Gifts For Kids

Most Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

Do your kids like gifts? Well, there is hardly anyone who is not excited about receiving gifts. Most importantly, kids are extremely fond of receiving gifts irrespective of any gender. Parents look for gifts especially on their birthdays and other special occasions. So, are you looking for some of the most unique gifts for kids which they will like instantly? Let us help you with understanding the gifts for kids based on their age group. Moreover, you can also explore some of the educational toys for kids which will certainly be useful during their learning process. 

Check out unique gift ideas for kids:

Can you ever imagine gifting cars and dolls to newborn babies? No right, it is pretty obvious that we need to understand what kind of gifts will be preferred by kids depending on their age group. However, few gifts are applicable only for 2 years of age or below such as chewing teeth and cars or dolls for the 3-4 years of age group. However, crafts for kids can also be beneficial in terms of using their imagination in building something creative. 

Birthday Ideas for Kids – Gifts by Age 

There are different types of gifts for kids depending upon the age groups. Now, let us find out the categories of gifts that are listed based on age and gender. Parents would be thinking of the best and unique gift ideas for kids. Therefore, it is not easy to impress the children with some random gifts. Hence, focus on choosing the right gifts for kids irrespective of any occasion. 

List Of Gifts For Kids 

Here are some of the list of birthday gifts for kids as per the age group  mentioned below:

Gift Ideas For Kids Up to 2 Years Of Age  

This is the most important day for any parents in celebrating their child’s first birthday as grand as possible. Parents including family members would start thinking about what to gift when the child turns one. The gifts up to 2 years of age should be something that is soft, safe, entertaining and useful for kids. Here are some amazing first birthday gifts ideas for kids as mentioned below:

  1. Baby clothes 
  2. Shoes 
  3. Walker
  4. Bath tubs 
  5. Chewing toys or keys 
  6. Pram

Educational Gifts For Kids Below 2 Years Of Age

Apart from these, parents can even buy some educational toys that can attract kids to learn something new. Besides playing, kids can start recognizing letters, learning digits, listening and repeating the sound games etc. 


Gift Ideas For Kids Of 3-4 Years Of Age  

Kids at this are extremely playful. You cannot expect them to sit and listen. They have a huge amount of energy which needs to be used in an effective way. Generally, kids like playing games with bats, ball, football, dolls, super hero toys, marbles etc. 

Educational Gifts for Kids of 3-4 years of age

In addition to this, you can start gifting kids with educational toys in the form of shapes, building blocks of alphabets, counting numbers, digital learning boxes etc. 


Gift Ideas For Kids Of 5-6 Years Of Age

At this age, parents need to understand their kids’ needs and interest with respect to what gift they might like. According to their wish, you can buy gifts for kids such as clay toys, soft toys, tricycles, school bags, toy trains etc.

Educational Gifts For Kids Of 5-6 Years Of Age

Kids need some entertainment and at the same time something that boosts their learning experience. You need to think of really cool and unique birthday gifts for kids such as math addition, subtraction and multiplication. Along with some jigsaw puzzles, abacus, kids worksheets, writing tablets, magnetic blocks etc. 


Birthday Present For Kids – Gifts By Gender

Although there are girl kids who like playing with cars and there are boy kids who love playing with soft toys, we are just providing some fun birthday ideas for kids based on their gender on a general note. You can always select a gift idea from the Gifts by Age section. 

Educational gifts for kids are common for both girls and boys. Studies and experiments have shown that more often, boy kids like toys such as cars, trucks, etc. and girl kids would prefer dolls and soft toys. It does not imply anything but that is how their choices go in most cases. In case you hand over some superhero toys to a girl child, she might just play with them as she’d play with a doll. But, if you give the same superhero toys to a boy child, he would rather have to make them fight over each other. 

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Gift for Boys: Robot toys, cars, motorbike toys, animal toys, dinosaur toys, cars etc. 
  2. Gift for Girls: Dolls and castles, soft toys, keyboard, unicorns, magnetic drawing boards, etc. 

Birthday Ideas for Kids – Gifts By Occasion:

  • Gifts For Christmas: We all know that Christmas is the most awaited festival for kids. The interesting part of the festival is receiving gifts especially for kids. They wait for parents and their loved ones to shower them with loads of gifts. Therefore, we have got the best ideas for gifts such as soft toys, story books, building blocks, unicorn themed toys, Christmas crafts for kids, etc.
  • Gifts For Halloween: All the kids love Halloween so that they are able to dress up wearing weird costumes and collect candy from their parents. Halloween is celebrated with a lot of zeal and excitement across the world. During this time, parents have to think of some interesting Halloween gifts for kids keeping in mind that it should be related to the occasion. For example, pumpkin themed baskets, spooky costumes, arts and crafts materials, etc. 

Educational Vs Traditional Gifts For Kids

In their formative years of learning, kids pick up skills and information really fast. They have a high grasping ability but less interest in learning unless they feel learning to be entertaining and engaging. On the other hand, traditional gifts are great but they don’t add much value to your kids’ growing years. It is true that traditional gifts can keep kids entertained for a while but in the end, they either get damaged or lost or children start finding them too old to play with.

Learning a new language or music or any other such skills, kids are way faster than grown-ups. It is because an individual’s brain is most active as a child. The time kids spend with toys leave lasting effects on them. Therefore, why not choose toys that not only make them happy but also impart something useful and knowledgeable to them. This way, you can give good birthday tech gifts for kids while ensuring that it refines their skills. You can even explore Science gifts for kids in case they are interested in learning this particular field. Let’s have a look at some of the major advantages of educational toys and presents

Benefits of Unique Educational Gifts for Kids

Some of the most unique and fun birthday ideas for kids will be to buy educational presents for them. The benefits of giving informative and educational non toy gifts for kids are as follows: 

  • Develops Kids IQ level.
  • Promotes mental growth.
  • Develops creativity and imagination.
  • Improves fine motor skills.
  • Builds concentration and focus.
  • Develops problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthens emotional intelligence.
  • Refines social understanding.
  • Boosts their confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts For Kids

What Are Some Of The Best Gifts For Kids?

Children love receiving gifts on their birthdays, festive seasons and during the holiday season. Thus, gifts for kids can be given considering their likes and preferences. You can give them coloring books, educational toy sets, talking Tom, comic books, indoor game sets, cooking set and many more.

What are the gifts for kids for 10 year old?

As the 10 year old would be able to read and write, there are a number of gifting ideas. As kids would be interested in space, wildlife, books and many other things. You can give them Lego building blocks, gravity puzzles, treehouses, robots and many more.

What Are The Birthday Gifts For Kids?

Kids always wait to receive gifts on their birthdays. They feel happy when they receive presents like candies, dollhouses, cute dresses, shorts and many other gifts. Children love when they receive gifts like chocolates and cakes as surprise gifts on their birthdays. These are some of the best birthday gifts for kids.