Long Division Worksheets

As students enter grade 5, they start learning more advanced arithmetic operations. They’ve already mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and simple division. But now comes the time to learn the dreaded long division. But however scary it may seem, it’s a topic that cannot be ignored. Especially since it’s an important topic in the SATs. The best way to help children practice the topic is to help them solve math worksheets for kids long division worksheets.

The SAT papers always have one or two long division problems. In the SATs, children are expected to score the highest marks in the arithmetic paper. However, kids might lose a few crucial marks if they write inaccurate answers or don’t attempt the question. So, it’s important for kids to practice on long division worksheets to be confident of their answers.

List of Long Division Worksheets

Long division worksheets are the perfect way to help children solve problems and practice long division problems. These worksheets for kids include problems ranging from easy single-digit divisors to complex decimal and polynomial long division problems.

Long Division Worksheets with Single-digit Divisor

Help your little ones solve division problems with single-digit divisor on the worksheet. This help them learn divide numbers with smaller digits, and eventually move on to the bigger ones. Check out the long division worksheets for kids given below.

Divide with single digit numbers: Long division worksheets

Long Division with Remainder Worksheet

Kids must learn to solve long division problems for better learning outcomes. They can learn same concept in different ways using the worksheets. Check out the long division with remainder worksheet for kids given below.

Solve the division problem: Free printable long division worksheets

Long Division Worksheets with 2 Digit Divisor

Once your little ones are able to solve division problems with single-digit divisor, you can introduce them to two-digit divisor to solve complex problems easily. Check out the division worksheets with 2-digit divisor for kids given below.

Divide with two digit numbers: Long division printable worksheets

Decimal Long Division Worksheet

Help your children increase their difficulty level by solving division problems. Kids need to upgrade their knowledge by solving decimal long division problems. Apart from practicing whole number division problems, kids can divide decimal numbers with the two-digit divisor on the worksheet given below.

Divide the decimal numbers: Printable long division worksheets for kids

Polynomial Long Division Worksheets

Check out the polynomial long division worksheets for kids given below. In this worksheet, Kids need to solve the equations and write the accurate results on the worksheet. Practicing the equations help children understand the concept of division effectively.

Divide the polynomial numbers: Free long division worksheets

What is Long Division?

Before you start solving these long division worksheets, let’s revise what long division is. In math, long division is an arithmetic operation that is used to divide large numbers into smaller parts. This process helps to break down and simplify a division problem involving larger numbers into a sequence of smaller and easier steps. In a long division problem, the dividend and divisor are both large numbers with 3 or more digits. Students will have to use division, multiplication, subtraction, dropping down a digit and repeat or remainder to solve a long division problem. 

How to do Long Division?

Since a long division problem involves several basic math operations, it might be overwhelming for students to learn it at once. Before teaching them to solve long division problems and practice on long division worksheets, ensure that they know the following things:

  • Students must have a firm understanding of the place value system.
  • Students must know the multiplication tables from 1-20.
  • Students must know to solve basic division problems.
  • Students must be confident in subtraction.

5 Steps to Teach Long Division Before Solving Long Division Worksheets

Here are some simple steps that will help in teaching and helping students learn long division easily before helping them solve long division worksheets.

  1. Take a step back: Long division is a mix of different arithmetic operations, but doing all those operations at once might be confusing for a student. So, before diving headfirst into long division, take a step back and review the fundamental concepts with your students. The students should be able to solve simple multiplication, division and subtraction problems easily. Use engaging games and activities to test their knowledge before teaching them long division and solving long division worksheets. Check out these math addition games for kids,  and multiplication games for kids to help kids revise addition and multiplication.
  2. Start with concepts that are easier to understand: A long division problem has several different parts. Instead of diving into it all at once while solving long division worksheets, start with the simpler concepts. Teach students the vocabulary of division. Help them understand what dividend, divisor, quotient and remainder are in a division problem. 
    • A dividend is a number that is being divided. It is usually placed on the right side of the equation, under the line.
    • The divisor is the number that is doing the dividing. It is usually placed on the left side of the equation.
    • The quotient is the answer or the number you get when the dividend is divided by the divisor. This number is placed on top of the dividend.
    • The remainder is the number that is left over because it is a number that cannot be equally divided by the divisor. 

    Here is a visual example to help you understand.

    Long Division Worksheets

    Help students revise division problems. Help them practice basic division problems worksheets until they are confident.

  3. Start with simpler problems: Start with simpler long division problems to help your students practice. Help them practice long division worksheets with a single-digit divisor or long division worksheets with no remainders. Get students used to solving problems in the new format before introducing sums with remainders. Explain to them that a remainder is a number that cannot be equally divided by the divisor. Use a hands-on activity to help reinforce the concept. Here is a division with remainders worksheet to help children practice before tackling more complex long division problems.
  4. For example, Dividing marshmallows equally – Divide learners into groups with 4 or 7 children in each group. Give each group a bag with 30 marshmallows and ask them to divide it so that everyone has an equal amount of marshmallows. Eventually, they’ll realize that it cannot be divided equally and there will be some marshmallows leftover in the bag. 

    Use this opportunity to explain long division and the concept of remainders. Demonstrate with a few numerical examples. Once they grasp the concept, introduce bigger numbers gradually.

    When students can confidently perform long division with whole numbers, you can introduce them to long division worksheets with decimals and polynomials.

  5. Teaching the steps of long division: A long division problem involves 5 steps.
    • First, divide the number
    • Then, multiply
    • Subtract the answer from the dividend
    • Bring down the digit
    • Repeat the steps or remainder

    Here is an example of long division with steps shown clearly. Let’s divide 74 by 3.

    Long Division Worksheets
    Long Division Worksheets
    Long Division Worksheets
    Long Division Worksheets
    Long Division Worksheets
  6. Practice: Once students have grasped the concept of long division, it’s time to have them practice solving problems. Long division worksheets are the best way to help students to learn the concept. These long division worksheets include sums with 1-digit and 2-digit divisors, decimals and polynomials. Help children learn how to perform long division using these simple long division worksheets.

Benefits of Using Long Division Worksheets

The benefits of using long division worksheets for kids are mentioned below.

  • It helps children learn the concept of division creatively.
  • It enables children learn division problems in different way.
  • It increases retention power of children.
  • It helps children understand and, solve problems with speed and accuracy.
  • It creates interest among children to practice division problems on a regular basis.
  • It develops children think abilities to solve problems accurately.
  • It keeps children active and engaged in practicing long division problems.
  • It stimulates brain development and hand-eye coordination skills while practicing worksheets.
  • It increases academic performance of children.
  • It boosts children’s confidence to practice more division problems using the worksheets until they become proficient in them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Long Division Worksheets

Is Practicing The Long Division Worksheets Hard?

The main purpose of these Long Division Worksheets is to help kids understand the complex and challenging concepts of division. However, a few might find it quite difficult to learn the long division method in the initial stages. The more they practice, the more they will understand the concept.

At what age should a child be given the Long Division Worksheets?

This totally depends on the child’s learning capability and interest. Thus, there is no specified age to introduce the long division worksheets for kids. But, you can provide them with these worksheets, once they have mastered the other basic math concepts like, counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Is Long Division Worksheets The Only Method To Teach Children?

No, The Long division worksheets are one of the simplest ways to teach kids the concept of division. There are quite a few methods such as short division for dividing big numbers by a single digit number and chunking method for small numbers.

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