Gifts For Kids

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially kids. They’re a token of love that makes us feel special, loved and cherished. Giving gifts for kids helps them understand that they’re loved and appreciated just the way they are. But choosing gifts for kids is not an easy task. It needs careful consideration and a lot of research and planning. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for kids.

List of Gifts for Kids

Gift Ideas for Kids according to Age

First Birthday Gift IdeasGifts For 2 Year Olds
Gifts for 3 Year OldsGifts for 4 Year Olds
Gifts for 5 Year OldsGifts for 6 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for Kids according to Gender

Gifts for 2 Year Old BoysGifts For 3 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 3 Year Old BoyGifts for 4 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 4 Year Old BoysGifts for 5 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 5 Year Old BoysGifts for 6 Year Old Girls
Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

Easter Gifts for KidsSt. Patrick’s Day Gifts
Christmas Gifts for Kids15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids
Halloween Gifts For Kids

Learning Gift Ideas for Kids

Educational Gifts for KidsSTEM Gifts for Kids
Tech Gifts for KidsNon Toy Gifts for Kids
Science Gifts for Kids

Best Gifts for Kids

Here is a list of 40+ amazing and very unique gifts for kids. Every little child will whoop with joy when they unwrap their present. These gifts for kids will spark their imagination and creativity, explore their interests and sharpen their skills. 

List of Unique and Popular Gifts for Kids

  1. Rattles: Rattles are a wonderful gift for babies and toddlers. These toys help in developing the child’s cognitive abilities and fine motor skills. They also promote independent play.
  2. Pull-along wagons: A pull-along wagon is a great gift for little kids. It develops their fine and gross motor skills and social skills. It also encourages pretend play. This is a wonderful gift for 2-5 year old kids.
  3. Osmo’s Preschool Starter Kit: Give your little one the gift of learning with Osmo’s preschool starter kit. The kit includes 9 game apps, silicone play mat, 38 silicone Sticks & Rings, 19 Costume Pieces, 4 erasable markers and a creative board. This wonderful gift helps them learn important skills like shape and color recognition, letter recognition, vocabulary, drawing, numbers and counting. Additionally, it also improves their spatial reasoning, creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving and thinking skills. Age: 3-5 years
Osmo Preschool Starter Kit Gift Ideas For Kids
  1. Sit and spin: A sit and spin toy is a classic gift for little kids. It’s great to boost their gross and fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination, balance etc. Age: 2+ years
  2. Slide: A slide is a wonderful gift that makes for hours of fun for your little one. Along with being fun, it also helps them exercise. Slides are perfect for kids who’re 2-6 years of age.
  3. Robot: Toy robots are great gifts for kids over 4 years of age. It helps them learn important STEM concepts like coding, mechanics etc while they have fun. Additionally, a robot building kit helps develop their thinking and problem solving skills. Also, check out these coding toys for kids.
  4. Crawl tunnel: Does your little one love peek-a-boo? A crawl tunnel is one of the best gifts for kids who love playing peek-a-boo. Along with being fun, this gift is also great for your little ones’ physical development and mental well-being. This gift is best for 1-6 year old kids.
  5. Kiddie pool: This is one gift that kids of all ages will enjoy. Let your little ones cool off and play in the water by giving them a kiddie pool. Age: 2+ years old.
  6. Little Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night: Little Genius Starter Kit + Family Game Night is another great gift for kids by Osmo. This kit introduces kids to concepts of STEM learning through 7 wonderful games. It helps them learn to love STEM topics like engineering, art, math, and reading. It also boosts their imagination and creativity and problem-solving skills. Age: 6-12 years
Osmo Genius Starter Kit Gift Ideas for Kids
  1. Blankets or quilts: A personalized blanket or quilt is a wonderful gift for your little one to snuggle with. Get one with your child’s favorite superhero or cartoon character to make it more special. Age: 18+ months
  2. Coloring book and crayons: Coloring and drawing or scribbling is one among most kids’ favorite pastimes. Boost your little one’s artistic skills and let their creativity flow by giving them a coloring book and crayons. Also, check out these fun animal coloring pages for kids. Age: 2+ years
  3. Fort building kit: Everyone loves having their own space and your little one is no different. A fort building kit is one of the most unique gifts for kids. It helps build their thinking skills and fine and gross motor skills. It also encourages pretend play and group play, which expands their imagination and creativity. Age: 4+ years
  4. Bedside lamp: Make your child’s sleep time more fun by giving them a bedside lamp. The soft glow from these magical bedside lamps like lava lamps will lull your little ones to the land of sweet dreams. This is a gift that you can give to kids of all ages. 
  5. Magnetic tiles: Magnetic tiles are wonderful gifts for kids over 3 years of age. Help your little one build their own unique creations and expand their imagination and creativity with this gift. It also enhances their fine motor skills and cognitive skills. In addition to these, magnetic tiles help them learn about different shapes. Check out these shape games for kids.
  6. Jigsaw Puzzles: Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best gifts for children, which not only entertains them but also teaches them important life skills. You can choose jigsaw puzzles based on your child’s age. It helps them learn logical reasoning, problem solving and also enhances their fine motor skills. Age: 3+ years
  7. Building blocks: Building blocks are another classic gift for children. These wonderful toys teach children to explore their imagination and improve their fine motor skills. You can find building blocks for kids of all ages and different complexity levels. Age: 18+ months
  8. Storybooks: Storybooks are one of the best gifts for kids. Non-toy gifts for kids like these are enjoyable and also teach children important skills like new words and reading skills. Age: 2+ years
  9. Remote-controlled vehicles: Remote-controlled vehicles are one of the most sought after toys for little kids. Your little one will surely be excited to unwrap this present. These vehicles boost a child’s dexterity and spatial awareness. Age: 4+ years
  10. Abacus: An abacus is a great gift for a little child who’s just starting school. This STEM toy will help your little ones learn to count and even perform math operations like addition and subtraction easily. Check out these counting activities for preschoolers. Age: 3+ years
  11. Trike: A trike is one of the most popular gifts for kids over the age of 3. This wonderful gift helps them learn better balance and coordination skills and steering skills. Additionally, it also helps develop critical cognitive skills, confidence and independence. Age: 3+ years
  12. Train set: If your little one loves trains and railway tracks, a train set is the perfect gift for them. They’ll spend endless hours setting their train tracks and playing with the trains. Age: 4+ years
  13. Dolls and dollhouses: Dolls and dollhouses are one of the most popular gifts for little girls. These toys are wonderful tools to boost their imagination and creativity. Your little one will have great fun dressing up her dolls and arranging the dollhouse according to their imagination. Age: 3+ years
  14. Alphabet blocks: Alphabet blocks are wonderful gifts for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners. These blocks are great to help kids learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet. Additionally, these blocks can also be used to help kids learn how to spell words. Check out these letter recognition games for kids. Age: 3+ years
  15. Plush toys: Plush toys are a popular choice of gift for kids of all ages. These toys encourage pretend play and boost their imagination. Give your little one a plush toy in the shape of their favorite cartoon character, a fruit, vegetable or a superhero. Age: 18+ months
  16. Board games: Another popular gift for little kids are board games. These fun games help kids learn important social skills like sharing, communication and teamwork. It also improves their thinking skills and problem solving skills. Check out these board games for kids. Age: 4+ years
  17. Crafting kit: Crafts are a great way to keep kids entertained. Additionally, they teach kids several important skills and boost their creativity too. So, give your little one a DIY crafting kit to help them explore their creativity. Age: 5+ years
  18. Study desk: A place of their own like a study desk is a great motivator for kids to learn. Get your little one a study desk to keep all their things and learn. Age: 4+ years
  19. Toy microscope: Introducing kids to science at an early age helps boost their interest in the subject. Give your little one a toy microscope set to look at and observe things that aren’t visible to the naked eye. This helps them learn more about the world around them. Age: 6+ years
  20. Science experiment kit: Learning science becomes more fun and exciting when you see the magic happening in front of you. A science experiment kit, which demonstrates simple science concepts that sparks their curiosity and helps them learn to love science. Check out these science experiments for kids. Age: 6+ years
  21. Coding games: Coding games are wonderful gifts to boost our little ones’ STEM learning. Along with learning how to code, kids learn how to bypass obstacles and solve problems using their creativity and imagination. Exposing them to computer programming also helps them get a real-life experience of development and boosts their confidence. Check out these amazing coding games for kids. Age: 6+ years
  22. Toy musical instruments: Help your little one discover music by giving them toy musical instruments as gifts. Age: 3+ years
  23. Digital camera and tripod: If your child loves making videos to create content, give them a digital camera and tripod to encourage their passion. Age: 8+ years
  24. Bicycle: A bicycle is one of the best Christmas gifts for kids. This gift also helps them exercise and learn independence as well. Age: 6+ years
  25. Telescope: A telescope is another great gift to help kids learn about the skies, the stars, planets etc. Age: 6+ years
  26. Tracing pad: Strengthen your little one’s writing skills by giving them a tracing pad as a gift. In addition to this, it also strengthens their drawing skills. Check out these letter tracing pages. Age: 3+ years
  27. Cooking set: If your little one loves to cook and spend time with you in the kitchen, give them their own mini kitchen to practice their cooking skills. Age: 3+ years
  28. Backpack: A new backpack is a wonderful gift that’ll help your little one look forward to go to school. Age: 3+ years
  29. Watch: A watch is a great gift for a little kid. Help your little one become more responsible and learn to manage their time by giving them a new watch. Check out these time games for kids. Age: 7+ years
  30. Karaoke set: Get your little one a karaoke set to encourage your little pop star. Age: 6+ years
  31. Sand pit: Which kid won’t be excited to get their own sand pit? Give your little one a sand pit to help them play and explore their imagination. Age: 2+ years
  32. Personalized plate and utensils: A personalized plate and utensils with their name and initials is a wonderful gift for kids that’ll make mealtimes more fun. Age: 18+ months
  33. Piggy bank: Teach your little ones the importance of being responsible with money and saving by giving them a piggy bank. Age: 3+ years

We hope you found this list of gifts for kids useful. Osmo has a wide variety of activities, games and worksheets to make learning fun and engaging. Check our kids learning section to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gifts For Kids

What Are Some Of The Best Gifts For Kids?

Children love receiving gifts on their birthdays, festive seasons and during the holiday season. Thus, gifts for kids can be given considering their likes and preferences. You can give them coloring books, educational toy sets, talking Tom, comic books, indoor game sets, cooking set and many more.

What are the gifts for kids for 10 year old?

As the 10 year old would be able to read and write, there are a number of gifting ideas. As kids would be interested in space, wildlife, books and many other things. You can give them Lego building blocks, gravity puzzles, treehouses, robots and many more.

What Are The Birthday Gifts For Kids?

Kids always wait to receive gifts on their birthdays. They feel happy when they receive presents like candies, dollhouses, cute dresses, shorts and many other gifts. Children love when they receive gifts like chocolates and cakes as surprise gifts on their birthdays. These are some of the best birthday gifts for kids.

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