Most Unique Gifts for Kids

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Kids are fond of receiving presents. They expect exciting gifts, especially on their birthdays and other special days. 

Are you looking out for some unique gifts for kids which they will love to have? 

We have got your back. Listed below are some of the most popular kids birthday gift ideas for you:

Birthday Ideas for Kids – Gifts by Age

Kids of different ages use and like different kinds of gifts. So, we have categorized the gift ideas based on their age. 

Gifts for Kids

However, parents would be thinking of the best and unique gifting ideas for kids. And, it is not quite easy to impress the children by presenting a random gift. Osmo is here to help the parents choose the right gifts for their children. Click on the below-given links to know what is best for your child:

  1. Gift Ideas for Kids below 2 years of age
  2. To kids below 2 years of age, one has to choose gifts that are 

    • Not fragile
    • Safe 
    • Entertaining
    • Useful 

    You can gift chewing toys and keys, pram, walker, baby gym, bathtubs, baby shoes/squeaky shoes, etc.

    Educational Gifts For Kids Below 2 Years Of Age: 

    If you want, you can also buy distinctive gifts for kids – some presents that impart some learning to them while they play around. 

    Educational gifts for children below 2 years of age can be games on letter recognition, learning digits, listen-and-repeat the sounds games, etc. 

  3. Birthday gifts for 3 – 4 years old Kids
  4. Bat-and-ball, lego, football, marble run, ludo, personalised pillows, dolls and superhero toys.

    Educational Gifts For 3 – 4 years of age:

    For children of 3 to 4 years of age, you can gift educational kits that familiarize them with shapes, counting numbers, digital computing learning boxes, etc. 

  5. Birthday toys and other gifts for 5 – 6 years old Kids
  6. Clay toys, toy trains, tricycles, soft toys, cool school bags, etc. 

    Educational Gifts For 5 – 6 years of age:

    You can give enthralling and unique gifts that teach them easy coding; simple Math addition, subtraction and multiplication;  jigsaw puzzles; abacus; kids worksheets, writing tablets, magnetic blocks, etc. 

Birthday Presents for Kids – Gifts by Gender

Although there can be girl kids who like playing with cars and there can be boy kids who love playing with soft toys, we are just providing some fun birthday ideas for kids based on their gender, on a general note. 

You can always select a gift idea from the Gifts by Age section. Educational gifts for kids are common for both girls and boys. 

Birthday gift ideas: Gifts for boys

Robot toys, cars, motorbike toys, animal toys, dinosaur toy cars, etc. 

Birthday gift ideas: Gifts for girls

Dolls and Castles, soft toys, keyboard, unicorns, magnetic drawing boards, etc. 

Studies and experiments have shown that more often than not, boy kids like toys such as cars, trucks, etc. and girl kids would prefer dolls and soft toys. It does not imply anything but that is how their choices go in most cases. 

In case you hand over some superhero toys to a girl child, she might just play with them as she’d play with a doll. But, if you give the same superhero toys to a boy child, he would rather have them fight each other. 

Educational Vs Traditional Gifts For Kids

In their formative years, kids pick up skills and information really fast. They have a high grasping ability but less interest in learning unless they feel learning to be entertaining and engaging. 

Traditional gifts are great but they don’t add much value to your kids’ growing years. It is true that traditional gifts can keep kids entertained for a while but in the end, they either get damaged or lost or children start finding them too old to play with. 

Be it learning a new language or music or any other such skills, kids are way faster than grown-ups. It is because an individual’s brain is most active as a child. 

The time kids spend with toys leave lasting effects on them. Then, why not choose toys that not only make them happy but also impart something useful and knowledgeable to them. This way, you can give good birthday gifts to kids while ensuring that it refines their skills. 

Let’s have a look at some of the major advantages of educational toys and presents. 

Benefits of Unique Educational Gifts for Kids

Some of the most unique and fun birthday ideas for kids will be to buy them educational presents. Here are the benefits of giving informative and educational gifts to children:

  1. Helps kids in developing IQ.
  2. Promotes mental growth.
  3. Instils creativity and imagination.
  4. Improves sensory-motor skills.
  5. Educational Gifts for Kids Builds concentration.
  6. Develops problem-solving skills.
  7. Strengthens emotional intelligence.
  8. Refines social understanding.
  9. Boosts their confidence.