

We have over 500 puzzles on different shapes where kids can create numbers, animals and a lot more. 

3. Identify shapes around

Ask kids to look around them and try to identify simple shapes in their environment. 

For instance, a TV screen is rectangular, wheels of vehicles are round (or circular), birthday caps are conical, etc. 

4. Identify and color 

You can get a printout of shapes coloring worksheets (or make one yourself!) and ask your little ones to color different shapes with different colors. 

For instance, you can ask them to color all the Circles with Red, Squares with Green, Rectangles with Blue, so on and so forth.

5. Osmo’s Masterpiece

Ever wondered how fabulous it will be to watch your little one master the knowledge of shapes and forms? Masterpiece is one such kids’ learning game that enables kids to get a deep insight into shapes by assisting them in drawing any shape they want to.

In Masterpiece, kids are supposed to take a click of any object. Masterpiece then transforms it into an image with simple outlines. Then, kids can draw that image on physical paper by going along those outlines shown on the screen.

Not only can the kids draw fascinating shapes and forms on paper but also you can share a captivating time-lapse video of their work.  

Using games like Tangram and Masterpiece, kids can now learn through practicing 2D shapes games and 3D shape games for kids. 

Why should you choose Osmo in your kids’ formative years? 

  1. Learn through hands-on experience
  2. Using the traditional ways of teaching our kids might lead them to develop a feeling that learning is a boring thing. Well, why to let that happen if you can make learning fun for them!

    We would all agree that the best way to learn anything is through one’s own experience and experimentation. 

  3. Practice Social Skills
  4. Social skills play a vital role in our lives. How we interact and communicate with others matters a lot as that’s how we create our social connections.  

  5. The Best of Digital Learning
  6. Parents today are super concerned about their kids getting way too involved with gadgets. However, at the same time, we need to understand that digital is the future! 

With Osmo’s kids learning games kits, your children will get the benefit of digital learning in the real world. 

Shape board games for kids enhance kids’ understanding of shapes. Osmo also provides toddlers with educational games to learn shapes for kids. Learning and being able to recognize shapes is one of the first few things we learn as kids. We also promote hands-on learning of other subjects like Math, Science, Fundamentals of Physics, Geography, etc. 

Games offered by Osmo ensure a sound learning foundation for your kids’ education. Don’t wait anymore and start shopping now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Shape Games for Kids

What are some of the Shape Games for Kids?

Some of the Shape Games for Kids are Osmo’s tangram, recognizing shapes and patterns around the house, recognize and fill the colors, Osmo’s masterpiece, etc.

Why should children be a part of Shape Games?

Children should be a part of shape games because they help them to learn the names of each shape and draw them accordingly. Also, these are visually appealing and help kids to learn quickly.